Things Loud People Know To Be True

Things Loud People Know To Be True With GloZell
Things Loud People Know To Be True
Published on 11/19/2017
Things Loud People Know To Be True
With GloZell


"Don't make me go back there an cook!"😂
Overbearing ✔
Loud ✔
Obnoxious ✔
Big lipped✔
Pushy ✔
Black women.
Good job buzzfeed you hit every racial sterotype of a Black women! 👏👏👏👏
Loud people or loud black girls??? Lol
I kinda don't think the video is okay because of the fact that african American people are stereotyped as "loud people" and she's african American but everyone else was white and they were so quiet and stuff.. Like how come one of the other people can't be loud? And the skit with the cops like.. No, just no..
Lol I liked when she said "don't make me come back there and cook" hahahah hate it when restaurants leave out part of a meal! Brooke Carlucci
could this not be an obnoxious black woman next time? thanks.
Just cause she's loud and black doesn't mean this is racist. She's loud and just so happens to be black, if this was a person of any other color no one would care. Stop making everything about race you just make your selfs seem annoying and overly sensitive smh.
Lmao although I don't agree with them using a black female as the loud obnoxious one while everyone else is quiet and white (hello stereotype), this is so me 😂😂 im so annoying lol! Kenny Shanice
Gosh just shut up about 'using a typical stereotype of a loud ghetto black woman' idiots. She's already loud and funny. They picked a perfect person for this video, it makes a point. Don't like it? Move the fuck on. Just accept it we're all equal.
Ella read some of these comments man am howling 'next time don't be so racist' actualy howling 😹😹
Just for the record, this is exactly someone I used to be friends with and she's white. So race isn't even a factor of this video, I'm sure they just wanted to use "loud people" as their topic because Glozell IS really loud and obnoxious. Lol
Lighten up people this wasn't meant to be offensive. Glozell is a youtuber and she is known for being loud.
Raghav Chopra Natalya Baakza Natalia Valdes Cami Capria Brčić Nour Shehadeh Reem Hageali Angela Kashkimbayeava Seejin Lee Konstantina Hara Lidia Errico Jana Jaradat we all know that this is ZARA HAHAHAHAHAH
Quit making this about race!! First thing I thought of when I saw this was posting it to my WHITE HUSBANDS FB. Cause he is loud as shit. Just like Glozell. It is only racist to some because people need to complain about something all the time.
This bit was hilarious! It reminds me of friends of many races. Not about her race it's about a personality type but GloZell was funny enough to capture it! You can't pin that on her. I'm sure if she intended it to be only about black females she would have put that in the title.
Its true though say what you will but the majority of black females act and behave in a manner such as this.
This comment section is trash, lol. Just watch the video. It's about loud people in general. It's your mind that took it to whichever racist place you did
Omg c'est tellement moi shit hahaha en plus elle me ressemble Emma Voltaire Emma Tremblay-Laganière Audrey Dumas Malorie Kanaan Mélika Moorjani-Houle Delphine Cyr Delphine Bordeleau Iris Wei Ariane Lecompte
Molly Kay the girl with PURPLE hair is telling the girl with GREEN lipstick to hush because she's being loud. Really? If a place is allowing purple hair and green lipstick... is it really professional enough to get upset if someone's being loud every once in a while?
You're not loud but you do have a sassy black woman soul Saad Judeh
Enette Fremont this feels like something you've been tagged in before, but I had to do it for myself because you will always be one of best friends and you made high school so great.
Jenean Licano.... I love being loud with you. Hahaha.
Yes its over done but that's why I like it glozell is amazing and that's her character I thought it was brilliant
Heather King Smith... this reminded me of the peer review and singing at work 😂😂😂 I literally stopped after that so if anything weird happens, I only mean the singing part! Haha
Amy Currin Jay Ashcroft this is legit my whole life. I have no inside voice, I lack the ability to to whisper, I will go back and cook if she don't get her bread ☝🏿️
Normally I like buzz feed, but this was garbage and full of horrible racial undertones and stereotypes. ..yeah that was absolutely the least funniest thing I've ever seen
As many employees as buzzfeed has they pick a black woman in green lipstick to portray an obnoxious loud person ?! Really ?! And the people she's shouting around are white how is this not racist and no portraying a stereotype
Amy Donnelly this popped up on my Facebook memories reminds me of u when I try to talk about people in work quietly lol
Lol ii know right like when you are working an a guy comes in ill hugbor kiss you or say i love you out loud so they can hear me. Lol
It's about loud people. Glozell just happened to crush the example and make it hilarious. And true... Thought it was one of my friends honestly... Lol. Sara and Asia C.
Shireen Ng Haha, this reminds me of the time when you said that the cilia in your ear must be damaged because of my whispering (;
This isn't about loud people. It is about assholes with a loud voice.
I LOVE GloZell - she is an amazing person & NOT annoying loud, like some of these white privilege neighbors I have ;) She is FUNNY & KIND & Congrats Glo, btw! <3
Lewis Joe Mac Joel Harvey Kieran Thompson James Davies Amber Colk Cherise Barnard Charlotte Taylor Tegan Moore-Murray Khloe Wakefield Bayleigh McLaurin Jasmine Love Chloe Bowles this really reminds me of myself 😂
Precious Rembert this is Ashlen Johnson lol Amanda-tee Gregory
Omggggg this is youuuu lmbo Ashlen Johnson
Joanne McCuaig Zara Coote Eddie McCann Rebecca Herbison Becca Crossett Catherine Brush Megan Wynne Anna Smyth lads this is me llf
Chris to a tee!!! First camp ice breakers 👌 Jordan Nathan Dean Riley Mitch Jess
She really is my twin after all 😂 Gabbie Brewer Billie Farrell Sharie-lee Olver Angie Kate Malone Yaz MotherLicken Bowyer
Elise Curwood Molly Dalton Emilia Thorne Sarah Bussell Suzanna Williams Pate Hannah Mikleus Laura Karam Amelia Bonato
Victoria Maran Abi Padmasiri Tavishi Arora Betty Wong Bianca Wong Kylie Kwok its Lianna Zhuo
Armelle Mwiza Aïcha Yasmine Touré Mariangela Marchese Vivas Marie-Lucie Sylvain Nour-Imen Meryem S-ami Jasmine Godbout Eleonora Poutilova us
"Cops cops where's the cops ? Hide your beers hide your beers I don't want to get into any trouble" hahaha 😂😂
I love her!! Everyone needs a loud ass friend!! I have my moments LOL
This is racist. Why is she in green and why does she have to Black and he who're girl fridge and white. This is modern day tom fooler. Buzzfeed is fuckin Wack.
Alex, Morgan, Alexandra, we need to find a loud friend like this! 😂
People say it's about black woman...i'm a white guy and this is way about me
My true sister😉😂😂 Jess Miller Jasmine Briggs Sally Deacon Georgia Paterson
Why are they always at the same bar in these buzzfeed videos?
Us haha Julie Michel even meeting people in bars remember the guy

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