The most adorable child you will ever see…

This kid is Luis Antonio and his mother was left with no words... This is the original video:
The most adorable child you will ever see…
Published on 07/23/2017
This kid is Luis Antonio and his mother was left with no words...
This is the original video:


His Mom handled it perfectly! God bless them both!
Do you have an update on this adorable kid? Ask them to make more videos with him :-D <3
Wow! Can you imagine other children who feel like this, too?
I saw this some time ago ... Intelligent, sensitive boy
Called out! Black beans and quinoa for dinner with joy.
I like the way you think kid....but I'm still gonna be an omnivore.
That must be my child! We think alike! I love this video, it is indeed the best!
So sweet his innocence is. They are all animals ... I don't like it when they die I like them standing up
Nothing's more adorable and beautiful than what this child said. I feel tears too. ❤️❤️❤️
The child is making a very simplistic judgement on a topic he doesn't completely comprehend. I'm not saying he's wrong, just that naivety and wisdom are not the same.
What a Beautiful Spirit Child! I love him!!!!
I love this kid his sooo smart.
That is a brilliant boy
<3 :')
Wow! We all need to think like this child! He is so smart for his age! I wish I realized this on my own as a child!!!!
It was the best video I've ever seen. Mom
Cutest thing I've ever seen in my life :')
I saw this before in YouTube
The best heart wrenching video love this kid.
I want my kid to be jus like him ,I really like this kid so smart woow
Love the video and the mom.
A beautiful question and message for humanity "why can't wei leave them standing up?" Thank you to this mother and child for this beautiful message ...
I have seen this and love this kid
The little boy who gonna change the world into the most beautiful place in the universe. I love u son
I like this kid.i love animals too.👍👍👍
He's adorable an mom well your an angel bless you !!
💓💓😍👏👏👏 I LOVE this children are so innocent and honest
a very bright and touching kid .congrat mother !
That was precious! I hope that little boy becomes a famous world leader! So smart so precious so innocent I love my 3 innocent babies
I love this kid! Although I do think if I were his momma I would have said, but God puts some animals on this earth for us to eat. Which I believe is the case,
hey Amber thought of you and I thought you might like this video! 😁👍
Oh so sweet, I wish everybody else is as beautiful as you
luckey this kid wasnt born in the early 1900 hed of starved to death too bad he would die Id rather have him standing up
I like that child he telling d true
This is my favorite video
He is beautiful angel.
I can relate to this boy. Love him!
wise words from the mouth of an innocent child... really... how do we, adults, regard the other organisms we interact with in our world? is it really just the survival of the fittest? this video really made me think.
What a smart little one. This is so touching it was starting to bring tears to my eyes and made you think. He was so cute. I see why the mother was crying. I would of done the same thing. Very touching.
אתה גאון
This is so touching. I eat meat but I love the fact that he's so mindful at such a young age.
Smart kid with the big heart. Wish the world if full of people like him.
What a precocious child ! Very enlightened and profound concepts coming from one so young . No wonder mom was crying . So was I !thats why I became vegetarian too - kept seeing the animal in front of my eyes, so I just couldn't eat its flesh anymore .
I tried this once... My aunt said I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I was finished...
As the mother of a 32 year old son who chose to be a vegetarian at 15, and has been vegan for many years now, I am humbled by this child's thought processes. Wow!
I love you LUIS ANTONIO <3 <3 <3

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