Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies

Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies
Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies
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Published on 10/20/2017
Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies


It's true though, our bodies are OUR concern. I do not need anyone's input on how I look or how I SHOULD look. Never let someone else make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You are who you are
I am tired of woman acting like they are the only gender who have their body image judged, stereotyped, and forced into unrealistic proportions.
One time I had a feminist come at me cause I like to show my cleavage and shave my legs and wear make up. I'm tired of judgmental feminists. Just because I'm a girly girl doesn't make me less of a feminist
yes, THANKS Buzzfeed. Was about time you post this :)
Applies to men too.
Yea well my body is mine too
Well women need to stop worrying about what guys think all the time. Be your self. If a guy doesn't like you because you got a pancake ass. Fuck him. Move on. Life is too short to worry about dumb shit like this. Because a woman with a personality is something you can't hide.
I love how every time BuzzFeed Video post an empowering video about women, some incredibly misinformed men always say "Men are tired of hearing about our bodies too." You clearly don't get it, and don't want to.
Truth be told I need a guy who can keep up with my earring. By no means am I heavy but I eat ALOT cause of my metabolism and most guys are put off because of it.
Like can't we just enjoy life and unlimited pizzas in peace and not worry about weight and our image?
There should be a "My Body is Mine" T-shirt
I completely agree with this. That being said, something I find disturbing about our culture is that the same women who say things like this often turn around and say things like "I'd never go out with that guy - he's not muscular enough/tall enough/hot enough/whatever." Respect goes both ways, ladies. Both ways.
Lol no matter what body you have there is a man who will like it. It's WOMEN who talk all the smack about women.
It's funny I was thinking "wow such a nice uplifting video. Theres no way people could find a flaw or argument within this one." I was wrong. People will find anything in buzzfeed videos to start a duo cking debate. Chiiiilllllll.
So, as a guy, let me just say the "thigh gap" is one of the worst things to aspire to. Like, you should not look like those flying things from Tron.
Wether you're a man or a woman; the circumstances are the same. Your body is YOURS and you do WHATEVER the hell you feel is right for it. Like stated, "my body is not up for discussion."
Someone actually gave me a hug because I don't shave my arms. I didn't realize that was even a thing until someone pointed it out. Why is that a thing? When did it become a thing? Who hands out that memo?
Tired of hearing "Women shouldnt have hair anywhere" WTF!!!!
What are all these women doing out of the kitchen?
I'm tired of people saying I look like a boy just because I have a small chest. Like seriously I birthed a child can't get more woman than that
Maybe if women stopped exploiting themselves half naked in so many pictures and didn't allow themselves to be constantly photoshopped then maybe other women could be more confident with their own looks and not compare themselves to unrealistic physical attributes. Maybe if women didn't constantly get plastic surgery, breast implants, butt implants, etc to enhance what they were given then we could appreciate them for their natural looks. Maybe if women didn't use makeup on a daily basis to change what their face looks like completely then guys wouldn't be shocked when they didn't have any on. Too many women play the victim but also judge a man if he had back hair, a gut, or wasn't tall enough. I do understand the point that nobody should be judged at all but everyone has their own personal preference of who they think is attractive or not. We all look different for a reason because if everyone was the same things would get boring real quick.
Ok men. We get it. Everything we choose to own has to apply to you too.
NOT. I can open almost every fucking magazine in this country and its all about how a woman should look, feel, wear, exercise, and to top it off- please her MAN in bed. So...shut up with that shit. You don't get the same scrutiny that we do. You don't feel and go through what WE DO. If that's the case, breastfeeding and being paid the same wouldn't be issues in our 21st century country. I swear- people who say "happens to men too" need to swerve. This video isn't about THEM. It's about US. For once, it's about US.
"I like guys with beards, oh I hate guys with facial hair - I like a skinny guy, you know like a good looking british guy. No, I like a guy with a little bit of meat on him so I can cuddle up to something. No, the guy I'm with HAS to go to the gym and he has to have a nice body."
Don't forget how so many women have NO qualms about wanting to know how tall you are or expressing the fact that they will not date you if you're under six feet.
The shaving issue? I love bush - I'm a bush guy. Love it on girls, love it on myself. Know how many countless women I've been with who expect me to shave like a swimmer (plus my arm pits)?
Don't forget the fact that American women expect their men to be genitally mutilated and contribute to a culture that continues to mutilate its male babies without consent because it's "normal" and more "aesthetically pleasing." Literally a culture of women influencing male genitals - taking a way a boy's chance to choose and openly mocking those men who are intact on shows like Sex and The City.
Then you get into the massive amount of lifestyle stuff.
"He has to have a nice job - if he makes under $60,000 a year it's not going to work. Oh, did you see that crappy car he was driving?"
The debate issue - holy christ. The amount of times I've sat there in a group of women and heard them deconstruct a random guys entire life by the t-shirt he's wearing - "He must have this job, probably only gets paid this much, probably plays too many video games - has mommy issues...etc" is also countless.
It turns out different types of people are attracted to different types of things - both men and women - and they have every fucking right to express those attractions - women do it all the time without consequence.
God, the amount of women that come up to me, "If you wore this, you would look better. If you shaved your goatee you would look better. Oh, I liked you better with long hair. Oh, I like you better with short hair." Trying to deconstruct the way I look like a fucking Ken doll.
