These 6 People Tried Salsa Dancing And Learned That Hips Never Lie

These 6 People Tried Salsa Dancing And Learned That Hips Never Lie
These 6 People Tried Salsa Dancing And Learned That Hips Never Lie
Published on 11/23/2017
These 6 People Tried Salsa Dancing And Learned That Hips Never Lie


Here comes the comments,"THATS NOT HOW YOU REALLY SALSA".
Try cumbia next😏😌🔥
I dance salsa and I can't even lie, they did a great job for beginners
Of course Euguene was gonna do phenomenal😹I suck at salsa dancing and it so happens I'm hispanic.
Eugene and the blonde girl got it! You dance better than a lot of people that I know here in Cali - Colombia and we loveeeee salsa <3
That girl in the skirt, wow. Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun though. Makes me kinda want to try salsa dancing after I have my baby. :)
Eugene should go on dancing with the stars
they should dance bachata 😏
This is the salsa you learn in your ballroom dance class in highschool (aka social dance) but in real life, in latino countries, not so much
Mary Sara Gremille Rulloda out of all the Buzzfeed dance videos that I've watched, this one really caught my attention. I wanna learn how to dance Salsa. 😂
Omg really? This woman again? I'm sorry, she can't dance for shit and what does Beyonce has to do with Salsa? I meant I would get it if she said Shakira since she's from Colombia/Latina but Beyonce? Really Nigga? 💀💀💀💀
Awesome to see salsa dancing getting popular again 😁
Salsa dance with meeeeee! I love salsa dancing! Ryan Altpeter 😄
😂 I like how the Asian guy says it's hard to out sexy Latin people 😉 even the stupid instructor is white not Latin.
Radha Allard lol. us that one time salsa dancing.
Haha white boys trying to dance salsa...cute.
Erin Chloe lets go salsa dancing
Im caribbean and i dont know how to dance salsa 😒
They make it look so fun! Gotta try salsa one day
Finally! Haha that's great good for them! Hey buzzfeed try Merengue dancing!
Yasaman here's your salsa dance lesson!! Lol :P
Next time you want to get prepared for salsa class, here's some real salsa lol
They need a video of dancing cumbia!!!!!!
Its all about trying n having fun.... Btw id like to see ya'll dance "punta" its a dance from Honduras
Te best salsa dancers are in COLOMBIA!
As always Eugene slaying it!!.. I'll take Eugene salsa dancing anytime!!.. 😜
What does Beyoncé have to do with salsa?!
Cihan Barnett we should try salsa dancing when school starts! :D
I learned salsa before, and I got really sweaty.
Jamie Ramirez our glorious salsa dancing days!! Oh those were some interesting classes lol sweaty palm man and creepy older guy 😅
Angie Rodriguez this makes me want to go salsa dancing again
Buzzfeed!! You should have people try swing dancing next! :) it's coming back!
I'm really upset that the girl dancing with Eugene isn't me.
And the salsa experts will talk crap in 3...2..1
There are professional dancers all around the world, but the beauty of dancing is that it's for everyone and anyone, I love salsa, for me it's a family thing, every time we're together, there's salsa so everyone can dance and enjoy, so I've dance since I can remember. My fiancé doesn't dance, but he's willing to take lessons for me. I love the idea of dancing with him <3
We need to take a salsa dance class Cliseria Garza with the guys!!!!
Ballroom dancing days at majella😏 Reem Christine Alannah
Isaac this is how you salsa lol
I love these dancing videos.
Thanks buzz feed for making Latin cool again it's so hard to find people my age who love to dance properly
You guys did great keep trying to perfection and you will feel the power while in a latin night club, dancing latin music is so sensual and fun
I'm taking an intro to linear salsa class and it took our class 3 lessons to learn all that! So good job buzzfeed staff.
Side note - I thought salsa originated in Cuba.
Wow Eugene you dance good
You guys should try salsa Cali, Colombian style
Why would you listen to Beyoncé to prep for salsa... tf lmal
And btw salsa originated in Puerto Rico
They were awsome sucks that im hispanic and dont know crap about dancing salsa even though i live that music 😂😂
Eugene marry me!!
Only hips I trust are shakira's

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