Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women

Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women
Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women
Published on 10/22/2017
Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women


Y'all need to do things women are jealous of men for... Peeing anywhere.. taking a shower and not having to dry and fix your hair. No periods. No makeup. Guys have it easy!
Girls always go to the bathroom together because thats where we rap battle.
"No matter what gender you are, everyone loves a sale"
Freaking TRUTH.
No one mentions multiple orgasms. I think women win.
"They don't get enough credit" 🏆🏆🏆
This guy wins! ☺
"yo dude come to the bathroom with me" XD
I'm jealous guys don't have periods. Lol
Like this if you like penis!
Don't get things misconstrued..Women's bathrooms can be some of the most disgusting places I've ever ventured in.. I don't understand how some people can be so vile. Flushing a toilet and making sure your feminine products get into a bin is not difficult! ><;
we go to the bathroom together coz that's the only place we can talk secretly about you.
"Women can like turn anything into clothes. (...) and we are stuck with jeans" haha Love it. And it's true.
we males are ugly ass fuck thank you beautiful girls for giving us monkeys a chance to date you. 😬
Lol "Penis Tax"
I'm sorry but I'll NEVER be jealous of a woman. The fact that your body can handle a bowling ball sized human coming out of your business is enough to make me happy I'm a guy. I couldn't even imagine a golf ball coming out my pee hole. I like that natural balance of life though. Most men are physically stronger and most women have a higher pain tolerance
Im jealous of men being able to not wait for a bathroom, for not getting pregnant and for being able to take a walk by themselves at night.
wow... if these are the only things to be jealous about I'd prefer to be a man in my next life...
Don't forget boobs. Boobs are useful.
I have no problem saying "I'm bleeding and it fucking hurts." It's normal and natural and people need to get over this period phobia.
Trust me not all girls bathrooms are like that.
guys who said "i am stuck with jeans" is so sexy!
At the end, thank you guys. We do put up with a lot, it doesn't make us any-more superior but it always feels great to be acknowledged.
I am jealous man don't have periods & they don't get pregnant. LOL
No one mentioned how guys bathrooms literally never have anyone in line, and how we have to wait eons to even get to the front of the line. But it's okay guys, you mentioned the period thing, I'll let it go ;)
Always having to think about your safety is a big one. Sucks
I'm jealous that guys don't get their period, don't have to worry about getting pregnant or getting raped especially walking alone at night. Dealing with sexism all the time, Being seen as dominant while we're seen as less and more as sex objects. ... ya got it so easy :/
I was under the impression that this video would have actual relative guy thoughts, these guys are having more women thoughts than anything, i mean, hair? Really? What about the fact that they can get out of virtually anything by simply crying, thats something im fucking jealous of.
"And also the whole period thing" lol
The penis tax 😂😂👏
Why girls go to the bathroom together: Hermione almost died, Ginny Weasley was kidnapped, Myrtle died, Katie was hexed, sorry but for our sakes we gotta work in packs #potterhead
Blue and black.
That was gay as fuck
Yay a group of men who get it!
I wish I could walk in a bar with no money and walk out hammered
I am in love with these men.
Also jealous of the fact that men have outer extension fun and it's easily accessible to play with and women have to get to there inner spot to get off.
No shame in that comment, ever.
For me, it's not so bad being a girl when people say "girls have it the worst".
I only take 5 minutes getting ready, I put on the same clothes I've been wearing for 3 days, and I'm done!
I only get my period for 3 days maximum, and my mood doesn't change, so my partner doesn't have to worry about me being a moody cunt :P I can adjust my pants at any time too, I don't care.
I'm not under any pressure to look my best because I just don't give a shit!
I don't need to worry about makeup because I rarely wear it! As for my hair, I throw it into a bun and I'm done :)
Guys that are gay don't count they are jealous about everything WOMAN
We are tough! Thank you for seeing that. Oh and I don't get all this, "being afraid to walk alone at night." shit. That's a personal thing not a female thing.
The guy with the grey shirt is fine as fuck!!! I'm sorry but I couldn't keep that to myself!
look at the other end especially 'WAR' men are expected to defend their country 'means maybe giving your life..WOW!
Where do these guys live, it is a mans world for sure...nothing you said is of significance! Really! so lame!
If you make a video about "Things women are jealous of about men" the guys in this video will surely look pretty stupid.
Why I am jealous of men:
No periods
No makeup
Peeing anywhere
Not having to dry and style hair after every shower
And idk what else but it's a few
How can a man be jealous of a woman? If I could I would swap gender in a heart beat... Us woman go thru so much shit, starting with the monthly period. No joke
The girlfriend is there to help us hover over the toilet disgusting toilet seat, lmao.
At the same time, they (NOT ALL, but SOME!) do complain WAY too much, which makes the situation(s) worse than they have to be
I'm surprised no one brought up pregnancy in the "but" section lol
Because I've never thought about any of these to be honest! I mean NEVER! :O
things Woman are secretly jealous of about men. WHEREISTHAT?
The guy with the grey t shirt tho 😍😍😍😍

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