Things Every Grown Man Should Have

Things Every Grown Man Should Have
Things Every Grown Man Should Have
Published on 10/22/2017
Things Every Grown Man Should Have


What? Batman underwear are sexy and color towels are fun
Men should buy what they like and ignore people's judgment, if she can't get with it then she's clearly not the one. I only agree with the reliable car part.
hahah you know whats funny, half us females don't have our shit together either and we just expect men too who cares, you wear weird clothes? cool c; you have batman underwear, AWESOME C;.... you have a cool ass towel YASSSS lemme dry off with that, just because you don't have the "proper" things some females need in a man, doesn't mean that every females doesn't want that. because a weird guy is the better guy c;
This reminds me of someone I met 14 years ago....NOW we are married and have 3 kids...Ciao from ITALIA!!!!!
First off batman boxers are awesome! Don't start
That was making me uncomfortable just watching it.
Comes off a bit overly judgemental. Especially nowadays when inequality is worse than ever. Nobody chooses to have an unreliable car. Chances are you just have a bad job even with your one or two college degrees.
Maybe he shouldn't have a judgmental bitch for a girlfriend. Everyone knows beach towels are bigger, batman undies are awesome and who has a passport if they've never left the country?
I have no problem with batman boxers lol
They are dead...They don't give a shit what you wear to their funeral. Clothes don't make the man. Its just a wallet, who gives a shit as long as it works? Its just a towel, who gives a shit if it works? Even if you did have your passport, how many people can take a trip out of country on such short notice? Finally, if your woman can't appreciate Batman undies, well I dunno what to tell you. The car thing, well I think its just common sense for ANYONE to try to have a reliable vehicle regardless of sex. BATMAN!
WTF? The Batman undies were awesome!!
Nothing wrong with the Batman underwear!! If there is I'M s.o.l.!!
And hey ... As long as the dude is nice, caring, and treats his lady with respect who the eff cares if he hangs pictures with a thumbtack!!
This is not what every grown man should have. This is what society wants every grown man to have. Everyone is different, keep that in mind Buzzfeed.
Are you kidding me? That dude's a dreamboat, kick that stuck up bitch to the curb.
Fuck your judgmental ass. If I want to have a Velcro wallet that will stay closed no matter what, I will. If I what to rock my favorite superhero on my nethers, I will. The others? That's just common sense.
Lol I don't mind Batman underwear lol I have superman ones we"ll match
that wallet made me laugh so hard xD
Where's the video on what a woman should have?
In this video shown girls are gold digger
I think these are things you should try to have whether you're a man or not lol
The car and passport thing is kinda dumb. A reliable car doesn't make you a man or not. Shit happens. Cars suck.
Shouldn't this apply to women as well lol?
It's sad people act like that. We can not expect someone to have all the best things just starting out.If you want all that date money where everything is just handed to them.
All that doesn't bother me. The batman boxers I like a lot! Aha i think its because I'm a geek too XD
Stacie, Mar, Elizabeth
Dude a towel's a towel when I'm soaking wet. Who cares.
An exit strategy
The one thing that dude doesn't need is that uber picky-azz bitch of a girlfriend.
I got it all but a passport Brittany Walsh so yea lol
i have none of the above thus i am not a grown man ? lol
Megan Brouard so sad
Boooo this is ridiculous. Be you, just don't be a fuck up.
This is what you should have if your girl is a total pain in the ass and has been subject to copious amounts of social conditioning and Disney bull.
Sana Xiong Sally Xiong Darla Moua Georgie Oh Ashley Thao Chia Shie Lor
Columbine Casper lol
So let me get this straight women are only interested in things an money?
Taylor Hardman
Janis Mason how well do I fit in
Sedrick Smith
Kristina Tine Batman xD
LOL. I know somebody like this....Lord knows I tried.
Wow...she is soooooooooo whiny!
Twisting the perception and expectation for a guy all while confusing "should have's" for [what the girl] "wants" is exactly what this video does, making it disturbing to watch. Media - profoundly controlling the ways in which we live our lives...little by little.
Tyler Stewart
Philip Burzynski <3 you've got it together baby!!!!
Jocelyn haha 2.0s wallet!
Romeo checklist. 😝
Mason Stearns I HAVE NONE OF THESE ;-;
Pyseth Seng yok sievphov mok kot!!

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