These Guilty Kids Aren’t Even Close To Sorry

These Guilty Kids Aren’t Even Close To Sorry via America's Funniest Home Videos
These Guilty Kids Aren’t Even Close To Sorry
Published on 11/17/2017
These Guilty Kids Aren’t Even Close To Sorry
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Best condom commercial I've ever seen.
This should be renamed "Why I'm thankful I don't have kids"
"Playing with the toilet"
My son did something like that when he was 2. He climbed into the cabnet with a chair and ate the entire brand new box of oreo's. Then brought me the empty container with cookie all over his face and told me we need to get some more.
They're kids... dear god. Some of you are acting like y'all were perfect little kids...
Lots and lots of 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' and 'WHAT DID YOU DO?'
I talked my cousin into putting glue in the fish tank. He got his ass whooped and I ate his cupcake.
Haha when mine were 1 & 2, my daughter painted her brother and the floor in Vaseline the covered it in baby powder. lol
Aww some of you are so mean! They're just little kids - let them have some freedom and creativity. Too many rules create rebellion, you know.
Peace. 😂✌️
The little girl with the cake is the story of my life
Such a funny video! 😂
But what I wanna know is how that kid knew how the inside of a toilet worked 😂
The little girl eating cake is me on a diet lol
"I didn't see her" lmao
I found it really cute. I actually want to have kids haha
Ummmm I saw only white babies.... Why couldn't I have a white momma.... I'd never get my ass beat!!!!
Before vines, there was AFV. 👍
O look the baby has stickers in his eyes better take a video
Mama Mia, I don't think that I would be as calm as those parents! Besides my kids wouldn't have enough time to do that much damage, I had eyes in the back of my head to watch them!
I bet the moms wished the swollowed 😂😂😂😂
What was the first one covered in???
Oh my word!!!! Why don't people watch there children!!!!!
This makes me laugh so much ! Kids get into mischief, they explore, they let their curiosity get the best of them.
It's cute stories to look back on later in life, and without showing interest in the things they do, how else will they strive in life ? If kids always just sat back and behaved like people expected them to, where is the passion or imagination that will lead them to success ?
Those of you who claim this is why you hate kids or how badly behaved they are.. Maybe it's good you don't want kids.. You probably would not make good parents.
Please tell me that wasn't poop
There's no reason to hate kids.. It's stuff like this that keeps being a parent interesting :) I love my son and all the crazy things that he does.
I never had that problem with my kid because, 1 I never left anything 'messy' within her reach and 2. I check up on her and hang out with her a lot.
13 more reasons to hate kids
All of these scenarios are possible at any moment since The Beast started walking. I live in fear!
Ain't no recording in my family lucky kids I got that AP treatment
where on Earth were the parents???
Make sme want to wake my daughter up and hug her so tightly!!!!!!!!!! OMG these kids are adorable and funny!!!
Kids should never be made to feel guilty for being normal kids.
" I didn't see her"" was the funniest plus the baby with the stickers over her eyes--they all will grow up being well-rounded people who learned early in life to go with the flow
I must be a crazy parent bc if my kids did some of these things I would not video tape it and all calm, I would be wooping some butts!! Lol
I don't understand how this scares people away from having kids or how it makes you hate kids. This amazingly adorable and funny. Kids make messes, but so do pets and so do I. You clean it up and move on. It's things like this that makes having kids more enjoyable. These are the stories you'll tell people for decades. I just don't get the hate towards children. Sure they are hard work and expensive but they are so worth it.
This video cemented the fact that I don't like children. At all.
"what did you do with your stickers braden?"
The one in the fridge, bless her she jumped a little :)
Kids are gonna be kids. My daughter had a house full of adults who thought she was asleep in her crib. She proceeded to climb out of her crib, remove her sleeper and diaper and climb onto my grandmother's vanity and play in the sink. In the process she managed to close the drain on the sink and wound up flooding grandma's closet and mine, which was below hers. The only reason we discovered it is because she came out to the kitchen completely naked and soaking wet. She was 2. After we recovered from our laughter and she was redressed were we able to get the mess cleaned up. I only wish I would have thought to get the aftermath on video. She's now 11 and it's stories like this that put a smile on my face. We all have "horror" stories from when we were children. You know, back when the internet, cell phones, and social media didn't exist. When parents didn't rely on SpongeBob to keep their children entertained.
Chucky Van Wye Sherry Gentry VanWye hahaha they all have that "what? what's wrong, why are you upset?" innocent look lmao
Supervision is seriously lacking !!!
Shitty little kids
HAHAHAHA.....some of those bring back VIVID memories of my own adventures in motherhood! =)
Joe Keain you're the one drinking the toilet water haha.
Also I like the one that said "I didn't see her" even though he has it all over his face.
If u don't laugh at this they something wrong
Brb buying all the condoms I see!
The girl in the fridge! 😂😂😂
And people wonder why I can't stand or don't want any kids...ever!
My twins washed each other's hair with peanut butter and poured cooking oil on the floor and slid around on their butts.
Yet more proof of why I have zero interest in having children. No thanks!
Mom "Jayden....."
Kid "huh?"

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