These People’s Worst Job Stories Will Make You Grateful For Your Job

These People’s Worst Job Stories Will Make You Grateful For Your Job
These People’s Worst Job Stories Will Make You Grateful For Your Job
Published on 12/10/2017
These People’s Worst Job Stories Will Make You Grateful For Your Job


Be careful when you sit on hello kitty's lap, also don't get too handsy with hello don't know who's inside. Or for any mascot for that matter. Keep like a 5 foot distance
My first job was scooping ice cream for 3 years, but I decided to grow up and now work in retail, where someone pooped and peed in the junior's section, wiped their butt with the METAL part of the hanger, of which the shirt hanging on it fell into the pee. Someone else pooped in the dress section, and someone again peed in the juniors, and for the win someone pooped in the bathroom, on the floor, right next to the toilet. Oh how I miss scooping ice cream.
I thought these were gonna be actual horrible job stories. This seemed more to me like "oh here are some job annoyances we can talk about".
Cashiering at walmart <<<<<
I can't believe this guy said the worst job in America is a file clerk at the He worked in the hospital doing one of the cleanest most mundane jobs he should be happy he didn't have to clean up blood and placenta and vomit and feces and urine. This video is pretty pathetic
Retail is the worst job... Especially dealing with shitty parents in a children's store
My first job was at Taco Bell for over 3 years. It got so bad to the point where I would think about burning myself on the grill so I could leave work early, luckily i never did. But fast food will drive you crazy, trust me. Do anything but fast food.
Samantha Delotelle "if your gonna get a shitty job, work with your friend so you can be shitty together" XD
If the guy with the glasses and the big nose is married I still have a hope in life.
Grocery store
Cart collector was mine. 115 degree heat 16 year old girl. I got buff as hell (not in a good way)
Oh Quinta who will quit a Buzzfeed Job. Lol.
I'm so lucky. I love my job <3 Working at a tattoo shop
Lol, these are the "worst" jobs? They're damn lucky!
Try Starbucks... People are fucking dicks
Would you all just shut the fuck up. I wiped ass. Cleaning up old people with dementia because I cared. I have scars on my arms and I was handed poo so many times. People complaining about mediocre jobs like 'picking up trash' really pisses me off
Someone call the wahbulance!! 😆
Wow these people sound like pussies. Wanna know some hard Jobs? I have story's from the Army Infantry and my time as a Correctional Officer that would make you wonder why I am not in a nut house yet.
When I worked retail I was once going through our jean wall folding folding folding when all of a sudden I came across a wet pair. Someone had tried them on... Peed in them... Then stuck them back on the wall with the rest of the jeans. I literally stuck my hand in someone's piss. I also found a dirty diaper buried in the underwear bins while I was sorting the underwear and saw a woman change her babies shitty diaper on our folding table. My sister was working retail too and after hours someone was trying to get into the store after the doors were locked and they couldn't let them in. The people started yelling and cussing at her and the other employees and then the mom had her kid pull down his pants and shit on the window. Fuck retail.
First job(definitely worst): I worked on a farm, picking vegetables for $0.30 a pound. I made $70 for the summer due to bad growing conditions. Being of fair complexion, I think I sloughed 3 layers of skin due to sunburn despite sunscreen, and possibly overdosed on DEET to keep away the hordes of blackflies and mosquitoes. It made me count the days until I could move to the city. I was 13 that year.
First world problems -__-
I did clinical rotations at a nursing home through my high school when I was 17. I had to bathe some of the elderly. Usually, it wasn't so bad. But one time, I finished bathing an older gentleman with my partner, and as soon as we finished, he has this massive diarrhea all over himself. Another time, I was working with a woman that had diarrhea all over herself and her bed. Finally, while I was making beds and cleaning up, I walked into the back storage room to get some fresh linens and found a man laying on a spare bed naked from the waist down. After that, I decided that human medicine certainly was not for me. Also, because I was working with my high school for credits, none of us were paid. I also had lunch right after my clinical rotations.
Try working at a shitty accessory store being pregnant and left alone to open and close some days and not get breaks or lunches . 😒
