The Worm And The Frog | Prank On Frogs

WHERE DID THEY COME FROM! Dude pranks some frogs.
The Worm And The Frog | Prank On Frogs
frog lol worm hahaha
Published on 10/19/2017
WHERE DID THEY COME FROM! Dude pranks some frogs.


I did this in my hood with some crackheads but replaced worms with crack..... I got the Same fucking reaction
I wonder if you could attract the eatin' kind of frogs that way? Heck, maybe those _are_ the eatin' kind?
Miren aparte de feas tontas
Cooking channel for frogs
unique way to catch some frog legs for dinner...
now that's funny
not the SAME reaction lol
I Love how clear the pics are now days of the new phones.
damn hahaahaa
oh fir those poor littlw
the frogs are smart, they can see worms in a video and go crazy
estes sapinhpos enxergam muito bem...
Frog abuse. Where PETA?
lupet astig(=
Thats like haveing a bunch of drunk trying to get to the beer first!!!
very nice sigh-nary
walk pass and dunk a bucket of salt on them
Tim Krupp,Esma Kuyubasioglu,Saskia Vinciguerra
Isabelle hahaha
Sebastian Fleming
Beto Filiberto Mauricio
James Brady
Felicia for you.
Andrea Holtekjølen
Herrey Hassan
Criiss Colorz's
Laura Cartagena Lala
Jocelyn Benning EWWWWWWWWW 😂😂
سیدکاظم رکنیمریم سادات یحیویAzadeh AhmadianSareh Yosra
ohh such torture ......
omg im like u where did they come from lol
Super !
gente q saudades q comer carne de rã.só q é tão cara q acho q estão exportando pq no brasil não se acha tu soube onde vende por santa maria avisa.é sério olha isso.
Sam Waterworth Andrew German
Patrick Whaley
LOL Poor hungry frogs..
jajajajajajjaja malosos

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