Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing

Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
Published on 04/29/2017
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing


"Can you make the most alcoholic, delicious, cheap drink?" No bitch! You get two out of the three -_-
How bout this :
Me: yes. How can I help you.
Guest: (turns to friends). What do you guys want.
If you don't know what you want., don't call me over until you figure that shit out!!
And PLEASE have your money ready.. Don't go searching for $20 in all your pockets/purse/phone case/man bag/ backpack while I stand there NOT helping other people to wait for your dumbass!!
Ya know what I hate, when someone is paying the bill and their friend looks over their shoulder and says "Whoa you don't have to tip THAT much, like a dollar is fine." Unless you only had ONE drink a dollar is not fine. And even then why are you telling your friend how to spend their money? If they want to be generous to the person serving them it's none of your business!!! You literally just took money out of my pocket.
Please do a things baristas want you to stop doing!!!
When a stranger sits down at the bar, asks my name and then yells it at me all night. A stranger yelling my name sends chills down my spine. And usually when they ask my name they follow it up with "oh I just didn't want to call you 'hey you' all night"... How about not yelling at me at all?
Should do one on what servers are tired of hearing
That bartender's handsome.oh dear Lord.
The reason I'm not a bartender
Customer: "Can you make me something with like, NO calories?"
Me: "Hm, you know what? Here's a nice glass of WATER🍶. Yeah, have a blessed day"
Customer: "hey buddy can you take my order!?"
Me: "yeah what can I get for you"
Customer: (turns head) "Hey what do you guys want! I got the bartender.... Hey Kevin, Kevin what do you want. Melissa, Joe what are you guys drinking?! come on guys what you want "
Me: .....(turns around and walks away) #aintnobodygottime4that
Seriously why do you guys charge so much??? Yes I totally set the price for everything and I'm gonna change it just because your complaining about it
The only one I'm guilty of on here is asking the bartender to "surprise me" but only after I've let them know what I like and only if the bar is dead and they're not at all busy. I like trying new drinks. I've found new favorites this way :)
"can I have your pen, paper, lighter, gum, cigarette?" what, do you think the bar gives us X amount of said items to give away to customers? I bought this shit, you can do the same!
interrupting while someone else is in the middle of their order... DO. NOT. did your mommy teach you that you are so important that it's okay to cut people off?
"can you give me a ride home?" are you fucking kidding me, do I look like a cab service? plan a ride or I will call you a cab but there's no way in fuck you are getting in my car.
Make a Dj one next lol
"Sorry sir bars closed"
"Ahhh come on one sneaky last drink"
"Sorry sir I can't"
"Cooomeeeee ooooonnnnn who's gonna see?"
"The cameras"
"Nah they won't see. Some one took my drink when I left it"
"Why did you leave it?"
"To come get another drink so I could my last 2"
"Well now you got none. Thank you sir. Drive safe. God bless"
<actual conversation> Them: "what do you have for drinks?" Me: "I have a full bar, what do you want?" Them:"Do you have any secret drinks?" Me: "Secret?" Them: "Yes, off a secret menu? LIke in the city?" Me: "Ah, yes. I have something called the Bucket of Gin" Them: "Ooooh! What's that?" Me: "It's a bottle of Beefeater poured into a metal bucket. Then you drink it directly from the bucket." Them: "Hmmm. I don't think I'd like that. I'll just have hot tea."
They need to make a video like this but for NURSES!!
Can you make me something fruity that's really strong but you can't taste the alcohol that's cheap?
You're serving drunk people. Don't be too shocked.
Things I wish bartenders would stop doing...bitching about being a bartender :)
things i want bartenders to do: their job.
Do you have margaritas?
No. I can *make* a margarita but they aren't sitting here pre-made waiting for you.
Oh man, that first one. "I'll take a beer." You're not a regular, you friggin tell me what brand!!!! And if you ask for a surprise, I wil hand you a menu and walk away. Haha.
