The Try Guys Try Shooting Guns For The First Time

The Try Guys Try Shooting Guns For The First Time
The Try Guys Try Shooting Guns For The First Time
Published on 11/20/2017
The Try Guys Try Shooting Guns For The First Time


Us responsible gun owners don't care if you like to shoot guns or not. We prefer that you try it and don't just say "I know I won't like it." But if you try it and you don't like it, thats fine, I don't like tofu but I'm not gonna fight to take away your right to eat it, so don't take away my right to own and shoot my guns.
I clicked on the comments waiting to read a bunch of anti gun liberal crap, and I am very happy to see, that most of these comments are in support of guns!!
WARNING: if you are anal about people properly handling a gun and not acting like it's a toy, like me, you will cringe. A lot.
This is just more of buzzfeed trying to promote the "anti-gun/conservatives are crazy rednecks" agenda. These guys are pussys too...I can shoot better than them seriously...
I couldn't watch the entire video because if I had to listen to the idiot say the purpose of these guns are to kill people one more time I was going to throw my phone. I have many guns and not one has ever killed a person
Try Guys have the best job ever.
Why in gawds name were they not told to keep their finger OFF the trigger till they had aimed!?! That is very irresponsible! That is an accident waiting to happen!
None of those are "military grade"
Keep your finger off the trigger till you're ready to fire dummy.
How sad...I have shot more then these guys. Proud gun owner.
If I were at the range and people came in acting this way I'd pack up and leave. A lot of irresponsibility shown in this video.
I don't own guns "to kill people", but I do own guns to protect my family.
I don't understand how an individual who has basically grown up with guns his whole life can just say "I'm not as pro-gun as I used to be" after going to the gun range.
Oh silly city folk, bless your hearts.
The amount of cringing at this video...
1) learn gun safety first
2) it's not a toy
3) stop with this "these are meant to kill people" "every shot could be a dead person" bullshit
I felt as if this video tried to push a political agenda. These guns are not designed to kill people. There is no such thing as an "assault weapon"
The lack of gun safety on this scares me. I know it's exciting and apparently scary to shoot a gun for the first time, but it's something that should be taken seriously. Save the giggles and jokes for outside the range, and focus on safety and hitting your mark every time.
I just came to read the liberals comments
That quote "these guns were meant to kill people"... You can't be serious.
It's a modern sporting rifle.
Oh, and get your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, dumbass. Did they even get any safety training before shooting?
This makes the gun community look bad (which was most likely an agenda of this video).
Fuck you, Buzzfeed. Stick to your cutesy videos and let responsible gun owners have a break from being judged. We already got royally fucked in California this year with new laws.
Another reason to leave this piece of shit state...
I can't wait for one of the anti-gun people to be in a situation when they need a firearm and don't have one. It will change your mind very fast, assuming you are still alive...
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Screw these guys. What a bunch of freedom hating libs.
This is so dumb I didn't even finish the video! Guns aren't made for "killing people", instead they are for protection and survival(food). Protection for the individual as well as for a Country. If you don't like guns (or are scared of them) then don't use them. But let me know how well it works for you when you bring a knife to a gun fight. The world we live I'm has guns we can avoid that fact and we can't get rid of it.... Well I guess we could make it illegal like drugs..... Stupid smh
If you are responsible with your weapons then there is no "accident waiting to happen"
"I don't have a negative opinions about guns. I have negative opinions about people." - Eugene Lee Yang (y)
Jesus Christ, they failed almost every gun safety rule I can think of, failed to keep finger off trigger unless ready to fire, pointed gun at others, did not know how to hold the rifle, nor aim down the fucking sight. If I was a safety officer on that range, I would've told them to get off the firing line till they understood what they're doing.
Of course kids aren't responsible gun owners that's why they don't sell guns to kids! Smh lmao
"Every time the trigger is pulled, that's potentially another life you could be taking." Omfg you guys hurt my head. Guns don't kill people. People who don't know how to handle guns kill people. You can hurt or kill someone with a knife or other weapon too.
This was a failed attempt to make gun owners look bad.
And did those range officers tell them any basic gun safe protocol?
"I shot an arrow.....once....?"
Can they get the "Try Girls" doing this? I want to see if they get all giddy too!
I am glad it opened the eyes of those who were dead set against firearms, as well as the gentleman who had previously fired guns.
Rifles, handguns and shotguns are great tools for competitive and sport shooting, putting food in the table and defending your life and home. They are also potentially dangerous and need to be handled properly and with respect.
Hopefully, others see this and realize both of these aspects.
First mistake they have zero respect for the weapons. Second mistake is buzz feed has very little firearms knowledge. All their stats were 5 second google search.
