These Foodies Went To A Farm And Killed Their Own Dinner

These Foodies Went To A Farm And Killed Their Own Dinner (WARNING: This video contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing.)
These Foodies Went To A Farm And Killed Their Own Dinner
Published on 11/19/2017
These Foodies Went To A Farm And Killed Their Own Dinner
(WARNING: This video contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing.)


"It tastes better because I saw it die" Just found a title for my new metal album
Where the hell do people think food comes from?
We raise our own chickens and yes we use them for food. Eggs and meat. We do it humanely. At least we give them a great life, they aren't factory farmed with one square foot to move. Ours are truly free ranged. They eat grass, bugs, interact with other chickens, humans, etc. We know what they eat, no antibiotics or hormones.
We need to get rid of factory farming and go back to doing it this way.
I wish you never put the warning in i wanted to see some Vegan reactions.
Given the opportunity, I would do this. As a meat consumer, I feel pretty disconnected from where my food comes from. I think it's important to understand the balance between a live animal and the clean, packaged meat at the grocery store.
People are going to say "Ohh, how could they!!!" While taking a bit of their hamburger. Lele
What pisses me off is that this isn't even close to how real slaughter houses are. These people did not experience the true horror of what those birds go through.
I'm still gonna eat meat... I hate the idea of animals dying but hey, it's already dead, might as well eat it then let it's death be in vain
There is no humane way to commit murder
Why are people talking about survival when you can survive on fruit and veggies alone...
Idk...animals dying makes me sad
Here come those, 'this is wrong' people.
To the people who are saying that the chickens are giving their lives to us : you're all idiots . They don't choose to be eaten. They're literally being bred for our selfish needs . I usually like buzzfeed videos, but I'm not sure how I feel about them after this video.
God gave us this food for us to eat and we do just that as well as thanking him for the blessing
I bet the bitch that said she loves animals wouldn't kill her cat and eat It with barbecue sauce, this is so stupid. You can't love animals and eat them .
How do you spot a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
I haven't eaten meat in over 10 years. This is not the full picture. This place is not where your meat comes from.
Watching this and reading all the ignorant, misinformed comments really makes me glad I became vegan. I actually did it before knowing all the facts. I remember telling my mom "if it's unhealthy then I'd rather die than live by eating this way" low and behold ten years later I'm in shape, clean conscious, and educated. We are primates, biologically herbivorous. Anyone who can look a sweet tender baby in the eyes and still kill it is in complete denial or actually psychotic. God loves all his children, and he did not put the human ones on earth to eat the others. That's a burden for the cats and dogs, etc etc. but since we've been given these gifts we've misused it and caused more harm than good. If everyone were vegetarian, the problem of global warming would end, pollution would decrease, and world hunger would be solved because there would be enough food for everyone. We aren't killing animals to "survive". Wer doing it for "pleasure", a moment of gluttony above an entire life. And then we wonder why the world is the way it is. Anyone who can face these facts becomes vegetarian, and if they don't they are psychos. Many of you cannot face it. I don't blame you. It's sickening to know. On top of that its "inconvenient" to be vegetarian because the majority eats meat. Just remmeber that once those who wanted things like slavery and the holocaust to end were once in the minority and considered "crazy". Those atrocities were also referred to as "tradition", "natural", and the way "God made it". Really. If there is a god, s/he wouldn't have given you the capacity to empathize with those you look in the eye and kill.
"Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you anymore."
the part where the chicken was upside down in the cone made me cry.. it looked so confused 😭
I hunt. I kill my own food. I'll never be a vegetarian. Why? I respect that the animal gives me. I respect my position as an apex predator when hunting.
I'm vegan and even though it's sad I'm quite happy with how they killed the chickens at this farm. The sad thing is most chickens are not killed like this, there is a lot more abuse and the chickens are put in a horrible environment and do suffer, if you can't stop eating chicken I suggest you eat free range farm chicken or eat chicken that a family/friend killed, it'll do so much better. If everyone just stopped eating chicken that came from slaughter houses there business would eventually go down. Send those guys from buzfeed to a slaughter house and I guarantee they will be traumatised. But this makes me happy that at least there is a few farms like this one that are a little humane.
These guys didn't play Zelda. They don't know what's coming.
Yeah "their death serves a greater purpose" like your double down sandwiches. It would be one thing if you were killing to survive, but don't act like its death served some honorable purpose.
Why does being a vegetarian make someone "special" Carly? I know plenty of vegetarians who are terrible human beings and meat eaters who are almost saints. The sanctimonious idea that being a vegetarian makes someone "special" or "better" than anyone else is illusory.
Making one moral choice doesn't set you apart and it is moral. Now I respect it, but humans are not built to be vegetarian/herbivores we are omnivores (look at our tooth structure) so however evolved a choice you may feel it is being vegetarian I proffer you this; Dolphins are beings with intelligence almost human and brain capacity beyond ours, yet they eat fish (a meat) it's natural, nobody is complaining. So if everything that is naturally meant to eat meat just stopped the populations of various flora and fauna would explode. This world has balances. The industrial production of meat is horrid, and should be completely changed, but the organic humane sourcing of meat, and personal farming? There is nothing wrong I can see.
To say that being vegetarian makes someone special when I go out of my way to buy humane sourced meats and as the omnivore I am NATURALLY designed to be, no. Saying people are horrible or cruel for what they are naturally meant to, and even going the extra mile in today's world to learn about it in this video? That is low. It's okay to disagree, but don't claim to be "special". Now it may be your choice not to eat meat and that is totally wonderful, I even admire the conviction, but you are not anyone's moral superior for just that choice.
