The One Way You Should Be Making Pancakes

The One Way You Should Be Making Pancakes
The One Way You Should Be Making Pancakes
pancake nutella love omg
Published on 11/24/2017
The One Way You Should Be Making Pancakes


Roses are red
Violets are purple
I like my pancakes
With maple surple
Or OR you can just put Nutella on top of your pancakes.
OMG - #PregnancyCravingIgnited
@falayhakhawaja probably the only way to get you to eat pancakes lol
If you ever want to eat really good pancakes, visit the Netherlands :-)
Regular buttermilk pancakes are everything. Why would you ruin that?
So glad I don't eat pancakes!
Curtis Lui maybe I'll eat pancakes if you make this
Sakto! Im gonna make pancakes tomorrow for merienda. I should try this.
i do t evin like pancakes
Can whoever made this make my pancakes?
No way best pancakes are lemon ricotta pancakes. To die for.
omg i love pancakes
How to makes pancakes? recipe please
Emily Lanza we've been making pancakes all wrong this whole time!! 😍
Yasmin Gedeon omg the next time we make pancakes we have to try this
ohhh the #DADBOD pancakes :)
No Nutella! But I'll take chocolate chip pancakes 😍
Jess we are never making normal pancakes
Anja schau pancakes 🙈
I don't like soggy pancakes. 😷
Pancakes and maple syrup only! Yes it's something different but keep it original pancakes are pancakes :-)
Nutella pancakes!!! YES
What u think Jack Lyons? I'll hav to make pancakes like this
Or u can just put the Nutella on top of you pancakes...
Who put diarrhea in the pancakes?
Buzzfeed is making me cringe lately
that looks nasty af
i love pancakes but no ones touching them with nutella 😂😂
And to think this whole time I've been making pancakes all wrong... WTF?!
like if you love pancakes :)
Are you trying to tell me you want me to make pancakes?!! Lol! Lezzzz be honest!
tbh my pancakes we're better 😜😜😜😜
Nutella is good, but I think they put a little too much in these pancakes! Looks too rich for my taste. Simple, plain pancakes for me!
I love Nutella pancakes
Iove pancakes. I hate Nutella. (Yuck) Sorry.
Elim Sarai these are the type of pancakes were gonna make
WOW....all this negative comments about pancakes and Nutella !!!!
Oran Martin hmmm bacon and pancakes or nutella and pancakes??? 😂👌
Ooh make banana pancakes with nutella
Lemme ... Lemme stop you right their don't tell me how to make pancakes 😪 cause tha shit look nasty ash fym 👐
or..... just make the pancakes then whoever wants nutella applies it on.... >.>
or you could just make pancakes like a normal person and put nutella on top
Pancakes+Nutella=I wanr to eat every day ^_^
Wow, nutty pancakes !!!!
Love pancakes! HATE Nutella. (Yuck!)
I love Nutella and pancakes but Nutella pancakes are gross, they're so soggy! Just put the Nutella on top :)
I don't even like pancakes but this looks yummy
I like pancakes but I do not like Nutella. Yuk..............
I don't want Nutella in my pancakes.
people are so negative on all of buzzfeed's videos. 😖

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