Promoting liberal agenda much? "Turned me into a boy" "no responsible gun owner" all I hear is "liberal liberal liberal liberal balls deep in Obama ass liberal liberal liberal".
I wish liberals would understand that guns and responsible gun owners literally keep them safe, allow them to keep there freedom, and give them the freedom to say these bullshit statements. If it wasn't for my beloved Marine Corps and the other military branches we would be under some communistic government, and when liberals gain any ground we get closer and closer to it every day. "just give up yours guns you don't need them. The government will protect you." Fuck that. I need my guns to protect myself from the government. The entire reason for the 2nd amendment is so the citizens can protect them selves from a tyrannous government, and those times are coming soon. If these sheeple would just AWAKEN.
Metro sexual wimps . These guys are boarder line gay .
If these are the type of men that make up society today, it's no wonder marriage is on the decline. Lol
what a bunch of pussies....
you guys "turned into boys" or felt like "animals" when you fired guns because none of you received prior discipline, safety instruction, OR training before working your way up to the firearms you tried. No responsible gun owners act with such idiocy or have such horrible trigger discipline like you guys do.
ty finally someone portraying an unbiased opinion about guns. Guns don't make you more manly, guns are extremely dangerous, guns are weapons of death. If you have no illusions about that, shooting is damn fun, responsibility and safety are key to enjoying guns. Guns are fucking fun to shoot. But get training or someone who knows what they are doing, everyone I've taken shooting, gets the run down on safety first. You can thank the media for instilling fear about guns, they used to have training in school for this kind of thing. guns are a means to self defense only, if you feel the need to be aggressive with firearms, you're not understanding the purpose of guns, hunting for food you will eat, and protecting your family from those who don't believe in the non-aggression principle. All these rightwing/redneck/religious nutjobs are giving guns a bad name, fuck the NRA, and fuck moms demanding action (whatever they're called) Guns are going no where, teach your kids early on about how dangerous they are, how to protect themselves against one and most importantly how to safely handle one.
In most cases of someone being against guns it is from a lack of knowledge of guns. I was afaid of driving a car till I learned how to drive one.
I didn't really get "anti-gun" from this, like some people did. It seems like they're fine with them, albeit slightly uncomfortable and needing of some practice. They obviously respect responsible gun owners and the people who know how to properly handle guns. I thought it was a fun video!
Chris Lorton I think I would die if I met a guy like this, and they were actually this way. What. The. Hell. I forget people like this exist sometimes since I literally know NO ONE like that. So glad we're in the South! 😂
I can understand the rush that they are talking about. But what really annoys me is that they think gun are only designed for killing people... yes that was part of the original thought behind firearms, but they were also designed to make putting dinner on the table easier as well as self defense.
Also if you teach your kids safe and proper gun handling there will not be any accidents.
My first time shooting a weapon I did not yell like a 12 year old lke these idiots. I guess the Drill Sergeant had something to do with that.
It is not for killing people... It's for Security...Protection...Hunting... And Targeting...(Y) Support your Second Amendment...
Those guys are prime examples of the wussification of the the modern man. They'd probably celebrate a woman being a "badass", but would negatively judge a guy for doing the exact same behavior.
They put 4 of the biggest vaginas I've even seen in front of a camera and let these puss's grab some big boy fire and fuck around?? My 13 yr old niece handles Mossbergs and AR's with ease. While these "growen men" cower at the sound and recoil of a rifle. I'm telling you America has gone str8 into the toilet. If men in this country act like little feminine hoes, who's gonna be the ones defending this county within domestic war? Not these little girls. Men need to find their balls again take em outta their mouth and reattach em to where they're supposed to be. God please bless the cowards of this country
Bunch of pussys
"These are military grade weapons meant to kill a lot of people, fast and effectively"
Good then I guess I don't have to worry about Commi's or North Korea taking over right? XD I'll keep my AR's thank you.
Oh man another group of misinformed Californians! Guns are tools just like every other tool it needs an operator. Cant believe people like this exist. Could go on for days!
If I was the range owner I would've kicked them out for unsafe and immature behavior. Firearms are fun when enjoyed in a responsible manner. So yes, I can see why they felt more like boys than men. This video also reminds me of when the Travel Channel did a segment on Red's Gun Store in Pflugerville, TX. They brought in their own "patrons" (didn't actually film the local populace) and were also being equally immature.
Whats wrong with the comments. So many serious ass gun supporters with sticks up there asses. Take a chill pill guys :)

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