The Meanings Of Hand Gestures Around The World

The Meanings Of Hand Gestures Around The World
The Meanings Of Hand Gestures Around The World
Published on 11/19/2017
The Meanings Of Hand Gestures Around The World


I can't even begin to comprehend why a hand gesture is needed to communicate that your spouse is cheating on you.
the ok sing is not equivalent to "asshole" in germany
In Turkey they use the Got your nose gesture as f**k you. We were in a Turkish restaurant and one of our English friends was doing got your nose to our other friends kid and I had to stop and explain to him what it means. He was horrified. He basically told a child to F off 😭
"Everything is ok" doesn't translate to "asshole" in Germany. It has the same meaning like in the US
As an iranian myself it sucks when I travel back to home and I foget about the differnt meaning of 👍 ughh its awful 😡
That doesn't mean ass hole in Germany. It's just the same like in the U.S.
about the "asshole" is actually FAG in Brazil. not nice at all.. but it is. and we use \,,/ as rock'n'roll AND as cheating too.
As an American who lived in the UK, the "peace" sign Does not mean "F*ck you" It still means peace. The f*ck you sign or the more accurate "Up yours" sign is by taking the same fingers you'd use to indicate peace, slightly bending them at the middle joints, place your hand in front of your upper chest/ neck area and continuing to use (or once may suffice) an upward motion towards your face. THAT is how you gesture an "up yours" or a "f*ck you" in the UK.
It does mean ahole in ASL
wtf that does NOT mean asshole in Germany. get your facts straight.
Buzz always making shtty inaccurate videos
Buzzfeed, the "everything is okay" actually an international diving gesture.
here in Brazil the last hand gesture (the rock one) doesn't necessarily means "your spouse is cheating on you", depends on the context. in most contexts it also means rock on, just like in America.
I don't get this .__.
all the ones that only americans use are used by everyone around the world...
The ok symbol doesn't mean f@$& you in Greece!
Well i must say that it's not completely correct cuz I'm from Iraq and 👍" thumps up" move does not mean fuck you there.
Don't know where you people get your information from but maybe u should check if it's right first 😂😂😂
But keep up the good work I love your videos!!!!
👍 doesn't mean the middle finger in Iraq!! It has the exact same meaning as in the US and most of the world! Get your facts straight please :\
I'm so confused... 😮😮😮
Yeah keep those hands silent outside the U.S.
The first one for Greece is wrong...
It means the same here as well
a thumbs up in europe is also seen as one. in the US, we will count off with one being the index as one, following with each finger with 5 being the thumb. overseas they start from the thumb as one working down the fingers, it took awhile to figure out that we were giving 2 drinks when we only asked for one.
I don't understand the transitions In this video rn
😒 the video was great until they put TU stuff on here. But hey great video 😊😊 #Aggiesforever!!!
Everything is okay gesture means gay in Turkey btw :D
The fact that the peace sign in America means "fuck you" in Britain.
Some of this is inaccurate
And "got your nose" is 't' in ASL.
Pretty sure crossed fingers don't mean good luck.
Kanye West has been a producer long before he started rapping. He is a musical genius
The 👍 is noy equivalent to Fuck u in middle east !
I'm british, And peice in Britain also means peice, it's when you turn your hand around its means up yours! /fuck you
so that's why the world doesn't like us...
last one is totaly not true, im from Colombia and we don't do te rock on to say someone cheated on some other...
Hello dear BuzzFeed Video team, i really like your videos and i enjoy them very much but please get your facts straight .... The US sign for "Everything is ok" is exactly the same in Germany and does NOT mean Asshole !
You do a video about hand gesture and you don't mention Italy?? Wtf??!
maybe that's why muslims I work with react weird when I give them a thumbs up that I got it, it's all good
In some cultures, the 'got your nose' meant something totally different.
Everything seems to be offensive. I guess it's time to give'm the ol'razzel dazzel!
U forgot the threatening arabic one !
"Your spouse is cheating on you"
I'm from Brasil and that symbol means bouth here!! "Rock on" and that someone is cheating, but not specifically the wife
I did not like how they laid out this video.
The ok sign is not consider that in pak..;)
U can do better
Am I the only one who thought that the asshole was a deer? O.o
The "everything is ok" sign is Faggot in venezuela
the its okay one in Venezuela and some other latin countries means pussy or faggot... unfortunately.... I hate that sign lol
So you mean I had a "f**k you" button this whole time??

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