The real life Cartman?

Epic Xbox rage!
The real life Cartman?
Published on 10/22/2017
Epic Xbox rage!


im against console abuse...
i don't care for the xbox but the guitar? the fucking guitar?
didn't even see the chair at first
''Im going to run it over!'' 'you dont have a drivers lisence'' ''i dont have a car either!'' LOL
that was the most exercise he's had in 3 years
"I'm gonna run it over with my car"
"You don't have a drivers license"
That akward moment when I realize I am fat, own the same Batman shirt, & white Xbox 360...that's it I'm going jogging tomorrow.
This wouldn't happen with a Playstation 3. He'd be a happy Snorlax.
He is not actually like this. He is a normal person, and is pretty famous on Youtube.
"How do they know you're fat?" - gets me every time.
It's funny how many people think this is real.
He sounds like this guy...
A wild Snorlax appeared, Snorlax used rage
What does this guy do for a living that allows him to have the money to fuck shit up? I hope he's not doing that shit on a disability check.
lol probably the first time he has stood up in years
I cried a little watching that poor console get abused like that. ;-;
"What's up, ladies and gentleman, Boogie2988 coming at you live, HEY GUYSH IT'SH ME FRANCISH!" I love Francis xD
at least he's getting some exercise out of it
None of yall idiots know that this fake and this mans youtube account is boogie2988 and he is funny
a wild snorlax appeard
"i dont have a car either" omg dead
"How do they know you're fat?"
Well at least he got his exercise for the year
"im gonna run it over with my car" "you dont have a drivers license" "i dont have a car either"
that poor xbox :C
that poor guitar :C
that poor chair :C
Achievement unlocked - went outside.
He just got his days worth of exercise
IMO, he should've just sat on the xbox. CRITICAL STRIKE!!!
thats not funny. he have real troubles i think.
Guys, He's a Youtuber. He's just acting.
Probably the most exercise he has ever had.
Kinda annoys me that some don't get that his Francis character is what was said, a character. In real life he's a totally awesome dude!
sigh americans
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na.... FATMANNNNN
PS3 Master Race!
at least he's getting exercise
"i dont have a car either"
xbox problems....... should have went playstation
Dat throw tho.
He could have just stepped on it and done more damage..
this is sad people shouldnt post shit like this its not funny just sad
I feel bad for the guy
his magic rage is better
That just looked sad in every way possible.

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