The Real Lion King

The Real Lion King
The Real Lion King
animal cat ida
Published on 10/19/2017
The Real Lion King


It's all fun and games until it realises that it is a wild animal and rips his face of...
its great
crazy shit..but cool too
Sarah Wohlin Asta Andersen
Amazing...a true Dr. Dolittle
Animal love;);)
Chloe Nikita Lynn
Gorgeous Video
AWWWWW!!! I only wish and dream I could do this !!!
Aww c: Niga H. Ziad
Laura Meraglia , jen veut un *-*
would love hes job man
Lord Of The Rings!
The last picture is so amazing *0*
Marion Alojado HOW CUTE IS DIS
Lim Schiphouwer.. Dit is mooi..
Carlos Rodulfo
Henrik Kalvik Amalie Skullerud
That is the most amazing interaction I've seen with a with a cat. She luuuvvvvs him!
Mo Greene
That is so kool!
Neil Katz
Luv this guy ! Doing what he loves best always take care!!
Awww :)
Joseph Armanious
Soooo sweet!!!!!!!!<3<3<3
Amazing !
Sara ALawneh
i love big cats so i thought this was so sweett
That video that your talking about Eddie , IS UP YOUR MUTHA FUKIN ASS MORON, How about you just appreciate a great video of a Human Bonding with a Lions Dumb ASS!!!!!!!
It's still a wild animal.
1000s of videos , and he still alive :)) Great relationship !!!
That fucker is crazy
Ayyyyy so süße babys Ida Ida Reiche
Thats brilliant! :)
Cori Rayann Weiler
He's gonna be lunch for that cat someday!
Hilarious and way better than Siegfried & fckn Roy
Wow that is just amazing!!
Crazy risk taker
That is so cool!!
The babies are the cutest thing ever !

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