The Try Guys Got Wasted To See How Alcohol Affected Their Bodies Differently

The Try Guys Got Wasted To See How Alcohol Affected Their Bodies Differently
The Try Guys Got Wasted To See How Alcohol Affected Their Bodies Differently
Published on 11/19/2017
The Try Guys Got Wasted To See How Alcohol Affected Their Bodies Differently


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that this is their legitimate job. They are being paid real actual money to get wasted.
Last time someone got paid to get drunk and stupid was in the filming of the Jersey Shore. Watching people with degrees and a higher IQ level do this is so much more entertaining. Specially since its all evaluated and for scientific purposes, OBVIOUSLY. Where do I send my resume!???
This was so interesting to watch and kinda educational too. Funniest part though "Why are they always eating casseroles" haha
There should be a girls one lol
"We have work tomorrow"
"We're at work"
Did They change the thing that goes into their mouths ?? If they didn't the test was wrong and the numbers aren't real
"I already danced motherf#cker but I'ma dance again!!" yep sounds about right! Bring on the festivities!!!
"this is my conversation! back the fuck off!"
Best buzzfeed video I've seen in a while.
Is nobody going to talk about Eugene's dancing?
Am I drunk? Yes. Do I hate vodka? Absolutely. Lolol
I want to be part of the buzz feed family so bad.
I found this more informative than ALL the videos they play in high school assembly...... Schools should play this.
I'd totally let Eugene grind on me 😍
Eugene is the hottest ever!! <3
Why are they always eating casseroles 😂
"We're at work" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Paid to get drunk....nice
LOL Eugene Lee Yang's drinking game is hardcore.
Zach I'd take you to a party any day. But the asian guy didn't even get the asian blush, I think he was cheating....
I already danced, motherf***er, but Imma dance again! >_<
Alcohol TEST !!! Jeffrey Baltazar Simões Daniel Rodrigues Cédric Aké Elan Van der Graaf Ricardo da Cruz Miguel Matos Rowan Delano Koen Timmers Rick Ruijgrok Salvador Nunes Rodrigues Jesse Ferreira Da Graça Azizz Sarii Tiago Monsanto Paulo Portugal Paulo Franco Paulo Renato Castilho Álvaro Saluan Da Cunha Guido Soeteman Pablo Guchini Erdem Tali Nino de Nijs Maria Tatiana Boes Luís Granja Baltazar Daniël Granja Baltazar Kelly Simões Araùjo Iina-Mari Laine Sasha Mussich Jessica Wainwright Jean-Louis Wkd Wytse Hogeveen Evisa Usenko Inês Pires Diego Que Siam Virginio Damo Yannick du Chatinier
Clodagh McBride Claire Rafferty Nicola McAllister Mairead Carey Tiarna Mc Ginty Nicole McNicholl Santa ponsa summed up
"I already danced mother fucker, but Im'ma dance again!" I love these guys Andrea Cano!!
Kevin James Kevin Tran Raymond Guo Alberto Soto Brandon Harrigan David Paik Who's tryin to do this test?
BEST JOB EVER! Drinking for educational and statistical purposes while making ppl laugh and getting paid for it... Where do I apply???
Monica Ruth Newman Nikki Alazas Inah Castro Ralph Anthony Angelo Sugon we totally need to try this!
Angelika Anastazia lmao this is too funny
"we have work tomorrow!"
"we are at work!" hahah
Rachel Paul we have the wrong jobs
Oh white people.
Why are they always eating casseroles?
Pamela VizcondeDmitry Zaripov, there's a person for each of us. LOL
Florence Potvin Janie Ouimet
Lindsey Renwick we need to fucking do this
Laura Nguyen Lily McCarthy Phoebe Evans Jessie Graycon Sara Nicita this is very educational
Daniela Pacheco Naomi Wendolyn Vero López deberíamos hacer esto...
does anyone have a breathalyzer so we can try this? hahaha Marisa Telese Megan Tomiselli Ashley Nicole Maureen Marchiafava
Why is Zack hotter during a hangover... WTF
Michael Valentin, Christian Hill Reus Bryant Nathaniel Sutanto Dimitri Jimenez, Fadi AbuZaineh Hassan Saeed D.j. Djoko
Xuxu Ann Xiann Catherine Cobrador Cassandra Calagos Cristine Raisa Calagos Myra Yourmoustacho Bernise Alviar Aimee Obaldo Sheena Cabe
Kylie Richardson Amanda Sullins Rachel Pike Kristin Cox
Gotta try this once ladies! Tala, Ashley,Maria Rowena,Glenn,Lovely and Alexis😁😁😁
Jinny Cha Da Eun Kwak Ryu JiHyun Seonlim Lee hahahahahahah
Aimée Brito Castro Sara Schoenherr
Mark Su Ricky Huang Baylin Chen Tony YuZinia Li
Lol this is very informative haha Gabriela Pelaez
Savanna Calabro Molly Hayes
If I drank, I would want to do this with Kayla and Cescilee lol
but Eugene is cute :3
THEIR DANCING WAS DAYUM eugene is just omg twerking

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