The minute a guy wants to talk about how he prefers larger breasts or larger butts or white girls or black girls or blonds or brunets or thick or skinny...etc, they start getting shit for it. They're callled pigs and don't "Don't judge MA' BAWDY!"
Hypocrites. I mean... come on.
What about when women are constantly making comments about how a mans body should look? But shit my life women go through so much body shaming
I like how even though this is a video about stuggles women have, almost everyone in the comments is making it about men
If you are broken by other people's opinions, you need to fix yourself.
Embrace what you have beautys!
Im tired of people thinking that by addressing one issue, it automatically attacks another issue. My body is mine and that has nothing to do with anything else. That is one statement that is true, and it does not mean that another statement can't be true. We as human beings have the capability to hold two true statements at the same time...its not that difficult.
knowing BuzzFeed Video they'll make a guy version of this because they know equality!
Okay guys we get it yes your body is judged and whatnot but you're taking away what this video is saying. Women are the focus here not you guys. Your basically saying that women need to once again take the backseat because "you also get judged too!" Well okay fine but save that for another video.
I'm tired of women always saying "oh god, it's so big" or "oh god, how do you carry that thing around," it's my body, I don't have to explain anything to you, don't label me a large penised freak because you're simply not accustomed to people of diverse body types.
Learn some tolerance, Jesus Christ.
Things men are tired of hearing about their bodies
-small penis
-stupid haircut
-no muscle's
-beer gut
-too fat
-too skinny
-no abs
But there wont be a video about that will there because hey, feminism and "equality"
One of the hardest things for me is that they say "real women have curves" and I'm a curvy lady, but somehow the images and things I see I'm media don't make me feel like a "real woman", they make me feel fat or not beautiful enough.
That being said I know it goes the other way too and thin women are being told they're not "real women". And that is certainly not fair or right either. Men and women alike have a lot of unreachable standards placed on them, but you know what I think we're all pretty damn great (except hitler, he was a bad dude).
I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy
Then stay way from crazy crazy body type chasing men like me....
Um except women have made this an "issue". " I don't want anyone to judge me on my body or my appearance and I just want to be what I am, what I have and natural. Hang on let me grab my push up bra, 10 pounds of makeup and high heels…." You claim you only want to be what you are and be comfortable with it, but you spend hours using things to fix this and hide that. How does that make any sense….
Fat acceptance is garbage and everyone should learn to live healthily. Regardless of gender.
My body is a product of many drunken Taco Bell fueled slumbers.
Ugh people can't seem to read. This is titled 'Things WOMEN are tired of'. Not MEN. Have you SEEN any buzzfeed videos? Obviously not. Before making some bullshit comment about how "men go through this too" wait a fucking day or 2 and I promise there will most likely be a video up for the guys. And then you won't have to comment such stupid shit anymore. Jeeze it's like y'all haven't figured out how this works yet. It's not that difficult.
I'm tired of feminists constantly complaining... Men go through the same thing but do 1/10000 the complaining.
I really feel upset with them using the word feminazi - the rest of the video is so good but equating women wanting to be treated with respect as equal HUMANS has nothing to do with the horrendous genocide that the nazi's perpetrated during their reign :(
I agree but I think it should of included men too, I mean they get judge just as much as us women do, on their bodies, on their intentions, and everything in between
Women, like all of God's Glorious Creations, are all different. Different in physical and emotional blessings. Men who have been blessed with their Soul Mates, as I have with my Judy, see only the inward and outward beauties of the woman God made just for us!!!! Let's love "PEOPLE" for who THEY ARE!!!
And for those people that are making this about gender, not once had they said men was the culprit. Majority of the time it is women that are culprits. Sorry I know as a woman it is hard to say but lately I have had a issue with my weight and not once have I had a man say anything about my weight, every time it was women. I worked at walmart. Not once did a man put his hand on my stomach or make comments about my weight. Seriously. Al i can say is, think before you open your mouth. Thank you :)
If you're a woman, then you're a "real woman". That's all it takes. Curves or no curves -- you are a "real woman". It's sad how society preaches the idea of "curves" dictating the female form. Besides, there's no way we "should" look. If we're born a certain way, then that's how we should look. Or when the saying goes, "curves in all the right places", who says it's right? ... Just something to think about.
Why don't you do a video titled "things skinny guys are tired of hearing"
1. You need to eat more
2. Go to the gym
3. You're so out of shape
4. I could never date you
5. Your legs are as big as my arms.
And the list goes on and on and on
I'm tired of being told I'm not really black cause my butt doesn't look as if I'm smuggling midgets..
"My body is mine. My body is not up for discussion".-So, this goes for letting women have the choice for abortion, too, just so all of you know. It's woman's body-it's her choice to define herself how she wants, wear what she wants, be the size she wants, wear what she wants and do what she wants. Get that message!
I am sick and tired of body shaming. I'm tired of people being embarrassed of their own bodies because they don't look like the actresses/singers you see in Hollywood. I'm tired of people bullying others because of what they look like. There is NO need for that. Our society is so focused about being perfect shape, looks and size that they're forgetting the most important thing. Loving each other for who they are. Kids are being taught that the skinnier and taller you are is better. They go around calling people fat.. There is no need for that and frankly I'm embarrassed to be growing up in a society like this. It's sickening. And just remember...
I would've liked this to be longer. :)
No one cares about this lame video or your body.
I'm tired of being called over weight like ugh ok ik that you don't have to keep telling me 😒 yes ik if you a certain height you should be a certain weight I get it

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