The Stages Of An All-Nighter

The Stages Of An All-Nighter
The Stages Of An All-Nighter
Published on 11/17/2017
The Stages Of An All-Nighter


when's the part when he talks about his wife? buzzfeed i think you missed that
ahw really? o. o haha i cant relate im an all nighter most of the time because of my plates and assignments but i dont do those things
the last part should be the laptop shutting down on its own and u havent saved ur essay lmao bc i know how it feels
And still not finish
Leigh eto ka bukas HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Audrey Garcia remember all the all nighters I pulled??? Hahahahaha.
This is us Kian hahahaha
shet sobrang accurate nung first parts HAAHHAHAHAHA Allaine
Lmfao Andrea Jocelyn yall know you've gone through this !😂😂I know I have !
Robin Yoon
lmao!! couldn't be more accurate 😂 so us tonight Samantha Ashley Cruz
Elizabeth Pearson omg yes
Phriya Chandra
Evan 'Cosmo' Thomas Those were the days x'D
Fernanda Uribe Del Castillo
Megan Zaw Eunicechua Wannab Atree
Czarina Carvajal Katie Leslie
Edil Rubio
Karla Espinosa this is u...
Lana Stevenson Karina Tickle This is too accurate 😂 The times are all right 😂
Kim feel the feeling. So relatable! I talk to myself already 😂
Larah fb stalking part, soooooo you~
Lmao font size 12.5 I thought I was the only one!
Zarell para gd ni simo hahahaha
Good to know I'm not the only one :)
Always always never fails
I have the biggest crush on this guy
Sherre Roche murag ikaw mni tong una, paghimo nmo sa imo thesis. Hahaha 😂
Nathan Kim you know all these too well
Bea Ilagan dis is exactly what i did last night huhu
Ooooraaayt ! :D Thats thats that totally truuuue !
Lai hahaha so accurate!!! =)))
Vanessa i wonder who this is
So me 😂😂
Taz Mania this is you 😂😂
Oo naaa.😂 Hahaha.😭
Louise Do when i should have the redbull hit for tonight
Olivia Cait Brown, what stage do you think im at?
Eilleen Sagun wahahahah ganito ka siguro
Jethro Dy Agrante ganito kb pag nagpuyat ahahaha..
Victoria Rovers us during the school year
Shiela Salas you know it hahaha
Joyce Ibanez this is you hahahaha
Ikaw na ikaw b Arianne Cruz 😂😂
Angel Juan :))))))) tayong tayo ba hahahaha
Pamela Bianca Camilon bago makasimula kung anu-ano pa ginagawa at kinakain. ahhahahaha
Yesol Kim if you ever wonder how I do it

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