These ladies are straight up badasses.

These ladies are straight up badasses.
These ladies are straight up badasses.
Published on 11/17/2017
These ladies are straight up badasses.


She twerks her head hahahahah 😂
They are hitting harder than the nfl
Imagine if they were all on their period 😱😱😱
Why are they half naked?
That twerk on the head though 😄😄👌👏👏🙌
No denying these ladies are awesome.... but we as women are constantly striving for equality, these outfits put us back 50 years.... you dont see the men in such skimpy outfits! Ruth Brewer-Raettig your thoughts..
I agree, Jo Mason-Zaabalawi and the comments on this video only serve to highlight this. I'm all for women being able to wear what they want without being criticised, but you know the person who authorised these outfits is an old pervert looking to line his own wallet by commodifying women's bodies. 😡
only thing i wonder bout womens sports is why they dont get to cover up like their male counterparts. isnt it supposed to be about athletic skill?
Where I can make a stream/tv subscription for this "sport" :D
Is there a reason why they are in bras and panties??? Ridiculous 😑 so the men should play in tight boxers and no shirt
She said fuck a tackle, I'll just suplex this bitch to the ground!! Beeeeeetch! ! LOL
Better than the nfl
what she name ??
What is this sport and where can watch more.
Lisa I believe if I has the opportunity to play on a women's football team I would commit to a training program and put on 20 pounds of muscle. This looks so awesome!!!
Last scence was fuckin hilarious 😂😂😂😂
That twerk on her head tho
These chicks play better than the!
That part where she t-bags the other girl
👌👌they go hard
If the NFL had ppl that played with this much hurt I'd be interested in watching it
"Woman are stupid and I don't respect them! that is right I juts want to have sex with them"
This is a joke!
I'm tryna get down on this ASAP!!!
I'm aroused but frightened at the same time
Fuck YEah!!
Hell..they hit better then the NFL
malaka ponaw k mono pou tis vlepw
1/10 would bang
Because they're creepy o.o

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