Things Only Vinyl Lovers Understand

Things Only Vinyl Lovers Understand
Things Only Vinyl Lovers Understand
Published on 12/11/2017
Things Only Vinyl Lovers Understand


things only hipsters will understand
Addition: "When you do a cartwheel and a backflip when you find a colored vinyl even though ordinarily you can't do either"
Kristyn Ottley literally all of this is true, I found a first pressing of led Zeppelin III in almost perfect condition and I almost cried
Abdullah Hindash only vinyl lovers understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Carole Landa "the sound of the needle hitting the vynil" hahaha
I just pre ordered David Bowie's new album yesterday, can't wait to get that email telling me its on its way
Landon Defever Kelsey Russell Rob Van Auken
Christopher James-Justice Siders Ivan Anderson Amelia AmadorLucas Bailor
This one is for the homies Carlos Dávila Jessica Nicole Tormo Chris Tormo Steve E. Gutierrez Hernandez
Brooke Jones Chrisanthe Bourdo Jordan Smith Matt Hayne
hahaha thought of you guys when I saw this:) Roelof Gericke Riaan Van Niekerk Angelique Carney Gabriella Sexwale Alexandra Britz André Eksteen Shannon Lee :)
Mugs hahaha this is all so true
Nicole, yes this is DEFINITELY me! Haha, I can relate to everything in that video...including the last thing (Rachel Wheeler 😁😃)
Mario Cruz No sé si tu seas un Vinyl Lover jajaja Pero en casi de que si, creo que algunas cosas si aplican contigo
Remy Rae Kate Evans
Ellie Carr Jazmin Adams
Jared Vance Ellie Dickey
Raziel Quiroz Bow Recrdz
Twan Van Loon Jackie Jager Janelle de Weerd
Nahuel Paladino Austen Charles Aguar Nahuel Paladino Matthew Guerrero
Fredreeko Fox Jarrad Hood
Paola Puente Origin Aurajin Rex Dart Dameian Zabona Lucas Gaffney
Charlene DjLadychar Harms Alex Mendez haha :D
Zach Marino, Mike Dioguardi
Katia Innes Sarah Carwana you guys lol
Eric Grimmitt Jenni Grimmitt Christy Bashaw Gregory thought of you ❤️
Maria Santoyo Freddy Madrigal totally reminded me of u! haha
Ino Wong Nina Sarabia
Sonia Acuna Isell Chavarin Brianna Celeste Chamalbide THIS is Reyna Alexandra Gomez in the future 100%. She's slowly getting there ahahah.
Kyra Lee Guevara, Leah Nicole Guevara
Rameses Nelly this is seriously you guys omg
Matthew O'kane John Campbell
Ana Mayra Karen Dávila maybe u guys?
Steven Smalley
Syafeeq Rahim reminds me of u - vinyl
Bri Russo
Karolina Ganusauskaitė
Shaina Isbell
Teana Curcio
Kelvin Tran
Dewey Phillips Ed Phillips
Ivonn Acosta
El Mero Frequency lol
Christian Ramirez
Tristan Lober you wouldn't understand, right Alex?
Courtney Conrad basically everyday with u is this right lol
Cassie Espinoza lol I need to go to sleep...
Peter Hatherall this is u

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