Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing

Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing
Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing
Published on 12/11/2017
Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing


You should do Things Muslims are tired of hearing.
"A person just like anybody else" Thank you.
Who cares? You guys are the sexiest race ever! 😘
That was great! You guys should make one for Muslims too.
Thinking ONLY white people are racist IS racist.
It's so sad & baffling to me that people really say these ignorant things, and alienate different races. It's too bad so many choose to not look past the color of someone's skin. They're missing out on some amazing people! Drop the biases & discrimination, guys!
"Black men have big penises." Bet you're not tired of hearing that.
As I suspected, a lot of the comments on this are horrendous.
I raised my children to know people by name, not the color of their skin or their race, why is this a hard concept?
One thing this white girl is tired of hearing... White people complaining about not having a voice. Must we own EVERYTHING?
Can you please do one for cops?
Why some people make this thing about themselves blackmen carry a heavier burden than any other race so white people stfu take the video for what it is your not black so u will never understand. ... eg I'm standing in line minding my business and this white guy in front of me keep looking at me and checking for his wallet .... how would that make u feel
Dear black men,
You are loved, valued, and respected. 😊
"I feel like we have targets on our backs" yup. Just like a birthmark. You can educate people as much as you want. The preconceived ideas seem te persist.
Buzzfeed should also do:
"Things Gay Men Are Tired of Hearing"
Blacks obviously can't even have a platform to voice there discernment without whites and other races making it about themselves...Examples like some of these comments above. Is it that hard for you to just listen and respect it without making it about you and your race? This is such a common pattern in this day and age. Blacks get killed by cops and try an attempt to have solidarity (Black Lives Matter) Right after that whites come up with "All lives matter" give me a damn break.
Yes! strong, black men!! You all are very much loved!!!
Things that mixed people are tired of hearing!
Things white people are sick of hearing: ... "Racist"
The comment section is highly disappointing. After watching this video I thought that maybe people would understand the issues a lot of black men in particular go through. They aren't being whiny or complaining. They're simply stating their personal experiences in America. Us blacks don't bring awareness to these issues just to complain and be seen. There are many injustices that many black men and women face on a daily basis. so should we be quite and not speak on these issues? The stereotype of a black man being a criminal for example isn't limited to people clutching their bags when a black man is next to them. Black and also Latino men get more prison time than their white counterparts for committing the same crime. I know it's hard to understand when you yourself is not affected by this issue personally. But try to listen and understand with compassion for your fellow human beings. A little compassion and understanding could make a world of difference. That being said we're not going to stop talking about these issues. We just want justice! Plain and simple.
Not gonna lie. When I did my laundry and found out that my socks were missing, I accused a black guy that was tatted from wrist to wrist because he looked the most suspicious. I had an inner hatred for him because those were my favorite socks. I ended up getting close with the dude and found out he wasn't that type of person. I even admitted to him that I accused him of stealing my socks. I switched my suspicion from him to a dude that I think was on steroids. 6 months later, I returned home and found out that I never even packed my socks to begin with.
Thank you buzzfeed! I love this! Do a video on what mixed raced people are tired of hearing! :)
I dont think this is a video for white people to comment their bohoo stories. Watch the fucking video and learn, this isn't for you to compare to your own suffrages.
To all black men and women...
Keep reaching high, keep accomplishing the "unattainable" don't let stereotypes and negativity stop you. Ever!
Of course there's good and bad people of all races. But the fact that there seems to be more bad of minority people, that's what people judge us on.
Being Hispanic (BORN and raised in the US) people have told me to go back to Mexico, they expect me to get pregnant while still in high school, they expect me to not do anything with my life other then 'Make tortillas and have babies'. But you know what? I don't care. I don't let random people and their opinions have an impact on my life. You can't make them stop judging you, but you can prove them wrong and prove to them you're not like those people in your race.
My dad is prime example of intelligence; intellectual man. Graduated university and is now a senior statistician in our home country.
To prosper when there are so many factors set against you? Amazing. Love my black men! I see strength in numbers. Let us always show love and appreciation for each other! ❤️
Let me address the racist white people on this post. For one, black people cannot be racist against white people? Why? Because an oppressed cannot be racist towards an oppressor. Also, understand that you have white privilege which means your life is golden. Black people have to work twice as hard to even get the same position as a white person in America. Another thing, you cannot sit here and tell me that slavery is in the past, Yes slavery is over, but are the stereotypes and inequalities of black lives over? NO!!! We still get judged for the simple fact of being black, how do you get judged? You guys are here bitching about someone stating facts. Someone saying you wear ugg boots to star bucks is not racist and the damn truth. Stop it!!! You or your parents never have to worry about your siblings getting shot by cops just because they are black. Every white person that is but hurt about this video is a RACIST!! plain and simple, and i want you to comment on my post so i can educate you about equality. I dare you? I am an educated african queen and i refuse to ever let a white person disrespect my people in any way.
Black men
Black people you are Beautiful inside and out
I love, support and protect black men!! Much love.
I feel like there should be a series of videos made like this one and the series could simply be entitled, "Human". They would just crush the molds of stereotypes in this easy to understand and communicable format. It's literally a perfect teaching tool for ignorant people who can only handle a minute or two of raw facts. PLEASE, do this, and include: White men, White women, Latinos and Latinas, Asian men, Asian women, as well as Biracial/Multiracial men and women. Also, include people of different sexualities... Just keep doing what you're doing BuzzFeed Video. I appreciate you. <3
