The lil' Teg that COULD!

This nasty turbo Integra showed up at the TX2K14 Roll Race event and took on a 880hp Corvette, 750hp TT Audi R8, 900+hp Supra and a 1350hp GT-R!
The lil' Teg that COULD!
Published on 10/22/2017
This nasty turbo Integra showed up at the TX2K14 Roll Race event and took on a 880hp Corvette, 750hp TT Audi R8, 900+hp Supra and a 1350hp GT-R!


Very impressive ... That's what it's all about it doesn't matter what type of vehicle or what size engine if you dumping money into anything it'll go fast .... hell there's a nine second dining room table out there in case you didn't know😉
Wow, a cut down version of a video from 9 months ago. I expected more from you guys 👎
P.S. anyone who's just seeing this for the first time and is slagging it off isn't a true car enthusiast and should keep their 13-year-old opinions (and stupid fucking memes) to themselves. This car is sick. Honda or not. Period.
Got any new stuff?
Honda haters are funny. Ive own many cars, hondas, euros, domestic. Its how you build ur car. This teggy is badass period. And you gotta guve credit when credit is due even if you dont like it 👍
This is wat u call sexy ITR
If you cant beat, join them
Oh he just smoked $100k plus cars with a small little integra? Ah its still shit cuz its a Honda..!! Lol haters gonna hate. I'm not a Honda or fwd man but if its fast it has my respect. If its smoking cars 3x the $$ then it gets extra respect. Anyone hating either you drive a slow car or you mad cuz you're still paying for a $60k plus car and you got spanked.
The butt hurt here every time they post a Honda is crazy. Why can't people just accept that there are real tuners out there that build real fast hondas. And trust me for every "ricer" in a civic or integra there is an equally large if not larger douchebag driving around in a mustang or camaro who also thinks he owns the baddest street car on the road!
Lol, all the losers on the "I hate Honda band wagon" I don't drive a Honda but seriously, why does it matter what kind of car it is ? It's fast, it's fun, and it's a car which is why we are all subscribed to this shit. Pull your heads out of your asses and respect the build.
I am a diehard Corvette guy (and owner), but I find it difficult to not respect a badass import like that one. That thing is a monster!
Let the butthurt begin!
if it takes 1100 to 1200 HP to beat a 700hp teg well nuff said at that point. Who cares about the last race. Beat by lawn mower as you v8 guys call
End of day just another cheap bandwagon honda with 20k in it but the other cars are street legal n actually need more to know to mod so I rather have the gtr lol n not the 17 year olds car lol
Idc what it is, that thing is fast AF.
Hurting feelings left and right...And while I'm no honda fan, you give credit where credit is due.
Stop tha hating on the Intrega. Just give the guy some respect for having a fast car. I would love to race it with my evo.
i would see a stock no swap configuration max built any honda race a Corvette zr I wanna see how far get let's see if the Honda cancel out the blurry vision trace outline lens when the vett smokes it
Scott Clark this popped up today but this honda has hondata with boost by gear and traction control. works decent
Race from a dig and that integra aint shit.
After looking at this video the Corvette still has a full interior and Air. The Integra appears to be stripped to nothing. So I guess we can say that's not that impressive at all and I'm not even a Corvette guy
Still rather have the slower corvette.
Still a honduh so who cares
everyone is being so bitch-made over whether or not domestic or imports are better... every car has it's qualities, and everyone has a right to an opinion. everyone stop being a bitch and respect another car enthusiast's preferences.
I rather have a big block
Wow cut out when GTR goes up against it.... lame!!!!
if a Honda ran a 3 second 1/4 mile v8 guys would still hate on it smh.Props to this guy great job.
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If you prefer bought over built this video is not for you, this video shows that just because you own a vette or any super car your still not beating a 4cyl with 20,000 under the hood pretty sad that your paying for so much bit receive a "sporty" product only to have a worked 4 banger show you how its done
I still have no respect for the Honda. If you fully build that engine in the corvette and fully build the engine in the Honda, the corvette will smoke that Honda. There is no replacement for displacement. Not to mention, the corvette is a top end car. It will smoke that Honda top end. Regear the corvette then see what happens.
Nothing beats that sound of a built high revving k series.
Myles Kerr
Mark Angelone. Myles Kerr got dem glasses on gonna call you Ice man from now on.
FI is a game changer. He who dumps the most money in to their engine (usually) wins. I appreciate Honda's history in the racing world. In the 90s they did some amazing things and changed the world of racing. That said, yes, I prefer a larger displaced engine in most cases. For turbo set ups, it's hard to beat the potential of certain V6s, but until you get in to a supercharged V8 and realize how fun they are ON THE STREET, I wont be going back
Why didn't show the gtr run
Funny how the video cut off when the GTR race started lol u already kno that GTR killed the integra !!!

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