The Real Reason Guys Say “I’d Hit That”

The Real Reason Guys Say “I’d Hit That”
The Real Reason Guys Say “I’d Hit That”
Published on 11/24/2017
The Real Reason Guys Say “I’d Hit That”


I would never say that around another female and probably in general because I find that disrespectful. Would you want people saying that around your mother or sister, no? then why say that around other females you don't know. And these excuses to why they are saying this are pretty ridiculous just saying.
I don't think this is accurate...
I'm telling Quinta!
For the guys who don't get it. Firstly, the sentence "I'd hit that" doesn't sound terrifically sexually appealing. It sounds like an assault charge in the making. Or a threat.
Secondly, you're referring to the girl in question as "that". Do you not understand the implications there? We aren't things, we're people.
I get it. You're fucking around with your friends. You're being funny. It's harmless in your eyes.
But it's also fucking obnoxious.
To be fair tho... I'd totally hit that.
"I would have sex with her" doesn't roll off the tongue the same..
This clip is so wrong on 10000 levels. Saying I'd hit that really means like how it sounds. I like how look, you're sexually attractive, if I had the chance I'd hit it. Simple no complications in the bed, no erectile distinction or premature ejaculation. Just a simple fuck.
I'd hit the third guy. Just sayin'!
So what is up with this corgi T shirt that keeps popping up in the videos? Have I missed something?
this is one of the worst videos ever
So buzzfeed makes fun of ED...nothing else to post...?
fucking hell. if you want to spread your bullshit feminism around facebook, you should at least do it for a place worth while, funnily enough some places in the mid-east and Africa have worse cases of a need of feminism than your petty and blind-sighted little gender difference conundrums. Buzzfeed if your going to make feminism videos, make it worth while and actually have a purpose.
Its just disrespectful lol
the real reason guys say "i'd hit that"
they want to fuck your brains out
Wait 30 minutes and hit that again lmfaooo
I'd hit that = I'd do her because she's hot
Sit the fuck down buzzfeed you're an idiot
What the fuck is this?
Buzzfeed, the sniffling sneezing, i want to fit in with everyone and make everybody happy, i dont have a backbone to say what i think cure for all your butthurtness...fuck that hahahahah
...let it begin^0^
Another stupid sentence ppl say now days. Guys that's disrespectful.
Prob the dumbest buzzfeed vid ever
Women say I'd hit that too, except ours means a completely different thing and sometimes includes a bat, crowbar, 2x4 you get the idea
I would hit that= I wold fuck that = I would fuck you .
Yea, I'm getting bored of buzzfeed. Try guys is really the most entertaining. Probably unlike them
"Id hit that" nah bitch you better watch the way you talk about me or I'll hit you. 🙏🏼
Did some dumbass fems make this up?
i get what was trying to be said and I'm normally not someone that bitches about videos or anything that is meant to be taken in a joking way but there is no justification anymore for the bullshit that goes on with men cat calling women. i do however appreciate that the joke was being made on the mens expense purposely to not degrade women as well as to make the point that not all men that say things like "i'd hit that" actually mean anything forceful behind it and might actually be looking for a commitment and or consensual affection. idk sorry to be like that, i know its a joke but ... on the same note i stand by my comment.
id hit that = guys telling their pals, hey i find her attractive. we dont say hey i find her attractive sounds lame as fuck.
I'd like to hit all of you.... With a pillowcase full of bar soap.
I just don't get why there was really only one reason why a guy said "I'd hit that," and it was that they had penis problems. I get it's a joke, but it's not funny or original. Next youre going to make a video of why guys have big cars/trucks and the only reason is that they have small dicks. Seriously buzzfeed, get some more creative people on your team
lol did a lady make this clip? Reminds me of the whole men whole drive lifted trucks have small penises?
Guys are fucking pigs. Smh. Why is this even a thing? A conversation?
They say it because some guys are assholes and don't know what respect means. I DON'T MEAN ALL GUYS so don't get all sensitive. I know that there are a lot of good guys out there. It's just that the jerks start to ruin it for most guys.
why is everyone on buzzfeed wearing that gray dog shirt...stop, we get it; you're marketing someone's gear.
What the fuck is this..
......said no guy.......EVER! Nice try Boner Problems Buzzfeed
Okay yeah yeah it's an abnoxios statement. It doesn't sound "sexual" but it's not a huge deal. And women do the same thing, I'd jump his bones. Like that's not sexual either. Get over it. Everyone is so sensitive these days. Btw, side note..that third guy I would jump his bones. 😉
A woman definitely made this video
Yeah right got em hahahaha so not true
I've never seen nick in a video before lol. Well a non tasting video
I don't know. That blond dude is pretty fucking sexy.
LMFAOOO first comment
There's plenty of better ways to say "I'd hit that" & they're more sweeter & way more respectful. Be a gentlemen 👌That's all I know and all I gotta say
Lol at all the guys not getting it's a joke. And lol at the women getting offended at those guys.
Buzzfuck if you're looking for filler to satisfy your followers go with cat videos you're making an ass of yourself -_-
the amount of comments supporting this comment from both guys and girls... SAD.
Its guy talk. Get over it! When I say it. What I mean is " Damn. she's beautiful and her body is banging. This chick is a dime hit that" lmao I would NEVER talk to a woman like this. and guys rarely say this shit...smh just another way to make us look like dogs.
This is really stupid. What Feminazi made this video?
Swag yolo. How many likes can that get?
Girls whisper it to their friends, guys say it loud. Same deal, just one gender is less tactful about it. It's like a human-to-human version of seeing someone's dog and being like "awwwwwww! so cute I wanna pet it"

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