My first job in high school was at a daycare and my paychecks would bounce. It was always a race to get to the bank 1st
....try the military.
I work cleaning shit all day, tell me your job is bad.
Sound like normal "young people jobs"... Not worst
I worked at the holiday inn as a house keeping maid for a month, picked up a human turd... It's another reason why I quit.✋
Working any kind of customer service job sucks people have no consideration for anything they don't have to clean. I've had people come in 5mins before closing and mess up all the clothes. Then walk out 20mins later without buying anything. I play their game though just walk behind them and clean it up. They start feeling really uncomfortable and leave shortly
I've been a dog bather for 10 years. Expressing anal glands is part of my job, and one time I struggled to get them on a Bull Dog. When they finally went, they went straight into my mouth. ..... I don't get paid enough.
Is he wearing one of these?
I worked at Spencer's Gifts 13 years ago and MY GOD. I caught this sleeazy couple trying out the sexy stuff in the sexy section..SHE wanted to know if the lube would taste good, and poured it on her boyfriend's finger and SUCKED IT DOWN slowly from his finger while staring at me. I cringed.
So these kids all had white-collar jobs and they had it "tough?" You know how every generation thinks the generation following them are completely useless whiners? Yeah. This is where that thinking comes from.
I work at Walmart at the customer service desk, these people's stories seriously don't compare to what I go through on a daily basis.
One time, I worked at McDonald's and I had already clocked off and I saw a huge buss full of people pull up and I knew my manager was the only one there. I went back inside and asked if he needed help. He started yelling, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STORE" in front of all these people and telling me I was a hindrance and not a help. I got "fired" a week later for no call and no show to work when I called 7 times that morning but no one picked up. No one told me I was fired, I came in to get my schedule and it wasn't up there, asked one of the other managers why and they said oh yeah, I don't think you work here anymore. Huh, well then. Worst job I've ever had.
I now work at PizzaHut and it's the best job in the world. Sure, the work isn't the greatest but I have the most amazing team of managers in the entire world and the greatest crew anyone could ask for, so it's great. :D
You call those bad jobs? Please those are cake. You obviously have never worked a hard day in your life. Retail? Hospital clerk? Costumes? Seriously?
I can't comment about my job yet because I still work there LOOL :p
I was a nanny for 6 foster children with behavior issues ages 3-7. Only paid 10 bucks an hour. I was 15. Nuff said.
I worked on a drilling rig in the middle of the West Texas summer heat hitting triple digits regularly. I saw a man get squashed like a bug by 3 pieces of casing. I don't want to hear shit about your worst jobs BuzzFeed. Taco Bell, retail, grocery store lmao.
My first job was at Hardee's and since I was new I was asked to clean the bathrooms a lot. One time I went in the men's bathroom to clean it and there was shit all over the walls, floor and toilet. My manager also made me help her clean between the tile in the dining area with a toothbrush. Worked in retail as my second job, wasn't too bad. Happy those days are behind me, though 👍.
I worked for Stanley Steemer, a carpet cleaning company and we had to clean up just about anything you can think of. By far the worst was when a customers son committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun and they (the family) employed us to clean the carpets instead of replacing it. So yeah... I cleaned up some poor guys brain matter out if the carpet. :/
Spent a year in the desert next to a shit pond while getting shot at on a weekly basis. Your move buzzfeed
Worse one had to clean the bathrooms at burger King and some one wrote burger King sucks on the wall....... with their own shit!!!
seriously those are bad jobs? you guys had it easy!
I think we could come up with a few stories of our own! Mike Martin Lindsey DeLaney Kayleigh Butterfield Ryan Edwards Erin Moore Tom Schumacker
What a bunch of babies. None of these are that bad.
Hahahahahah babe Dulce Espinoza
is that guy's nose real? there is no way that isn't a fake nose right? is it attached to his glasses?
Lilly Benzema
Hannah if you work a shitty job have you friend work with you and be shitty together 😁😂 that's a great idea!
I work in a psych hospital. I win.

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