These People Actually Tried “As Seen On TV” Products

These People Actually Tried “As Seen On TV” Products
These People Actually Tried “As Seen On TV” Products
Published on 11/19/2017
These People Actually Tried “As Seen On TV” Products


Grav3yardgirl does all "As Seen On TV" products on her YouTube channel!! ☺️
Ripping off grav3yard girl
"you have that one little secret pocket that jeans have, you can slide a gum ball in there for later" :DDD
Say what you will, but after having a baby those pajama jeans were my best friend. I hate maternity pants and there's no way I was getting my post-partum body into my regular pants. I could look dressed for people coming to see the baby and also fall asleep comfortably for those 2hr naps the baby took.
Magic bullet. Best investment ever.
Seeing the title immediately made me think of bunny :>
They haven't tried these nuts yet....
Genie Bra for life. Purchased them when I was pregnant because underwire was killing my ribs when I was sitting. They're ridiculously comfortable and don't give a mono-boob like sports bras 🙌
The best thing my family ever got from the As Seen On TV section in the store was the bowls that you but tortillas in and it makes taco bowls!
You're supposed to use the hover ball on the carpet. It moves smoothly and doesn't go flying through the air. In my house, it's kid and mom approved.
The forearm forklifts REALLY DO work. My husband and his friend lifted and loaded the washer and dryer from the second floor with ease. The couch is too long to use it on. Try on shorter objects.
Sorry, seen people review "As Seen on TV" stuff loooong before Grav3yardgirl. So stupid people are getting upset about this.
The Hoverball thing is great for LITTLE kids to play with indoors. It moves like a normal ball but stays on the floor; much safer than letting them kick a real ball around the house!
Why is it every time I watch a Buzzfeed video I think, "Wow. That could have been so much better". Good idea, but maybe redo it with more ASOT products?
A lot of amazing products started as "As Seen On TV" products. Pillow pets, snuggies, shamwow, and oxiclean.
No. Skinny jeans are ridiculous.
They are so negative. Like, they act like the high schoolers that are just too cool for anything.
I love my 'as seen on tv' things! dream lites, pop chef, the little mini pie set, that flat whisk that can grab things with, the chef basket, magic bullet, nuwave oven, microwave pasta thing.....infomercials were made for people like me lol. I don't buy from them, I get em cheaper else where like thrift stores lol. There is an "as seen on tv" store near me in great lakes crossings outlet mall in MI and I love it.
Definitely did the forearm forklift thing wrong.... That's why it didn't work.
Um when I'm intoxicated and come home at 2 to eat velveeta I may or may not buy informercial things.. The perfect chair, shamwows, forever lazys (which I actually love them lol) the non slip green pan, and I also paid for a boy from Africa on feed the children once...
Seriously think some interns went to Walmart and grabbed as bunch of as seen on TV stuff and made a quick video. This sucked.
I would hate to design a product and then have the as seen on TV stamp on it. When I see "as seen on TV" I automatically assume it's garbage and move along lol. It's product suicide.
The only "As seen on TV" product I have is the Magic Bullet; And I like it. Probably because it actually works. lol.
Only good thing from as seen on TV is the perfect brownie pan that pan is amazing
So original Buzzfeed... Grav3yard
I know for fact that the ear wax remover does not work worth crap
"I definitely wouldn't wear these around anyone." Spoken like a single lady without kids. At least those pajama jeans are fancier than the yoga pants I wear on a daily basis... seriously considering the investment...
Ped egg and ped egg power are awesome
The forearm forklift saved my marriage. We used them last weekend for a move. First time we didn't want to kill each other. When properly used (not like their vid) it is an amazing way to move furniture!!
Those forearm straps are freakin awesome for moving shit. My dad and I moved our entire house (just all the furniture not the actual house, people) by ourselves with the straps.
I don't think I have any products from As Seen On TV..I was looking at pajamas pants as I HATE shopping for jeans and the NoNo razor..but that's it
I have been a professional mover for the better part of a decade and the fore are forklifts are super useful
Lol I just go to the ghetto section of Walmart and buy this shit for gag gifts.
I have a snuggie which is life.
I have a shake weight (;
Do the ones from the 90s for kids stuff! BuzzFeed Video
i.e. those weird colored bubbles that you would blow out of a straw with the goopy stuff,
Moon shoes,
that drawing thing where you started off with a black board type thing and when you rubbed it it left behind a rainbow pattern.....anyone remember? (marvin's magic?),
the machine that would put beads in your hair automatically? xD,
Sock em boppers (MORE FUN THAN A PILLOW FIGHT) or whatever the heck they were called!!!!,
easy bake ovens,
super soakers,
Floam xD,
you get the idea xD
I wish they would test some of the *magical* workout machines.
The panels to hide cleavage at work are great
Can't live without my jamma jeans
The Hoverball is awesome! We got one for my nephews because the live in a place that has snow 6 months out the year and it is fn for them to kick around in doors, but because it doesn't roll it doesn't leave the floor, break things, or knock stuff over.
Sippy sippy 🍹
Best thing I got from TV was the bag genie where I can hook like 10 plastic bags to it and make one trip from the car with groceries.
It's tradition in our house to buy a Christmas gift for the family of one as seen on tv item. Then we have fun with it because they never do what they're supposed to do.
My husband buys me "As Seen On TV" products as bonus silly gifts for Christmas. I've got a Slanket, pajama jeans (they are comfortable for around the house), a Gopher Grabber which I use since I'm short, a shake weight (useless), and a pocket hose that is pretty handy.
The forearm forklift DOES work. Best Buy's delivery team uses them to move appliances. You just have to be well coordinated with the other person to use them correctly, and have the straps positioned right. But they work wonders!
Actually, i work for a moving company and those forearm forklifts do wonders. You just have to learn the techniques of lifting and adjusting them propperly.
That face though
Who would wear pajama jeans ?
Dude, I looove pajama jeans!

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