The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" Ever

The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" Ever
The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" Ever
Published on 10/20/2017
The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" Ever


I'd rather win the lottery
There is something wrong with the 10% who would rather immerse themselves in a bathtub of spiders...
Are you kidding?! Cockroaches are hard enough to kill. AND FAST AS HELL. But one DOG SIZED?! Would be able to move faster than a car and would be almost indestructible. I'd take on the rat! I can either kill it by destroying the head or the heart. Or I can tame it and get a wicked HorseRat!
I would never give up pizza or any of my favourite foods
I wouldn't wanna meet the 10% that would rather be in a bathtub full of spiders over tobacco spit.
Sick fucks..
Would you rather use sand paper as a toilet paper or hot sauce as eye drops?? Baaaam
True love can be like winning the lottery. :-D
if you're choosing food over sex, someone isn't fucking you right :P
Judging by the results, its wasnt that hard
wait seriously??? id MUCH rather my body be found amidst sex toys than someone see my browsing history. like, no question. the rest im on board with
How is the last one even a question? You'll find new favorite foods. Food can't have... Well never mind. 😉😂
What kind of monster would force someone to choose between food and sex?!
A dog sized cockroach or a horse sized rat??? That is what nightmares are made of!!
If I fight both the cockroach and the rat... can I keep both favorite food and sex?
Us Asexuals be like...Give up your 5 favourite foods forever vs Give up Sex forever. Bahahaha what ass stupid question! We would all give up sex in a heartbeat. i mean you can live without sex but you cant live without food and food is amazing!!!
Eww a horse size rat... Nightmare
I am in the minority in most of these cases.
Had to re-question my whole life just now.
I WOULD rather be in a bathtub full of spiders than tobacco spit.. Spiders aren't gross, in my opinion. Now Tobacco.. That's GROSS.
pftt win the lottery duh
I was actually a little pleasantly surprised that true love won over winning the lottery...I would have chose winning the lottery, though.
Id rather fight a rat then a bloody cockroach, anythin but cockroaches, heck id even drown myself in poisonous spiders then fight off a cockroach, no matter that the size, those fuckers are evil
I'd choose food over sex . Haha
I rather win the lottery, love comes after!
Dog sized cockroach? HELL NO
Who the fuck would give up food over sex?!
I would freak out if I had to even see a dog sized cockroach yet alone fight one :/ my worst fear
The lottery 1000%
Love don't play the bills.
Would you rather be fisted by the Hulk or an angry Wolverine?
Most of those weren't hard choices at all. One of them would be potentially deadly, only one was hard for me, an insect has an exoskeleton, rats don't. It's like asking would you rather fight a bear or an armored car.
These were pretty easy to be honest.
I prefer winning the lottery
Lotto winnings thanks!! Also, I have to know what weapons I'm allowed for this dog/rat fight!
I'd torch the bathtub of spiders.
Whoever said true love lied ....Show me the money!!!!
The food or sex one I still can't answer.. because if die if I couldn't eat soup lol
I can't believe people chose true love over winning the loo
How can you choose between food and sex😟
Fight the rat any day
This is not even the hardest would you rather game.also they keep saying with the other videos the hardest would you rather game too.
That was pretty hard 😛
Not really the toughest questions
I couldn't do the spiders, I wouldn't want to hurt them! But that tobacco spit, ew I'd much rather be in a room full of spiders than a bucket of that stuff
Leads to wonder what hell are in people's browser history? Prob don't want to know if it's more degrading than the alternative "Or" option.
True love or win lottery? Win lottery! Who needs true love hahahahaha
Hahaha nice!!

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