The Last Words Of 11 People Killed By Police

The Last Words Of 11 People Killed By Police CORRECTION: An error at 1:33 misidentifies Eric Garner as "Michael."
The Last Words Of 11 People Killed By Police
Published on 11/19/2017
The Last Words Of 11 People Killed By Police
CORRECTION: An error at 1:33 misidentifies Eric Garner as "Michael."


Some people don't deserve the name Police Man. Making all the real good guys look bad all together. Smh..
Can everybody just calm down. This is a memorial video not a video saying "fuck the police"
This is stereotyping all officers. No different that saying all black people are the same, all white people are the same, etc. This post is extremely upsetting. While there are no words to describe the loss the families feel, and there are no excuses for the officers in this isolated incident, it's very sad to see BuzzFeed post this. Have you done the same for the Officers who were killed in the line of duty? How about the two Officers killed in Las Vegas shot execution style who were simply eating lunch - they were shot by a husband and wife who simply "hated all cops" and didn't have the intelligence to comprehend that one's actions doesn't represent those who put their life on the line everyday.
I love seeing all the people who are defending cops while not even paying attention to all the cases of people killed by police officers, racial profiling, stop & frisk, etc. I am perfectly well aware that not all cops are racist power hungry villains and some actually want to do good and protect the community. But instead of saying "not all cops!" How about those "good" cops expose their comrade and not sit back and be idle and shit like this where unarmed poc are gunned down without receiving anything so much as an actual trial. I applaud Buzzfeed for this so much because anyone who decides to be neutral about this issue has obviously taken the side of the oppressor since the matter of people dying without justice doesn't interest them in the slightest.
I love BuzzFeed, I really do. I also know I will be in the minority here. But there is always more than last words to any story. Perhaps to give some balance you could do a video on the last words of officers killed by criminals. Just to demonstrate how dangerous their job is, and what may be the cause of why they are so jumpy. I am not an officer, but a paramedic, and I will be the first to say many officers are out of control. Videos like this however paint all police as villains without the balance of the good the police do. Take just a moment and imagine what it would be like without a police force.
This is ridiculous. Inciting hatred towards police, there are many good police officers out there.
So BuzzFeed is supporting police hatred? Unbelievable..
How about final words from Police Officers before they were killed. We wouldn't want to lump all bad officers with the good ones, right?
Why don't you make a video of law enforcement officer's last words now? Goes both ways.
I completely agree with monica...I will no longer be following buzzfeed because of this....I understand and feel very sorry for the families of those that are mistaking killed by police officers...and those that are truely innocent of any wrong doing I especially feel sorry for however, micheal brown committed a crime and when he was trying to be detained fought bsck against a police officer shattered the police officer's obital socket. The police officer in question was defending himself, yes against an unarmed 18 year old, but an 18 year old that was much larger than the police officer and the police officer was half blind! Where are all the last words of innocent officers and troopers that are just doing their jobs in routine traffic stops and are shot and killed? While it is truly sad that any person was killed in this tragedy at ferguson the only thing that the media(including this video) has done is add fuel to the fire of a race war and further escalate the "eff the police" mentality!
This video gave me the chills, I understand the message and its not "fuck the police" they are putting this out because our system in America is so fucked up. Yes police men go through a lot of stress and dangerous situations but that is what they signed up for when they put on their uniforms. IT IS NOT OK TO KILL INNOCENT LIVES, PERIOD!!! If you can't handle the pressure turn in your badge and do something else with your life. All these people hating on this post are stupid the majority of you are Caucasian or just too young to know how it REALLY is out here in the real world, y'all don't know what it is like to be picked out of the crowd just because the color of your skin, to be discriminated. So keep your opinions to your self and live in your fantasy land where "authority" is always right... don't get mad at the buzz for your ignorance.