Now can we get a video of the think we want bartenders to stop doing?
Girl: "What is like, YOUR drink to make?"
Me:"It depends on what you like"
Girl:"No, I mean, something that is your special drink"
Me:"Do you have a preference on booze?"
Girl: "I want something that only you make"
Me: "Ok.. It has rum and.."
Girl: "Wait, I don't want rum"
Me: 😑🔫
You guys should do a video on what cashiers in fast food are thinking or want you to stop doing 😂
I've had to ask someone if they knew how to make a Robin Sherbotski, she was like "a what?" So I showed her the recipe and she got excited and said she's always wanted to try making something new...that's the only time I've ever done it, so I hope that means I'm an okay customer at a bar, lol
Awesome next time I go to a bar I'll stop doing that... oh wait... I don't drink lol
So me..make it strong *lowers voice * like real strong 😅
Do a "something that people want you to stop doing" because some people still don't understand manners and shit try to make a video teaching people how to act in public
Do one for chefs and what chefs want you to stop doing!
Oh no! Bartenders have to deal with drunk people who don't know what they want/are rude. Wow, I'm so surprised.
"Make it strong!" Okay. I'll make you a double. *charges for a double* "OMG THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE."
"What do you like to make?"
Whatever you order. So I can help the next person.
"Surprise me!"
No. Because 90% of the time you won't like it. Because guess what?! I don't know you. So give me a general idea of at least the type of alcohol you enjoy.
My least favorite though is waving money at me to try and get my attention. Everyone else at the bar top has money. We don't give out free drinks. You aren't impressing me. You're annoying me. And you will wait.
I apologize for being a drunk beezy years ago. The drinks WERE strong enough, clearly.
"Man why are you working on a holiday?"....(cause your dumbass is here. "Hey how'd the (whatever) game turn out?" (Idk I'm working dickhead I don't get to just watch tv. "Oh I'm sorry are we keeping you? I bet you want to go home huh?" (While they are the only 3 people still at the bar.
:) I've gotten almost all of those! The charge my phone for me Is the worst
Bartenders here are terrible, very slow and understaffed. Never got why they only have 1 or 2 bartenders for hundreds of people. It's almost impossible to get a fucking overpriced drink sometimes. So fucking annoying waiting 5-10 minutes, just standing at the bar to order your drink. Sorry I'm not a hot girl with boobs and ass hanging out dude but come on, I know you see me.
"What are you doing after this?" Umm- going home. Because I will get out of here at 4am and smell like old beer and your cheap cigarettes.
I'm from Hawaii. Someone asked me if I fly into work from California. I wish I was joking...
Things *EVERYBODY wants you to stop doing
Never met a bartender as nice or patient as this guy.
Chris Wizeman surprise me!! Haha
Um.... Can you take our picture???? No i didn't become a bartender to take pics with your crappy cell phone.
I hate when people ask me to charge their phone... 1 it is wet back here bc hey i work around liquids all flippin day 2.. i dont want a random ass cell phone behind the bar that i need to look out for...
Another thing i wish people would stop doing is saying they will "hook" me up with a great tip if i do "said thing" ... runs a $60 tab leaves like $5.... seriously. .. thats not even 10%... a good tip would be at least 20%.... ugh... i ♡ bartending. I ♡ making drinks, or new drinks. Its fun making people have a good time but dealing with drunk ass holes makes me want to kick people in the taint.
A scu-, a sku-, a skru? Ascrewbawlglass?!
Kaya ngkaroon ng video na bartender hates you
what time is it you have a fucking phone right in your hand why don't you look yourself
"can I have two such and such"
*fixes two such and such and gives total*
"ok, now I need three--"
say all what you need right there!!
yeah! im gonna leave bartenders alone
"One more and I'm gonna go", yet if you are not right there to get them another "one more" before they don't leave.... OMG!
People ask me why I think alcohol should be banned and this embarrassing behavior is why
Make me something sweet.

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