These Guys Rated The Hotness Of Disney Milfs

These Guys Rated The Hotness Of Disney Milfs
These Guys Rated The Hotness Of Disney Milfs
Published on 12/10/2017
These Guys Rated The Hotness Of Disney Milfs


This went from "what" to "what the f*ck"
"She's gotta be hot, she's a teapot; she's always hot."
"At this point my life , why not" LOL
Elastic Girl is totally getting number 1, because REASONS.
I've been refreshing this page for 30 minutes to be the first one here. Have I earned top comment now?
Alright buzzfeed. We get it. You ran out of good ideas a couple years ago
"This is a animal."
"Even with the lights off, that's a gorilla".... yes. You are correct.
Oh man...this is so wrong hahaha.
Out of all the Disney moms they picked the animals??!!
"Through the lid, lukewarm tea"!!!! 😂 😂 😂
I think they need to do this part two and add some better moms...what about Ariel's mom or Rapunzel's mom or Simba's mom or the Aunt from big hero six or Sleeping beauty's mom or the mom from Frozen or the mom from Brave
They shouldn't have thrown animals in there.
Mrs. Incredible 😍
"Awh dude Teapot? Really? That's freakin wei...
No Queen of Corona? (Rapunzel's mom)
There are way better Disney MILFS than the ones they picked. Hercules' mom Hera, Is one. I do like that they picked Mrs. Incredible .
Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 should've been in here. She would've been a definite milf. There's way too much sassiness not to be
This might be the worst BuzzFeed video ever.
They are really running out of ideas lol
But this is her in real life
I love when they do stuff like this it's interesting hahah keep it coming
My childhood just got destroyed in 3 mins
Lost my shit with the gorilla.
"If we were deer... Yes."
Hysterical why was Duchess the cat not in here?
I'm loving the people that are really internalizing this like...Its a joke. CLEARLY it's a joke.Then again I understand it's only Tuesday and some of y'all might not have gotten your weekly dosage of drama yet,But guys....They're cartoons...Not even real....Its cool...Don't mind me...Slow week I get it...
This was so stupid and just so much...a word I'm not even sure exists to describe how I feel about it...but also hilarious.
"Let us not talk ill of the dead" ...oh the feels 😭😭
well my childhood just went down the drain.
"Through the lid, lukewarm tea" lmao
Lmao "even with the lights off....that's a gorilla" you can't even make that crap up.
disney milfs..lmao just the name of that is weiiird
"This is an animal " 😂😂😂
YES! lol, I loved this almost as much as the Try Guys =D
"This is why you get on top of her" *continues clappter*
"I got to say that this is the first time in my life that I thought about fukking Bambi's mom" WTF?!?! 😂😂😂😂😖💀👻
I'm not entirely sure what I just watched. But I laughed.
two beastiality ones? really yo?
Haha that's pretty funny
childhood ruined. lol
This is so disturbing in so many ways!!!
WHAT ABOUT SIMBA'S MUM? She was hot! So was her son...
this is so wrong on so many levels
I'm so glad the person in charge of this video didn't take it incredibly seriously.
I laughed so hard at the guy about the gorilla that's a gorilla
Lmao hahaha this is funny lol us with lion king lmao hahaha

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