The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test

The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test
The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test
Published on 04/24/2017
The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test


Finding out about people who live in Texas and have never tried whataburger is like that episode of Spongebob when we find out that Squidward never had a crabby patty! Lol!!!
Perks of living in Texas
Being from San Antonio we live on Whataburger, it is a religion.
What makes me sad is that you guys are eating it all after it gets cold!!! FRESH OFF THE GRILL WHATABURGER IS WHERE IT IS AT. Totally different experience.
I dont' think she's a very good judge of food.. the strips are amazing!
The secret to great Whataburger is ordering in ways that are not on the menu like toasted buns on the grill instead of the automatic bun toaster, grilled onions/grilled jalapeños, or getting the breakfast-on-a-bun with scrambled eggs on Texas toast instead of the bun. Mmmmmm. Good stuff.
I went there for first time and honestly it beat sonic burgers just saying I live in detroit Michigan I would fly out to Texas just for a whatabuger
"Give fuck" bout your stupid yeehaw rating. Whataburger 4 life!
Their whatasize shakes can feed a family of 8 by itself!
them whatsburger taquitos tho! lol
oh yeah, nothing get's better than whataburger. Honey bbq chicken strip sandwich is my favorite! they are pricier than a lot of fast food places, but well worth every penny! ;)
A1 think n hearty and chop house cheddar for the win
I'm pregnant and want all of this. I need to move to Texas.
Honestly fries are not great, but are better if they had eaten it there. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit... praise Jesus.
God I miss Whataburger :'(
I love whataburger! And before I watched this I knew Ashly probably wouldn't have like the food. I hate any video with her.. She's so crabby.
Thank you Florida for having a Whataburger near me 👌
in-in-out is better
How tf can you leave out the A1 THICK AND HEARTY BURGER!!! It's the true Beyonce.
It's not just in texas lol
We have whataburger in Jacksonville, fl... a lot of them
Whataburger sucks only fat ass texans love it
I swear. Living in South-central Texas, I don't think I could go a week without walking into a Whataburger. That or a Taqueria.
Was anyone else upset at Ashly's mediocre comments and rating about the wonderful Whataburger food?! Like come on! You took it out of the restaurant, drove to a hotel, and ate them one by one. Of course food is gonna get soggy and cold by then. 7 yeehaws for everything if it is right off the grill.
Can't go wrong with Bobs. For those that don't know, don't worry its a whataburger thing.
There will never be anything like the taste of a honey butter chicken biscuit on a jalapeño cheddar biscuit.
Go ahead and try it. You'll thank me. 😎
Ugh everyone has no idea Whataburger is crap compared to In-N-Out! My BFF made us, Californians, try that mess when we went out there for her wedding and nope it just does not compare.
The best WHATABURGER is from Texas 😜😜
The Patty Melt is the best!
You immediately get defensive when they don't like a certain item..or the fries before they've tried it with the ketchup lmao
Welcome to Texas bitches!!😝😝😝 lol
I'm going to go to whataburger right now! GOD BLESS TEXAS
All these people talking about how good it is when after partying..
Well duh, that's the only reason it tastes good is because you are starving and been partying..
Anything taste good at 2am when you buzzed!
I'm born and raised southern Texan and whataburger sucks .. You want it right, then a Mom and Pop burger joint is the key.
Just saying that if anyone from Houston area been to the Burger House.. Even their plain burgers are better than Whataburgers.
The spicy ketchup from the store is not nearly as good as the ones they give you at whataburger!
They totally missed the honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich! That is life right there♡♡♡
😍 👌 👍 🔥
Brant Gracia so much to say about this...this is my local whataburger...drinking Gravy is completely acceptable and there's nothing better than a honey chicken biscuit except a chocolate shake from whataburger....I think we should do volume 2 of this but with a different spin
I am not from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. I feel offended that they took too long to eat the fries and they let the fries get soggy so they gave them a bad review. I think the fries are a lot better fresh. Shoot, everything is better FRESH at Whataburger. The fries deserve a do-over.
I'm A Corpus Christi Texan and I probably eat Whataburger 3 times a week 👍 if not more! Watching this was great and maybe yall should come to corpus to try some more 😄 and we've had basically everything on the menu 😂 this was great!
When I go back home to visit, I buy some whataburger right before boarding the plane to give to my sister ( per her request) Whataburger would be the only thing I would miss about TX if I lived elsewhere!
Okay hold up hold up hold up. 1 no stfu whataburger is the best. 2. You HAVE to try to patty melt with jalapeños and bacon cause its 10000x better 3. The frys are soggy cause u left them till the end duh. Overall i think you miss judged whataburger because whataburger is the BEST Cynthia Sanabria
Best thing ever i had a kid working at my whataburger once and this kid looked exactly like Walter jr from breaking bad, you know just without crutches. Anyway i pull up read his name tag and start dying!!! The kids mame is walt... the irony! Not too mention he hooked it up with an 8 piece instead of a 3. Fuck yeah!
I live in Texas , and it is always damn good ! Especially when you are out late and Whataburger is the place to go ... For fast food !
Yeehaw muthafukrs !😘😘😘😘😘🍔🍟
Exactly why I don't like whataburger. Everything is just "okay". Every time I go their fries are soggy and wilted, and my burgers are always smushed super flat with way too much mustard on it. 😖
I'm from Texas (still live here) and my friends like to eat there all the time, but honestly I don't find it very good at all. The food is too greasy, the fries taste like paper with salt, the chicken strips are wayyy to salty/seasoned, and the gravy is exactly the same as the premade frozen kind. And they're shakes are too thick to even drink through a regular straw.... Every time I've been my experience has never been enjoyable. Maybe because I like home cooked meals is why I dont like it. Whenever my friends want whataburger I always suggest something else like BBQ food or pizza. Anything but whataburger
For better evaluation you need to be drunk and it need to be past 2 am this enhances the flavor 4 fold !!
Reconditions to get he optimal TEXAS whataburger experience find a dance Hall preferably county music get wasted (have a dd of course)
Side note make sure somebody other than the dj is playing their
Texas favs. Kyler park, Cody Johnson, people you can find on google.
Go to the nearest whataburger
After the dance/clubs closes
Whataburger is Bae! 😍😍😍😍🙌🏽❤️ ... Plus you have to eat the fries when they're hot and fresh. When they get cold they're not the best. And she doesn't need to judge food again just saying 🌚
And this is why when my brother comes home from the Navy the only thing we eat is WhatABurger. I swear, this all we eat. The closet WhatABurger to him is like 800 miles away lol.
Come on guys, whataburger is good fast food, but don't judge Texas food off our popular fast food. Come to Houston and I'll show you some REAL giant home cooked burgers.
There better in Texas cuz Corpus Christi is whataburger's hometown. Mmm I love whataburger! When I was little there was no such thing as a combo meal. The burgers were .35 cents.
Whataburger is life... like I rather that than in and out any day

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