This 11-year-old dancer is absolutely incredible.

This 11-year-old dancer is absolutely incredible.
This 11-year-old dancer is absolutely incredible.
Published on 10/19/2017
This 11-year-old dancer is absolutely incredible.


OH MY GOSH. ANY one of you that grew up in the 80's and 90's are nothing but hypocrites! PA LEASE!!!!! Yall danced to Baby Got Back, Salt and Pepa's Push It, TLC's ranchy music.... STOP FORGETTING YOU WERE ALL YOUNG ONCE!! OLD HAGGITIES!
People be complaining about this song, that artist... need to be thankful that her passion isn't in dope, bullying or hate. #justsayin
It's not about the song, it's about how talented she already is at such a young age. People need to lighten up.
I have to comment on the comments!!! This song was not picked for an 11 year old girl. This song was picked for a class of young adults. The talent that Taylor has, landed her in the young adult class. She danced it with the choreographer and it went viral. Ellen is simply looking at the talent and not the music. Yay for Taylor to have such a great response. Unfortunate that everyone is so negative!! To the ones that have complimented her thank you for recognizing her great talent. I'm extremely excited for her!!
Check out me and my 7yr daughter ELLEN WE HAVE THE BEST FATHER DAUGHTER DANCES AND BATTLES!! My daughter has her own dance out in Chicago we've been trying to get on your show for yrs please check us out n give us a chance support our Daddy/Daughter team!!!!
the talent that this girl has is more important then the song. Look at how sick she is. 11 years old. Imagine what she would be like when she gets older? Next generation of hip hop. Let alone chored by a new zealander whoop whoop. Killing it
Refreshing to see an eleven year old girl dancing in appropriate clothing and also not dancing provocatively.
Regardless of choice of music or artist...SHE MADE IT ON ELLEN AND GOT OVER 7 MILLION VIEWS.... Good Job to Her!!!
LOL I listened to Baby Got Back when I was 10 and I turned out okay. She probably doesn't even know what half of the words mean.. I know I sure didn't..
If you look up this girls other videos she's extremely talented, she's in dance classes with adults, so what is the choreographer supposed to do, make all the adults dance to Barney songs!? There are 11 yrs olds out there actually doing the stuff the song is talking about, at least this girl is doing something constructive and something she's obviously passionate about.
I have a major problem with the song choice. I don't care how tasteful her moves were...this song is absolutely without a doubt not appropriate for a child her age. There are so many other songs that they could have chosen with a great "beat."
Never. Wrong song choice, can't believe people are actually sticking up for it. No wonder girls grow up striping and spinning on poles. Common sense, yes she is a good dancer, but for her respect, they could have picked a different song!
Why do you even care if she dances to this song? she was dressed appropriate the dance was pretty appropriate. She has amazing talent for such a young girl. Let her dance!
The dancing was great, kids got talent for sure BUT it is absolutely alright to question the song choice for an 11 year old child. I really don't understand how people can't see that. No I'm not jealous. I'm not an internet troll. I agree that her clothes and moves were age appropriate. I listen to Nicki Minaj. I'm not a hater. I also have common sense and know is and what isn't appropriate for children.
Haters gonna hate. I thought she was great!
It's one of the songs of the moment. Her moves were not sexual, she's an awesome little dancer who doesn't need a bunch of keyboard warriors bullying her. I'm more concerned at the amount of adults ready to pick on an 11 year old. If I were your parents I would be horrified. Or maybe your parents made poor judgements in raising you? Didn't your mothers teach you that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all? You lot are worried about a song? Be worried about yourselves and your children.....monkey see, monkey do, sounds like you're all bringing up a bunch of bullying kids. I would rather mine was dancing......
can you guys stop complaining about the meaning of the song and just enjoy them dancing, because they were brilliant <3
when the sir mix alot song came out i was probably around her age...maybe a little older and i had no idea what "anaconda" was referring to. so chill out people. at 11 years old, she is AMAZING!! the song has a good rhythm and as long as she doesn't watch the video there is nothing "wrong" about the song that she could understand. Great job on the dancing!!!
Laurence is making money off of exploiting a talented dancer. He is riding on controversy.
She is a little girl. Think about the subject matter of the song. Imagine her standing in front of a microphone reciting the words. Edited or not, it is NOT APPROPRIATE.
Thanks Ellen, for promoting the sexualization of young girls. Shame on you both.
Real appropriate song for a 11 year old to be dancing to.
its just a song ladies...relax!
Nice dancing , bad song choice
It's the beat and the style that makes this song perfect for a hip hop dance. She did amazing. It's an amazing, clean dance, and she should be proud. You people should be encouraging an 11 year old instead of putting her down.
She's 11 yrs old and THAT'S the song choice???? Great talent and she should continue to pursue it in an age appropriate song lyric way..