Wow BuzzFeed, way to stay neutral... Now youre only encouraging the mob mentality of 'I hate the police'... Wheres your video of cops getting killed while trying to protect us!!!?? Or where's the video of cops getting killed when they're just sitting down having lunch!!?? This is so one sided and disgusting, and the fact that you added Martin was obviously just for shock value... This is disappointing, maybe you all should go work for TMZ now
this post clearly says in memory and in honor of those treated unfairly. and i doubt if it was meant to start hate on police. this, i believe was made for us to give a moment of silence for these people and their loved ones and right now with all the negativity that surrounds us, we should be mindful to appreciate everyday we spend with our loved ones.
my entire childhood having my dad missing big events and holidays because he is out patrolling and making sure EVERYONE ELSE is safe
Psst, Buzzfeed! Your agenda is showing! Not only is the video inflammatory, it's factually inaccurate. Trayvon Martin was not killed by a police officer.
Wow. How about you share a video of officers last words, who were killed by criminals? Buzzfeed, this is disgusting.
Ha ha! Shocker! White people are offended for no reason. It's just a video people, calm down. If you're nice then maybe Buzzfeed's next video will be about the best Starbucks location near you. Crybaby's.
I used to love buzzfeed but I'm unfollowing and never going on your website again!!! Disgusting!! #ISupportOurPoliceOfficers
Here's a buzz feed challenge make a video of how many cops mistook a person as being harmless and paid for it with their lives.
I hope the close to 1,000 people who have already liked this video do not call 911 when they need help, or are scared for their life. Because when you do - the man or woman who responds is going to put THEIR life on the line to protect you, so you can continue to spread hatred and uneducated comments. I'm blown away. Shame on you, BuzzFeed.
Brown fought and beat the cop, then tryed to take is gun. Walked away and taunted the cop, then turned around and charged him. The cop was doing his job look up your news befor you post things, dont be UNinformed
As a Son of an Police officer, I am glad you are talking about this. I wanted to be a Police officer but riding along my Dad and Attending Criminal Justice class in college, I saw the dangers of current Police State or at least the type of people who join Law enforcement. I remember asking question like "wouldn't it be more ethical to shoot to injury instead of kill?" I got response like "it save money and Paperwork if someone was killed,"to " It is better to be safe then sorry." Police view it as "a Blue vs them " and the disturbing thing is when I tell them that, they say "It isn't us vs them.," then get mad when I remind them that I said Blue....
Since when did buzzfeed started posting all of these anti police videos? Yall guy see both sides to the story. How many time criminals kill a cop???? Why don't u post those cops that died during on duty trying to do the right thing? This is a disgrace
I support your choice buzzfeed. This has been happening WAY TO MUCH! Yeah sure, civilians kill more people. BUT a COP is suppose to do his job, and be a cop. And NOT kill innocent people. That's their job. People are suppose to feel safe around police. And I don't know anyone that feels safe around them. They just make life harder. A lot harder. And I don't care about anyone else's opinion on this. So don't bother replying or anything.
Way to suck ass buzzfeed, this is so damn one sided I can't see straight
Okay good video.. how about you do one for all the Police Officers last words when they have been killed by people whist trying to do their job!
Your bias is showing buzzfeed.
why the fuck is Trayvon up there I thought the video title said Police?
"Shot after a physical confrontation with police" that don't sound innocent to me.. unarmed don't mean innocent that one don't belong one bit.
Boo BuzzFeed this is disappointing
19 of 41 bullets because 1 wasnt enough
No, buzzfeed is supporting justice.
I'm all for cops not shooting people. But to be fair lets post the last words of many cops shot by criminals as well.
Trayvon innocent really...get your facts straight buzzfeed
How could you sit here and post this video? I feel sorry for the families of those who were killed accidentally, but what about a video for all the officers that were killed by people for doing their jobs or police that get killed for protecting us?? I'm only 15 and I understand that this is just helping everyone get a mindset of 'I hate the police' or 'eff the police' and martins was just for shock value like Monica said. It's so disappointing that you would do that.
