These Women Tied Ties For The First Time And It Was Hilarious

These Women Tied Ties For The First Time And It Was Hilarious
These Women Tied Ties For The First Time And It Was Hilarious
tie women men bow lol guy
Published on 11/24/2017
These Women Tied Ties For The First Time And It Was Hilarious


"lets just tie a rope around our necks. But fancy rope!"
I: Disappointed in people making fun of the (what appears to be) transgender women.
Yes, one of them is a transgendered woman, I don't get why some people feel the need to point it out. She's just like any one of the women in the video. Educate yourselves, and eliminate the ignorance.
"how the hell did we come up with this as a society?" lol xD
"Women are women, regardless of sex,
And men are men, in the same respects,
You can be both, or a mix of the two,
Or you can be neither, if that's what suits you,
But people are people whatever their parts,
Because what really matters is inside our hearts"
All transphobics can leave NOW. Get the fuck out with your ignorance and insults. Go reevaluate your life, you horrid excuse for a human.
"It has fifteen fucking steps." Lol
Bow ties are cool. :)
Notice how Gaby wasn't in it... I feel like she would've KICKED ASS
I can only get them off😕
It always shocks me when people comment ugly things about transgender or gay people under these videos. Buzzfeed is obviously about equality, yet these same people keep watching the videos and making ugly comments. Get the fuck out of here with all of that bullshit. If you don't like it, unlike the damn page.
One of these things is not like the others
I really just wanted to watch a video and read comments about how girls can't tie ties... But nope everyone is on a soapbox
Mayweather doesnt know how to put a tie on.
I think these girls did good. If you make one of men doing ties for the first time... They'll choke themselves.
That moment when a women tying a tie for the first time teaches dudes who've been tying them for years the secret to hiding the tail when you mess up lengths.
Or maybe i'm the only one who didn't know that.
I am not a very smart man
That one girl was saying it was easy. Dude you rocked it! I can only do half windsors well. Plus most guys wear clip on bow ties...
The awkward moment when you can tie a tie in your sleep but you're a lesbian so you have to know.
After watching this... I suggest clip on ties.
I think wearing ties is pretty cool, or a bow tie!
Um, I wear a tie frequently and know many men who do not know how to tie their own ties and all the magnificent ways to do so. Lol so the only people who really know how to tie ties are really the people who wear them, of all sexes!
Comes to the comments and is immediately disappointed by the fact that some people aren't even talking about the subject of this video which is ties smh but yeah props to the guys who tie their ties everyday because it looks hard I'd just use clip on ties XD
Should make a bunch of guys try their hand at ties and bow ties, bet many can't do it either!
I own more ties than most men.
We all wear ties to school in the UK. I don't believe these women have never tied one before....
Bow ties are in fact cool
Women wearing Ties makes them look more Professional than when a guy like me wears one if Women like the ones in this Video modeled for Men's clothing than call me Tony Stark
Typical Buzzfeed Garbage.
"i look great the tie doesn't "😂😂😂😂
Bow ties are the hardest things to tie. But regular ties.. I find new knots to tie because I'm bored (work in a men's suit store..)
I watched this video without sound and didn't even realize there was a Trans woman in the video until I read the comments. Way to go, guys.
I've been tying ties since I was a kid... Didn't know it was so hard???
I hated wearing ties in school, was always scolded for not wearing it tight enough 😒
I had to wear a tie everyday for school! Yay uniforms ..
Idiots, I am a girl and I've been tying ties for years. It doesn't matter what gender you identify with, tying tie is a good skill to have.
People are so filthy
stop making fun of trans people what the fuck did they ever do to you ?
"I think I need more fingers" lol
I bet most men can't even do these!
15 fucking steps!!! HAHA Seriously for a tie? Good lawd I need a drink to watch this! LOL
She made a point... "I had to learn how to do winged eyeliner... Was that easy? No"
Have the men of buzzfeed try makeup that most women do but always express difficulty doing as in WINGED EYELINER or smokey eye. I'd also like to see them try to paint their own nails.
I could just see them applying the second coat too fast and having it all smudge... Everywhere.
Dooooo it buzzfeed who's with me
I remember for a choir concert we all had to wear ties. I was one of like three people there who knew how and ended up doing at least 15 other singer's ties, most of them men. My dad just thought that was something everyone should know and made a point of teaching me.
She identifies herself as a women. So therefore she's a fucking women. Shut up ignorant fucks.
They forgot to censor the first cuss :'D
I have to tie a tie for school lol
Bow ties are cool
Hell, if this was actually the first time, I'm impressed at how well some of them did.
"I feel like you need more fingers." She said what I was thinking.
I can tie a tie. Other women need to learn.
Ha, don't feel bad ladies. Most men don't even know how to tie a tie.
I'm impressed. Then again I still use the bunny method to tie my shoes, so.

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