She is absolutely amazing! And all the comments about the choice or artist/song...whatever! It's so ridiculous. They picked the song to dance to because it worked. So what!
My only question is why is this girl at this age listening to this kind of music!?!?!
Awesome dancing. Who cares what song it was...she didn't dance or dress like a alot of those in dance competitions do!!! She dressed and danced HIP HOP. And very well. Period.
Such a horrible song for such a beautiful and talented ELEVEN year old girl.
Awesome dancer but wish the song choice was different. I get it has a sick beat but Nicki Minaj shouldn't be a young girl's role model. It killed me watching Sophia and Grace rap to her songs. Her lyrics are just too explicit. Then again I'm a mom now so I look at stuff differently.
It's just a song!!! The reason for the video is her amazing talent at 11. I'm a mom and think nothing wrong of this. WAYYY to many judgmental people around the world. Get a grip.
DANCE LIKE NOBODYS WATCHING, BABY GIRL!! ITS JUST "DANCE" PEOPLE....sounds like something more of you should do!
She's a very good dancer but I can't believe her parents think that song is appropriate for a child her age!
This is rediculous! Why would you want your 11 year old girl dancing to a song like that? This is whats wrong with America and kids these days!
Looooove!!!!! Stop judging what song this girl is dancing to. Stop over looking her skills because it makes youuu feel uncomfortable. She is amazing and knows a beat like no other. Very impressive. This is ONE dance she's done. Dont judge her on one performance and song. This Is what got her noticed! By ELLEN!
She did good! I just think it wasn't the appropriate song but how society is now ..hmmmm
Despite the racy song lyrics, the girl can dance and the dance moves were age appropriate. I loved it! I was a cheerleader and we danced to racy songs as well because of the beat and style that matched the cheer moves. Bravo to her.
I'm just glad she didn't do any twerking. She just danced! Who cares about the song haha
She's good! Get over it... she could be doing much worse things. Kids don't really pay attention to words anyway. I'd be proud if this was my daughter. Last time I saw a girl dancing that well she ended up dancing for Christina Aguilera as a child then beyonce when she was an adult. There are dancers that take this seriously and it's not just a hobby. . APPLAUSE BABY GIRL. . YOU ARE ALREADY A STAR!
Only close minded people would focus on just the words? Nevermind her amazing talent,that beat and her moves that are on point and appropriate..get a life a worry about bigger things.!! Amazing dancers.. big ups to Aotearoa choreographer two are awesome :)
Great young dancer!!! Way to go!!! But PLEASE....What's wrong with the grown-ups in her life that chose that song to dance to??? There are plenty of other songs with a good beat for a child to dance to.... A grown man dancing with an 11 year old CHILD: "My anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hun'!" That is just WRONG in so many ways. Call me a hater, call me oldfashioned. And don't tell me this 11 year- old doesn't know what the song is about!!! My 8 year-old asks me about song lyrics all the time....
Wow. An 11 year girl old dancing to a song about sticking an anaconda in a big booty. And drug slinging dopies.. and this is being glorified? This is part of what is wrong with our world. It's disgusting. This song is encouraging drug use among other things that trashy things... and people let their daughters dance to it.. and accept it as being normal. Smh
I think Ellen should take a look at herself and see what she's supporting as well.
Dear people, Ellen did not pick this song for this girl to dance to, I'm very sure the guy that taught her did and I'm also VERY SURE that things happened so fast this may be the only song they have to perform, so instead of being rude to an 11 year old put aside the song and congratulate her for working hard and having a passion!!! Most songs now of days are not appropriate for youngsters anyways... Enjoy HER TALENT good job girly!!! Keep on doing your thing!!
Congrats young lady. Amazing and talented. Pay no mind to the adult bullies...chances are they are middle aged men and woman jealous because they cant dance and are probably eating as they type their keyboard assault. Shame shame on you rottej nasty adults.....her size, age, name, and choice of song are NOT for you to pull to pieces. She is a CHILD. Would you allow the globe to.personally attack your children and say "its ok" I highly doubt it. Shut your traps and grow up!
Wow I can't get over all the negative reactions about her dancing to this song
She's showcasing her awesome dance moves so who cares if you had a daughter and wouldn't let her dance to this song??!!
Great job you guys keep on dancing and feeling the music!!!!! Xo
And yet I bet all the people hating on the song choice have let your kids watch shrek with the song baby got back.. Give your heads a shake! Great dancing by an 11 year old girl ! You will go far keep it up !
I'm disturbed that an 11yo danced to the words "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun." There's no way you can twist that to be appropriate.
Her partner is a grown man and its ANACONDA smh at some parents
Shes got skills but I honestly dont care for the choreography but most importantly this is a horribly innapropriate song for an 11 year old!
Ok she can dance but I find this to be a HORRIBLE song of choice.
Does anyone else find it HIGHLY Unappropriate that she is dancing to this song. Teach your kids to stay kids

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