The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee

The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee
The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee
Published on 11/17/2017
The One Way You Should Actually Be Drinking Coffee


Andrew is and will always be my favorite.
".....It's icecream, what do you want?"
I think I gained 5 lbs just watching this
everyone else thinks its so amazong and then theres andrew
That's not coffee. That represents the problem with America.
that's a shit load of ice cream sandwiches for alittle bit of coffeee.
"'s ice cream, what do you want?"hahahaha best reaction
What coffee?? Lol
That wasn't coffee that was cream sugar and a splash of coffee. 😂
OMG the Asian guy is so hot 😍👅
But it's supposed to be coffee not a milkshake.
You could probably do one ice cream sandwich and a cup of coffee and sadly it would probably have less than calories than some starbucks drinks. I would imagine ice cream sandwiches have about 200 calories and coffee is very low calorie. This sounds delicious and a must try for me.
Fuuck this! Coffee is coffee not this pussy SHIT
Don't tell me what to do with my coffee
I'm just gonna eat the ice cream sandwich and be boring xD
Pretty sure this is meant to be like a "treat" type thing... Not an everyday type thing. So shut up about weight problems. It's all about moderation.
i do mine with ice cream flavored or cookies and cream flavored protein shake, coffee half water half milk and ice blended less than 200 cal i often have it for breakfast
But....that wasn't just coffee. You're not giving us the full recipe here.
Too bad I don't have ice cream sandwiches
Blend everythang. Ain't nobody got time for chewing.
Im a coffee lover and this is offensive.
Can you even taste the coffee? I doubt that. Ugh dumb.
And then deal with obesity. Yay!
Can't imagine why we have weight problems.
What better way to start your day off than 3 ice cream sandwiches and cup o joe!
Eugene got a haircut
Top 3 ingredients: Saturated Fat, High Fructose corn syrup, Hydrogenated soybean oil. That shit will make anything taste good
one guy at a starbucks around here blends churros with some frappuccinos, and holy shit I always went there to get a sample(He can't sell them because he works there and it's not starbucks' creation.). My god was it the best thing in the world!!!
I get a cup of coffee every other day very hot, add 1
Scoop of vanilla ice cream, no half and half of milk
Needed not sugar best mix ever!
Nope just make coffee and don't add anything. Black is the only way.
That's a great way to get fat real fast. I guess woofing down 3 of those in old fashioned eating form is just too slow, better put it in liquid form to speed up the process.
I add cinnamon to my coffee every morning. It's good and cinnamon actually has so many benefits.
It's not coffeeeee! it's coffee thinned with milk!
Coffee and nothing at all!
DRINK BLACK COFFEE. My god, stop trying to fatten everyone up!
How you should probably not drink your coffee*
A little coffee with a crap load of sugar?
Sounds like Starbucks to me.
Off topic to the video, but Ashly's hair is cute short!
Zhen nah, I feel like ice cream's gonna overpower the coffee flavor. Might as well eat coffee ice cream! Nahhhhhh black coffee all the way :P
coffee just got upgraded!! lol
No thanks i like black coffee with a tiny bit of honey. Id rather not drink 2000 calories and who knows how many carbs. Yulk!
I should drink coffee the way I want to.
adding ice cream sandwhiches to ALREADY milked down coffee?
anyone have any balls here? or are we all morbidly obese?
A coffee milkshake with just a hintof coffee.
This should be named "How you should actually be drinking something that slightly tastes like coffee. And get fat".
'Murica... :D
Way to ruin a coffee. Then again, America has shit coffee. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts ~ lol are you kidding me?
this is the way I do actually drink coffee, LOL- but not 3 whole ice cream bars. But I experiment with home 'Frapps' all the time!!!
They don't even say what kind of coffee to use
That's a bk joe! Ice cream, chocolate, coffee
Well DAYUM ppl add how many sandwiches & coffee as U like to UR taste. It's not rocket science & U can CHANGE THE RECIPE TO UR TASTE! DAYUM
In the words of my grandma, R.I.P: "The only thing a man should put in his coffee is sugar, and that is already pushing it."

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