This is the most bull shit video buzzfeed has ever made. Disgusting
I'm sorry that so many comments are overlooking the fact that this is about bad apples who are and have been abusing their power. Not about good police officers. Unarmed citizens should not be shot PERIOD! Have some sympathy for the dead, your opinions are exactly why things wont change. America doesn't have sympathy for black people. So much has changed but so much is sadly still the same :-(
God this is ridiculous. This makes Police officers out to be monsters. Officers are heroes more often than the bad shit happens. Being a dispatcher, I can't BELIEVE videos like this are out there. My officers do so much good and life saving and the minute something bad happens everyone gets a bad wrap. This is disgusting.
People are so dumbed down by videos like this. They have no clue how to think for themselves and be objective about an issue. All they do is listen to slanted news stories about someone getting shot without ever considering the situation everyone was in at the time. It's not even worth anyone's time to try and reason with these types of people. They are already too far gone. Hopeless fools of a society based on spreading lies, racism and hate. You're part of the problem BuzzFeed, not the solution.
This video should be taken down. This video is up for the sole purpose of what is happening in ferguson. There are so many good officers out there including my father. Officers don't kill just to kill. They have to have reason. Example: the boy who had a toy gun... Don't bring a fake gun that looks like a real one into a store.. Id shoot you too dumb shit. That's common sense. If people stopped acting like ghetto, cracked out, rebellious assholes more innocent people would be alive. How about you make a fucking video of all the good officers do? Like save lives, catch criminals, and show officers faces when they arrive first on scene to a drunk driving accident and there are no survivors. Seeing people's bodies mangled and smashed up can change your life and give you nightmares. How about you make a video for all of the officers who have committed suicide because they can't deal with the horrific things that they have seen throughout their career. People think officers are so bad and all they do is hurt the innocent. I challenge those who believe that, to put a uniform on and wake up everyday knowing that this might be your last day and go fight crime. I hope then that a criminal finds your sorry ass and kills you slowly. Maybe then you'll be wishing for your true officers to be out in the world and keep on fighting crime the best that they can. Maybe if you disgusting low life rats let officers do their jobs in the first place then that criminal who is killing you now, would have been in prison already and you'd be alive. Fuck those who think they are better than officers. You all will die and I hope no one comes to save you. You should be respectful and honorable to those who fight crime so that you can live in a better free country. Fuck this stupid ass video. Every fucking cop out there knows that there are officers who abuse their power and guess what?!!! They are trying to rule out those assholes too! I respects everyone who is in uniform and puts their life on line for people they have never met before. They are Americas true hero!!
HOW BOUT THE FUCKING WORDS OF OFFICERS WIVES AND KIDS WHEN THEY FIND OUT SOMEONE ATTACKED THEM! Seriously?! This is disgusting! Officers RISK THEIR LIFE to save people and go help YOU when someone is robbing you or attacking you! How about the words of the officer when they have to tell the mom of a 16 year old her kid died in a car accident!
Now someone make a video of the last words of the police officers shot on duty even year.
How bout a video with last words of police who were killed by criminals?? And maybe there are some police who do the wrong thing but there are way more who do their job right...who believe in protecting and serving...and who do that with honor and integrity.
Seriously???!! WTF Buzzfeed??
Out of all those incidents only one was a wrongful shot they need to give better back rounds behind the names this video is horse shit and wasted time I'll never get back
If you're going to make a video shaming police you better make a video showing all the good they do and what they risk THEIR LIVES for everyday.
These are all black people. What about all the white people who are also killed by police. You all are blowing up race race race. According to you all its all about skin color
I have really enjoyed BuzzFeed until now... this is incredibly one sided. *unfollows*
Wrong thing to post Buzzfeed. Terrible and one sided.
I love how it's all white people saying "boo buzzfeed why would you do this" or saying "what about the police officers lasts words"
Blah blah .
Of course you al wouldn't know the struggle or what it's like to fear police . Ugh I want write so much more but I'm to angry right now -.-

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