Black Men I Value You!!
Reading some of these comments will make you lose faith in humanity. Plus I don't even remember what the video was disheartening. Spread love, not hate. We should be able to talk about different segments of the population, and the issues they face w/o it being a problem for others. I would never go into a meeting for the blind and say 'what about the people who can't walk'. If we all matter then having this conversation should not be a problem for anyone.
Damn it ain't enough support for black men not even from black women. Here this is a video about black men and we are tired of hearing and its an immediate change of subject commentary, there is the aww see Yall are playing the race card quotes, there is the sympethic posts like this was suppose to be a sad moment or situation for black men. Its facts, not ignorant opinions so you can't say its real nigga ish, its real. This is the truth of how black men are being stereotyped by other so call more superior races and betrayed by our own backbone. It's sad to not see thousands of views and comments to video supporting black men speaking out. Would it be better if we all were rappers, or writers, or ignorant human beings who just live in turmoil and act out in rage because of racism manipulation hate crimes wrongful deaths wrongful convictions tooken advantage of and not heard not even in a peaceful manner non violent non political non disrespectful easy well said way of speaking the truth! That's what is owed to us is sympathy rather than respect and appreciation for speaking our truth as a black in this country?? These comments are totally not what any of them were expecting to get and they're definately not supporting black men saying what we are tired of hearing or dealing with.
I really wish I lived in a world where color was not an issue. Man is a man... Not white black brown... Or Whatever. We are all people!
Its sad that today in America black men have to say these things about themselves
"Interesting past with Black men?" America's heinous past with black people, (not just men,) is disgusting! Black men are men and should be treated as such.
How big is your *****? I never get tired of hearing that. 
It blows my mind that these stereotypes are still alive. My parents taught me to love my fellow man regardless of skin color, religion, creed, etcetera. Period.
And if you want a video made about your people and your own stereotypes get up and make one. They made this for black men. And how balck men feel about the stereotypes placed on them. Dont depend on anyone else to bring awareness to your situation.
BuzzFeed Video I truly hope you do one of these for not only black men, but one for every race and gender. To truly make people understand and stop the hatred in this world, everybody should be able to share their story.
Black men are kings! The original kings and should be treated as such. Black Queens love and appreciate all of you.
The fact that we need videos like this says so much about the society in which we live. Go Buzzfeed for making this! As unfortunate as it is, things like this are necessary!
With videos like this, I always brace myself for reading the comments... Because I've been known to speak out & stand up for what I believe in.
As a black man in America, I face injustices everywhere I go... Even in predominantly black or minority areas. I've "Fit the description" more than enough times, been in the "wrong place at the wrong time", and even "Searched" because I was accused of theft! All of those situations made me the 20 year old man I am today. And I have yet to place my imprint on this earth I call home... But I wouldn't change my life story as it was written. Each and every situation opened my eyes further & just let me know that's it's not "Blacks against whites" or "Koreans against Americans". It's each individual against the WORLD! We have to fight for what we truly believe in & support others who are in alignment with us!
Things black women are tired of hearing:
"Straighten your hair"
" is that horse hair"
"is that your real hair"
"you should be lighter, light skin is prettier"
"sorry i don't date black girls"/"i only date my race"
" you should listen to rap"
"why don't you dress black"
"why don't u act black?"
"dark girls are mean"
" light skin girls think they are all that"
"black girls are aggressive"
" you have to have a big butt or boobs"
Iv been told that all the time.I find it hard to like a guy because im afraid he wont like me because im black. i try to date black guys but im not black enough for them or they wont date a black girl. I actually hate being black sometimes because i have to put myself in a group of people. Black people. but i dont want to.
society should know that we didn't make ourselves, does our skin mean harm to u because BLACK represents power?? Don't judge a black girl because she decides to be herself and not look like someone else,we are not our hair!
Latinos feel the Same way but we get it two times worse then black men
Wow this clip is about Black men being tired of stereotypes, it didn't say anything about no other race goes through these things...Jeez what's funny is it seems like every time a Black person, especially Black men, are the topic,everybody gets their panties in a bunch. I see it all the time on these news timelines: the moment there is a Black suspect, the page is flooded with hateful comments, ESPECIALLY from whites and Hispanics, and those who do have the nerve to say race has nothing to do with it...Its really sad...get a grip people! I know every race has a struggle, but it seems as if Blacks are the biggest "menaces" to u stop acting like ALL Blacks are criminals, lazy, and broke, and you won't see clips like this...get it?
Good points in this video...we do deal with a lot, especially when we don't fit into the perceived "black male" stereo types. But continue to stay positive and make the most day to day... what my brother and I represent is an example of black men setting an example, inspiring change, and motivation. FACEBOOK.COM/THEBRUTEZ you'll hear about us 👍😉
So hey Black men
If you haven't heard it today I love you. I trust you. I've never been afraid of you. I don't look at you and see someone who is dangerous. I look at you and I see my Pawpa that taught me how to start a fire and gave me my first pocket knife and gave me permission to cuss occasionally. I see my dad who never raised his voice to me let alone ever hit me. I see my uncle who grew pineapples for me. I see my cousin who makes a point to tell me he loves me every time we speak to each other. I see my cousins and friends that have made my life happy and full. I will NEVER be afraid of you. Ever. Then again you probably have a Black Mom so you know this.

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