If it wasn't that I love fried chicken so much I'd become a vegetarian.
Oooh, and ribs.
And cheeseburgers.
And bacon...
Nah sorry I can't
I'm vegan and this is disgusting!! What if someone came to your home, killed you, cooked you, and then ate you? This is WRONG!
If a lion kills a zebra no one cares but if a human kills a chicken it becomes a controversial matter.
The worst part about this video is the comments it received. It seems most people only really know two directions and follow a single one extremely. Either people are applauding killing an animal or disgusted in it. It isn't wrong to kill an animal for food. It's wrong to murder an animal. This video was a beautiful and eye-opening piece. Most of us just eat our food without caring about how it got to our table, while the others scream "muderer". It is possible to avoid eating meat, but it isn't natural or healthy (without many of the proper supplements). It's not natural for us to get our meat from factories, either, and avoid the direct contact to our living food. And for argument's sake, it isn't fucking natural for us to have iPhones, or cars, or electric heaters. Human beings have surpassed natural living, but that isn't what this video is about. It allows us an option to question- or reassure- our current eating choices and to be thankful to these animals and the people doing this every day so that you can eat. There is a clear warning above the video to avoid unnecessary reactions.
Less than 2% are raised like that and that's sad. At least these chickens had a fairly good life before being slaughtered most slaughter houses are not like that. This is really why USDA needs to up the standards, but until the lobbyists leave DC that probably wont happen.
"It tastes better because I saw it die"
The line of a sick sadist
This wasn't sad at all. I also is not evil or sadistic in ANY way. It's a very nicely done, and realistic view, of where food comes from. People should respect where their food comes from, and knowledge of how to feed yourself is something EVERYONE should know. Eating something you have harvested and processed is a valuable skill that is disappearing when people just go to the store all the time.
Not gonnna watch this one though. I understand and support them but don't want to see it personally
This video slightly offended me as someone involved with agricultural. Throughout the video they used the word slaughter which really gives the whole video a negative vibe. The farmer was right they should be using the word harvest. This guys operation was extremely clean, the chickens were living a healthy life, the chickens were taken care of, and by using the word Slaughter just gave the whole operation really negative look when this video really should have been focused on the positives.
I actually cried ...
I'm a vegetarian and I still watched this. watching stuff like this just makes my feelings more enforced that I couldn't ever take a life to for the sake of a meal. I haven't eaten meat in over 8 years and I have never regretted that decision. Just my own opinion on things.
I think if meat consumers had to catch and kill their own meat sources instead of being able to buy meat from stores and butchers, there would be a lot more vegetarians in the world!
i am a vegan and this hurts me
More people should raise and kill their own food.. I've hunted my food and raised and killed chickens, cows, turkeys, pigs.. My entire life.
I killed a pig once. It screamed for about 15 minutes. I felt bad and cried with it, but I still love pork chops and bacon! Some animals are meant for us to consume. It's a way of life. One way anyway. Plants have feelings too! Why do you think they grow better when you talk and sing to it?
One second, you cry for it and the next moment you eat it! Fucking hypocrites..smh
As a vegetarian because I hate super farms and not because eating animals is wrong.. I would do this. Respecting the animal that gives it's life to you for nourishment and giving it a quality life beforehand is totally acceptable. Chickens are so dang cute I'd have a hard time not naming them and only using them for eggs, but at least this method is honest.
"No animals were harmed in the making of this video"
I almost started crying. I could never ever in my life kill something..
I'm vegan but I respect people choices😊✌️
Thank a Farmer for your food. Some if not like most City people think that food just magically appears. Well Farmers live on this planet for a reason
Im pretty sure chickens could care less if you lived or died. People are the only creatures to get all upset if a chicken dies. Chickens don't even care if another chicken dies. Why not eat it? Any other carnivore/omnivore would. 90% of chickens that you use for meat would'nt even exist if people did'nt create certain breeds to eat. The same thing for most cows, sheep, pigs, etc. We made them to eat. Do you think these chickens were running around wild and we just decided to eat them. Not a chance. They would'nt last a day without another animal picking them off. Maybe we should teach cats, foxes, and other animals to eat veggies instead too and see how well they live off of it.
What bothers me is that they can't even use the language of what they are doing. "Harvesting"? Really? Why not fully say "killing", "slaughtering", "murder"? That's what it is. If those words don't taste good on your tongue, maybe consider the lives of animals that so many selfishly put on their tongues.
I just hope this video makes those that have numbed themselves to the suffering they inflict by eating animals, finally wake up and know their true compassion.
I dont eat much meat but the little i do eat is chicken and now i want to stop eating it.
I know me not eating it will save any but ill feel better about things
Somewhere in the PETA headquarters, someone is secretly wanting chicken nuggets now after watching this video.
I did this too with a few rabbits that my family friends raise for food, and I never felt so humbled. I am an avid carnivore, but if you are going to eat meat you damn well better acknowledge you are consuming another life. The disconnect we have from the food we eat is terribly depressing, and I felt much more at peace taking the life of what I eat myself.
I think the ideal would be to no longer eat meat from grocery stores or restaurants, but to restrict myself to only eating the creatures I kill myself. One day I will get there. For now, be sure to thank the animal for the life it has given to feed you.
Now send them all to a slaughterhouse. Guarantee that all of them come back vegetarian/vegan🍗🍖=🐖🐓🐄

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