Things Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing

Things Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing
Things Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing
Published on 10/22/2017
Things Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing


I love how she says that once you find that person who is meant for you, "It's like magic!" No matter your sexual orientation, everyone deserves to be loved like magic!! <3
Respect bisexuals! <3
All the fucking hate on this towards people who are bisexual, disgusts and sickens me....grow up and accept it! People can like both guys and girls, get over it and stop trying to spread negativity!
i am gay, but when i was younger i first told people that i was bisexual. i think it's common for gay people to do this because it feels more comfortable to say that than saying you're gay. at least when you first come out. so i think the problem is, a lot of gay people say they're bi, & eventually they come out as just being gay. so people think that everyone is just saying they're bi but they will just come out as gay later. hopefully in years to come, young gay people won't be ashamed to just come out & say they're gay & this won't be as big of a problem.
Hi, I'm Red..
i am bisexual too, kinda hard to admit it at first, thanks to my supportive mom and dad 😊
I am bisexual but I am perfectly capable of being in a relationship with one person.... cuase I am
This Video Represent how Cool we are even we"re Bisexual.. just respect and love each other..!! thats it..
i'm bisexual and i love it!!.,
hi! i allan laoreno i"m proud bisexual,,,,
Everyone deserve to live here in this earth, no matter what happens being or bisexual is a normal state, then if everyone thinks being gay is a problem -well the problem is in the people who judge.
I couldn't think how hard for those bisexual out there that can't tell and show their real identities to their love ones cuz they're afraid of being rejected. I'M A BISEXUAL-MALE TOO AND BE PROUD OF IT. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BUT HAVE YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS. GODSPEED ;)
Im bisexual too and accusing like a criminal :(
Nobody's perferct, accept it, we are humans and because of that, im happy to be a bisexuals!
i am bisexual too :)
respect ........bisexuals because its not easy.......being gay or lessbian
Bisexuals are liar they are also gay.
Some people like vanilla, others like chocolate, but may like both, and sometimes, people might not like none, what's so hard about that?
Problem is some people think that if a guy is gay, he dresses up like a lady. And if he is bi he is like a discreet gay. Mostly in primitive 3rd world countries.
A friend of mine who are a lesbian, claims that I can't like both...that I have to choose. Like she don't wanna be judged because she likes girls, but its okey to judge me because I like boys and girls? I don't get it.
People should be able to like what they like. Love has no limit.
yes we have different sexuality, but we are also human beings we should treat everyone else equally. lets respect, accept and love one another. Being a bisexual is not a sin we are proud of ourselves.
Thats WHAT is BISEXUAL is it 👍👊👊👊
thank you for this video, at least not maybe all all but most of the people will be enlighten of these issues surrounding our environment. I think we all should have an open heart and mine to accept all, whether gays, lesbians or bisexuals.
I'M GAY! but still i admire girls, still some girls can make me feel for what im lookin' for boys... but proud to say I'm GAY!^^
hi? im eldrin bisexual and im proud
I get called confused all the time. Oh you're just confused and don't know whether you want to be gay or normal. Like hello, being gay is also normal dimwit!
i am ladyboy but im very proud of who i am fot LBGT
haiist. respect bisexuals plsss.. we also have a feeling like an straight man and woman its not our fault why i and other like me. felt the feeling like these becouse we born like these..
they say that being bisexual is the same with gay, they utter that bi just needs sex, body and something to put out the lust, , so, thanks a lot of sharing this video. because of it many people could appreciate if they have their minds and conscience that I am like this not for the things they think..
im proud of them... im just like them...
Obey Akaa
Im so happy someone decided to make this video! Someone actually gets it!
I'm out and proud. :) #LGBT 👍
respect bisexuals
Kurt James A. Adducul
just be true to who you are!!!!!!!
be proud what you are ")
Daniel looks good...
I'm single. 😂😂😂
<3 It's not just a Phase . .
yes !! ITS MAGIC !! :)
well as the video show that believe in your self trust dont be shy show it coz its you
Mark Ryan Miranda
Cody Goodman :) lover you man
Robert Mcelroy
i love being Bisexual

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