The next generation Twerk

The next generation Twerk Vine By: Haley Hollister
The next generation Twerk
Published on 10/18/2017
The next generation Twerk
Vine By: Haley Hollister


Dear God, we're too late. It laid eggs.
that awkward moment when a baby can twerk better than you
Ahhh the next generation looks bright...
Some people are taking this too serious lol. Laugh a little, fuck.
I thought it was pretty cute. idk why everyone is flipping a bitch. calm down. have a sense of humor.
If the boy wants to drop that thun thun let him.
i dont know why everyone is freaking out this is cute.
like if u watch this more then once
*Waits For Everyone to Blame it on the Generation and Bad Parenting*
To be honest, this is something that babies have been doing for the longest time. People who are opposed to the whole twerking subculture are so quick to flame and cast judgement. I did this when I was a baby: 16 years ago because I couldn't walk. His parent's probably noticed him doing it as he was trying to walk or stand up and encouraged him to do it because it was funny and it resembled twerking. He's just a baby and what's a joke for him and his family now doesn't say anything about what he'll be in the future. And if you think this is bad parenting. Have a fucking kid and do it yourself and if you already have a kid: Do you really know what your kid does when you're not there?
You people making a big deal about this are seriously ridiculous. Children do silly things and dance moves and stuff all the time, the kid could have done that on his own and when he got positive reinforcement from his parents through laughter he continued doing it. It's funny, it's cute, it's innocent. Calm the heck down and quit being so judgmental.
this is sick
Wow, a lot of judgemental idiots here. There is nothing wrong with baby doing that. Stop living in a bubble. In the long run you're only hurting your kids.
Everyone talking about bad parenting... Babies naturally dance by shaking their bums...
The problem with Teen Pregnancy.
Sorry, but EVERY baby does this.. It's not like they say there and said TWERK YOU BABY! ..... its cute. grow up.
so cute
This is the generation that is raising our future. We're fucked. Can we all stop being stupid and start being intelligent and teaching our children life skills and helping their brains grow and develop.
i don't wanna live on this planet anymore D:
Whats this world coming to?
you guys are saying this is bad, and this generation is shit. i can almost guarantee that if most of you had a baby brother or sister who did something like this, you would instantly record it and put it on the internet
Awwww how cute lol! His little munchkin Butt 😋👏👏
Ya'll are taking this to fucking serious. Jesus Fucking Christ.
You sensitive bitches take fb wayy too seriously. talkiing about "this generation is fucked up" man yall are the fucking problem. thumbs up to the video though.....
Why does anyone see a problem with this? This is genius! If he acts up too much when he's older, show this to his girlfriend! Forget the baby pictures, this will really embarrass him...
Stfu the kid doesnt even know what hes doing, plus you cant judge someones parenting based on 7 seconds of a video.
These videos aren't funny. Please stop posting videos of these little ones twerking, it's disturbing and fucking retarded.
You Can Tell Shes A Teen Mom
Like if u watched it more than 3 times
Don't Drop That Durka Durk
That's just fucked up -_-
Well they failed as parents..
fucking stupid parents
What Has Happened to Our World! -.-
why are people acting like this baby twerking will destroy all of man kind
Way better then Miley LMFAO
faith in humanity gone
Wow, I can't believe Best Vines posted this, I honestly hope this kid has a better future than this.
Stop the planet I want to get the fuck off
When in the hell is it EVER cute that a toddler is shaking his/her ass? I'm scared this is the future of our world.
Pretty sad that we are allowing our children to think this is funny and okay when it's inappropriate...
i have no hope for the next generation....
This is a form of child abuse.
Well so much for hoping for a better next generation.
well he did better than miley
still better than miley
And his sexuality had been predetermined
still better than miley cyrus's twerk
still better than miley cyrus .

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