The Male Orgasm Explained By Women

The Male Orgasm Explained By Women
The Male Orgasm Explained By Women
Published on 10/17/2017
The Male Orgasm Explained By Women


Actually technically the closest things to a male orgasm are holding in a piss or shit for very long and then finally releasing it
She was talking about the orgasm lasting 2 seconds... Not her boyfriends stamina. You ignorant fire starters. 😑
"It's like taking a kid to Disney land and waiting in line for hours and the ride is two seconds"😂😂 ouch.
Volcanic orgasm.. Best analogy.
2 seconds... somebody is mad at their EX lmaooooo 😂
tension, tension, tension. Then guys face puckers like hes eating a warhead the first time ever. then suddenly there is no tension....just a mess. And no energy to clean. Then guys are like, "meh, im out" and its the best sleep you ever had.
Love the fact that Bob Ross was incorporated in one masterpiece. 👌🏻
Men can have a hard time having an orgasm too. It isnt just like, get it in and done. I feel like men and women arent as different as people make them seem. An orgasm is an orgasm.
That moment when this isn't accurate at all yet you can't help but keep watching...
Not everytime a guy cums is an orgasm... js lol
"Perhaps because they had to work less hard to get there, it's not as amazing as a female volcano orgasm" hahaha
that last 2 seconds for a dude and women left with thinking dude is lame.
Absolutely false and sexist... How could a woman know how a male orgasm is??? That's ridiculous please!!!!
Ugg I'm 17 and I swear I know a lot more about sex than a lot of people. Thi video was funny but just because he cummed doesn't mean the guy had an actual orgasm, just like when a girl squirts doesn't mean she had an orgasm
I bet if guys tried to explain the female orgasm woman would be soooo annoying and pissed about it but when girls do it to guys they think it's funny. This is the kind of shit that makes people hate wanna be feminists lol don't say you're a fem when you act like men are the most evil people on the planet you little brats. I'm all for equality... EQUALITY tho not these stupid fake fems idea of equality
I believe the LSD cmnt ...I'm pretty sure my husband goes Super Saiyan when he cums so yea..!
Ladies and gentleman, the male orgasm seen through eyes of women!! You guessed it, an explanation that is far more complicated complete with the over consumption of time than you could've ever imagined! Jesus, really?? It feels good. That's it. My interpretation of the woman's orgasm = :) lol men get one chance at a good one, give us a damn break
Have these girls even experienced a man's orgasm?!! LMBO!!!
I think the volcano version was a perfect example of a male orgasm
Shows you kind of how the female mind works. WAAAAY too much thought into their explanations. I think they were subconsciously tapping into their own personal orgasms.
Jen Levinson is definitely my woman crush!
just for you women, its kind of like...a build up and then yes like a volcano. all that build up suddenly goes BOOOOSH! for a couple of seconds and then is like......meh sleepy time
How it compares to women….that moment when you take your bra off at the end of the day….ahhhhhh :)
then there is the massive craving for a sandwich, 😒
"But not like lava, lava sucks, so maybe rainbows?"
and now we sit and wait for a video that shows artisticly the female orgasm
They forgot the 💤💤💤💤
Some shadowing because I feel like Bob Ross.. 😂
Why do they think men are so confused during sex??? hahaha
LMAO!!!....I'm going to Disneyland!!!....Bwahahaha
I stopped watching after 30 seconds...the girls were annoying
I feel like, if it happens...I win. Also, blowjobs equal more jewelry... Js xD lmao
It's sort of like this
8==o ----+🎉+☺️+🍕+😴
"The ride is like 2 seconds" 😂😂😂
Um no
And i thought men didnt know shit about the female orgasm... lol
So according to these women the equivalent of a male orgasm is a Magical, rainbow shooting guy with blue-balls, early Alzheimers onset, who is also on LSD. Hmmmmmm
when I come, how do I know if there's an orgasm or not?
I think the one who did the "confusion" drawing was describing a female orgasm instead
I completely agree with Damien Pollard Jr. Not every time a guy cums means he orgasm. Two different things .
This just begs for a mans perception of the female orgasm
Why are adult women speaking like children?
So just throwing this out there. A guy ejaculating doesn't mean he had an orgasm. It's a common misconception that even most men have.
That was so rude towards men, I have a really in depth orgasm.
They are confusing themselves. Male orgasms don't feel the same as female orgasms. It's really not as great as you make it sound. Does it feel good? Yea, feel like rainbows blowing out of my dick . . . Not at all
What's orgasm ?
Volcano one was the best. Others were just confusing as hell
Im so confused as to where you people are getting feelings of pain and agony from like waiting in a line for hours then ride is 2 seconds or holding in a piss and releasing it. For me theres nothing but good involved. Blonde hair girl got it spot on, a volcano of happiness 🌋😊
now what do you want SexFeed ????
Never thought I'd link Bob Ross to male orgasming -
"Some shadowing because I feel like Bob Ross"..... Let's paint some happy sperm! 😜

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