Things You Didn't Know Could Kill You

Things You Didn't Know Could Kill You
Things You Didn't Know Could Kill You
lol shark solution bed
Published on 10/19/2017
Things You Didn't Know Could Kill You


the whole falling out of bed part is totally utter bs; i fell out of bed throughout my childhood & I am perfectly fine.
Yeah fuck the sharks Giulia Edwardes
Yara Tannoury l daraj khotir turrr :$
Hsiang-Wei Cheng HAHAHAHA
Bailee Culver lol
The last one was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂
Elaine and Adam watch until the end! I ❤️️ sharks! ;)
Not a lot considering its done by a hundred million people 2-4 times a day
Mary-Ann Tjon En Fa Sefanja Cheuk-alam
Alex Sanchez :( omg
name of the song?
Michael Joseph Railsback
Hungry hungry hippos
i keep thinking that the song says 'potato'
hHAa lol
Ana Velikonja sm ti praula to pr sportni od hipotou
Adrielle Tardecilla
Betzabel N. Cajiao no entiendo porque el trabajo esta escaso mundialemnte si hay tanta gente que muere :p
LOL, i loved the solution!!! :)
& yet People still say shit about marijuana
Rabbia Siddiqi
Mahsa Kr
what about humans
okei what if sharks can walk?
Nikita Stephanie
And at the top of it all, humans.
Also phones kill you, not just tvs
Riddhi Soni
The last one just hit me hard
Evelyn lol I didn't make this I promise.
Imran Khan
Den maskita tjar ing
Josh Everett- see only sharks kill 10 ppl per
Daisy Rangel
Regina Bhattacharya !!!!!
Taylor Collyer Shannon Mehonoshen
Gabriela M. Recinos-Marin
Aryssa, now do you understand why I'm afraid ro use an escalator?
Vanesa Vizin komarji...resno!?
That is a world you'd love Zachary Browne
Hahahaha love The solution Christoffer Andersson Johanna Roos Chris Rolph
Hahah Briahna Read
Megan Blackstar
Lina Sabrina
Hahaha brilliant Susanna Friberg you gonna love the solution!! 😃
when the guy flew out of the bed omg

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