These 7 Simple Hacks Can Make Any Guy More Attractive

These 7 Simple Hacks Can Make Any Guy More Attractive
These 7 Simple Hacks Can Make Any Guy More Attractive
Published on 11/23/2017
These 7 Simple Hacks Can Make Any Guy More Attractive


I now carry my computer in a guitar case
So when I see
a smiling guy in red tshirt carrying a guitar walking a dog surrounded by lots of women texting well spelt and emoji full messages, im going to explode with desire lmao xx
If there was a dude surrounded by women id be like meh not even worth it competition there, or think he was totaly gay,
If I see a man surrounded by women I assume he's either taken or a player. No thanks!
If any guy sent THAT many emojis I'd be creeped out..
He looked better not smiling. I like the mysterious look
Not acting like a douche or a complete asshole is a start.
As if I needed ANOTHER reason to get a dog. That's it, I'm getting a puppy.
And make sure you're always standing in front of a pink background... Got it!
Forget all these tips just grow a beard 👌
I like guys in black more than red though.
A guitar is an artist's tool, not some douchebag's accessory.
Any "more" attractive....can you guys do one for becoming attractive?
That sexy look Justin gave at the end...
These guys remind me of the character select screen in the Tony Hawks Skateboarding Games. loll
I preferred him in black...
Being attractive is also in how you carry yourself. I've seen some of the ugliest guys I've ever met get women without even trying.
So guys... Follow this bullshit and get the girl -_- Or you can find someone who ACTUALLY likes and appreciates you, Cause you know... DIFFERENCES.
If you need "hacks" to be more attractive, your problems are too deep seated for a buzzfeed video to remedy
Can't wait for the "this is sexist, if they made a 'what makes women more attractive to men' video everyone would be outraged" comments
I'm already sexy
I call bullshit on that red shirt thing.
That guy looked so much better in the black shirt, red is so not his color >__>
Like 95 percent of these I thought the opposite. Lol I must be weird
Guys look better not smiling. Serious looks on their face is what i find attractive
I will never approach a man surrounded by men. That screams "bros before hoes frat boy status" more than anything... and using a wingman will guarantee I will never even give you my number or real name. The lack of confidence will be a turn off in friends and potentials alike. (This all applies if I wasn't married of course lol)
Or maybe just walk with a pink background behind you, that seemed to attract more women...
Will there be a clip about what makes a guy more attractive to other guys???
These are like life hacks for both sexes! Just the genders in the video switched.
"hacks" ....these are fucking TIPS god damn it buzzfeed
I think the guy looked better in the black tshirt instead of the red...probably because red is my least favourite colour. Also the other guy looked cuter not smiling, more mysterious.
Notice how it said studies have shown that guys in red are more attractive. All of the ones that were the "more attractive" had a red background. Nice job buzzfeed. #mindgames
I find men with sports bag more attractive than guitar.
Men that works out and sweat is what I like...
Also, guys who text with emojis and good grammar makes me wanna talk to them more.
Guys surrounded with women makes me think he's a playa or he's gay...
The second guy and the third guy, both were lovely men 😏
I instantly saw their body mods, instantly attracted.
What about carry a sports bag with shit loads of money. I think that's more attractive
"What makes a guy more attractive to girls?" If they actually were girls. 🙌🌈
Meh....I think he looked better not smiling. Smiling too damn much is creepy lol and I prefer guys in gray shirts. Or black.
I'm into chubby guys.
Imagine if this was tips on how women could be more attractive to men, the comments would blow up in rage.
Is the red one really true? Maybe I'm just weird but for me I prefer guys in white shirts.
Maybe it means I like innocent guys. :^3
Ok 1. Using that many emojis just makes you look creepy. 2. If a guy is surrounded by girls, I am NOT going to approach him.
Wait ..what???? I had to rewind to the "who uses more emojis than dont "part😂😂😂😂lmfao i found the answers ok thank u
this is the worst I ever saw, none of them works xD just try growing a beard and being interested in more than tits?
Arron McArdle you play guitar u always wear ur red hoodie ur a smiley dope and u dont act awkward u always use emojis and u have ur wee dog molly.... Also ur face helps.... Damn u for being so attractive xxx
I would have said the guy on the left. However, I am a gay guy.
I found the one with the bag is more attractive.
The one with the black shirt is more attractive.
The one with crossed arms is more attractive.
The one who surrounded by men is more attractive.
well atleast the guy with wing-man is happier
I guess I'm just not normal cause I found everything opposite attractive
i prefer his non smiling though. looks hot.
I hate the color red.
Excessive emojis annoy me.
If you're surrounded by women, I'll never approach you. I won't know if one is your date, and you'll look like a player.
Most of this was dumb. Except the smiling one. That one is pretty legit, if you have nice teeth.

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