The Shocking Science Behind Big Brands

The Shocking Science Behind Big Brands
The Shocking Science Behind Big Brands
Published on 11/24/2017
The Shocking Science Behind Big Brands


& Buzzfeed videos are entertaining. Not entirely useful, but entertaining! ;)
Well I hate coke now so I got tired of the taste
Crest and Pantene still clean people
They're just saying the foam is unnecessary
People still play candy crush? Im an addict to subway surfers lol
candy crush is stupid I hate the sound and look of that game
I've never felt like getting laid after playing or during candy crush... o.O
Dinosaurio Adulto
Anuj Patel
Tina Marie
Mannan Sajid
Shannan Monkelien Angela HuggerDanielle Fish Phalan Geerdes
Karim Maatoug
Zeta C. Latrans-Peninsulae this explains your coke addiction
Julie Makara guess crest is out of the list aswell as colgate :p
Tasmyn McQueen
Zara Qadir candy crush omg
Alyssia Lyndsey
Cherie Haile the last one is why your addicted
Brian Flores Haha omgg el de candy crush o.o
Cathy Zhao
Alexis Navarro de ese tipo de cosas que me preguntas porque las se.... El pedo es que nunca se me olvida lo que veo jajajajaja #sabelotodo
Courtney Fox
Shariq abi bs yai dekh rha ta
Mehwish Ajaz
Hassan Shaikh
Alan Kevin Rb Esto te puede ayudar en tu carrera :)
QuitziaStephanie Ganivet
Liza daarm is mama verslafd aan candy crush!!
They're wrong. I hate Coke. I hate the taste and I hate how it goes flat as soon as you open it. I'm a Pepsi girl when I do occasionally have one.
Gary Leo Miller Cheetos
Bart Verhelst
uh coca-cola is disgusting period... haha
Shankari Naga
Regina Legaspi
Guess who can get sick of coke :3
Michelle Valesente Sands
Ashley Marie
Great video. I'm glad they changed the music from that terrible techno.
Dante Blahbluhblooh Owens Jr.
Shoutout Mizzou
Vickie Vincent this is dedicated to you
@ Nadia Sumasar
Alex Lundrigan
Maria Luiza Bione Saca só kkkk A da coca
Alejandra Munoz
Louis Morales
See Sarah Lee the candy crush one
Faari Ya
Rakesh Patnaik Saana Geet Deep Bhattacharya watch this video. U will all stop using these products.
Studied business knew some of this, also at bars they raise the prices of some drinks to incline people to buy the less popular lower priced drinks.
Business is a science of itself.
Pantene also has wax in it's shampoo as well that's how it makes your hair shiny.
So basically instead of cleaning, your adding build up.
Baking soda removes build up.

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