Things Trees Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them

Things Trees Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them With Andrew Ilnyckyj
Things Trees Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them
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Published on 10/19/2017
Things Trees Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them
With Andrew Ilnyckyj


Go home, Buzzfeed. You're drunk.
Really Buzzfeed......Trees......
For "winter" he should have been naked.
How high were the writers of this
looks like buzzfeeds running out of ideas
His creepiness cracks me up.
How about "things politicians do that would be creepy if you did them"... You know, shaking hands, kissing babies, having people wave banners in your support... There is a LOT you could do with that one.
This was a really weak video Buzzfeed.
Ugh, the complainers -_- Andrew is always funny so shut up
I highly approve of this level of ridiculousness. Thank you.
That dude does creepy so well. Bet he's the nicest guy in real life. Lol
I love how everyone is complaining that this video was awful... as if we are paying for BuzzFeed's entertainment. Take a deep breath people.
Literally on every video BuzzFeed releases people complain that BuzzFeed has "run out of ideas," or how "terrible" the video is. Shut the fuck up. These are probably the most original videos out there and they're funny. It's not like more than half are meant to be serious so get off your high horse, assholes.
Oh my goodness. Shut the hell up. ''Looks like Buzzfeed is running out of ideas!'' Buzzfeed has had plenty of ideas, and they're a LOT more in depth with comedy than you think they are. It's about humor, and fun, and sometimes all around goofiness. They'll share serious things on the side. Yes, this video was funny. Just because they don't make every single video to your liking means nothing.
Omg the creepiest part was his expressions
He is definitely buzzfeed's designated creeper
Put the Vodka away Buzzfeed. You've had enough.
If it wasn't for Andrew I think this video would've been super bogus, but he's in it, he puts funny in awkward so its an awesome video
This desperate for content? Really?
Seriously... You are running out of ideas...
Oh my god I love this guy
The worst buzz feed video I've seen to date lol womp wommmmp
Brett Duffney lmfao why is everything so funny this morning!!
Kelsey Walker Jada Cagle Alannah Williams Cerena Gladden
Bilal Sagheer . Muhammad Adil . Shahzaib Waqar . Farhan Saeed . Umais Ali
Get your shit together buzzfeed
Seems like you're running out of ideas tbh
You guys need to have this guy make more videos!!! 😂😂😂
Avantika Lina Sophia HAHAHAH
Natosha Michelle Lewis Bianca Eberwein Alyssa Albert Teiya Lewis
HAHAHAHAHA THE FIRST IS THE BEST HAHAHAHA Sarah Ross Allana Riddell Isla Saunders Melissa Buchan
Tea Lucas Harvey but I'm tree-kin
His face pulls "tree" pretty well.
Shannon Watson Penny Holderbach Melon Ryan me
Guthriessa Tjiong
Eli Miranda Such A Laiar
Niamh Ramsay Alice Aitkenhead Ben Carter
Olivia Lavander Roussell Cesar Hernandez im laughing so hard
IM SO WEAK Zenia Aquino Moreno
Yes....Buzzfeed is running out of ideas
Bhrandon Smiley Lesoine
Hannah Greta
Bryden Josh
JaLesia Gibson
Devan Kearns
Darianna Friend
Abigail Nicole Gibson
Courtney Camey
Anna Kowalok
Kaylee Taylor
Kaitlyn Cheyenne Justice
Kristina Paige Goff
Brenden Diaz
Briar Holderman
Cheyenne Marie Smith
Ashleigh what is up with white people
Who the fuck thinks of this shit lmao Aysha Cev
This is a little ridiculous....
Ahaha :') Holly, Lucy, Anna, Tatiana, I cried a little bit.
This is so weird HAHA Laura Rosa Soura Consuela

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