The International Cheetos Taste Test

The International Cheetos Taste Test
The International Cheetos Taste Test
Published on 11/17/2017
The International Cheetos Taste Test


Mexican cheetos are the best!!!!!!
"Tastes like after u drink a Pepsi then burp" lmfao!!!!
Lame! Mexican Cheetos are the BEST!!!
"The only way to do Cheetos is American." Yeeeess.
Spicy chesse cheetos are awesome, they taste really good. This is why sometimes i dont believe in this kind of videos they do. Americans are a little delicate.
I love mexican cheetos 👌😜😝
Mexican cheetos are soo good ad some hot sauce and they're even better !! 😏🔥
Lexi Guzman the best cheetos have been the Mexican kind, these idiot's taste bud's are lacking. Missing out
"I regret this."
Lol Americans can't handle Mexican chips doe
"Ahh Pepsi!!" *shoves a lot in the mouth" "Ah, I regret this.."
Mexican Cheetos with Chamoy is bomb! 👌
Haha Tricia
Yall need to try takis
The Mexico ones are the best!!
You guys have to try the orange bag of Mexican cheetos!
Marcela Lopez
Nooo the mexican ones are delicious tho hahah
Mexican Cheetos are the best. I dislike American cheetos, honestly. 😭😂
They know mexican Cheetos are the best but they don't want the admit it
Matthew Jones I have the purple ones :D the vampire Cheetos
"This doesn't even taste like barbecue, it tastes like you're eating something and a barbecue is happening next door." LOL 😂😂😂
Blaze Edward Zuber remember when Bagel said you couldn't do a classification paper on cheetos?
Madeleine BaricIvana Starcevic
Angela Quach
Letty Torres Carlos Torres no les gustan los cheeton de mexico jajaja y hay un cheetos sabor pepsi?? wtf !
omg the mexican ones are the best wth is wrong with them ;-;
Carolina Art jajajaja gringos no aguantan nada xD jajajajaj
EricaJoy Guinto Jaztine Cortez Justin Catubay Saraghen Ricablanca
Americans only like american stuff! -_-
Winnie Ye can u buy me cheetos for my bday
Mexican Cheetos are fucking bomb!!! 🔥🔥👌
Americas.. they don't know better! those Cheetos Colmillos (purple package "vimpire") are the best!!! I grew up eating those unhealthy things and I just loved it !!!!
Brittney Wcislak - we need to find Pepsi cheetohs!!!
Jessica Perli Andréia Valle Vitória Frasson Rafaella Bonilha Caroline Comunian imagina se eles testam o fofura da Vi hauhau
What the hell mexican chettos r bomb 😂😂😍 Silvia Hernandez
Mexicans cheetos are the best
Ladyzhensky Particia Gabby Chilingarova did you know
Mexican Cheetos!!! Yummmm!!! Los colmillos con salsa Valentina! How could they not like them!??? 😰
The purple ones are the best
Please please please bring flamin' hot Cheetos to Australia!!!
Chelsea M. Immenschuh
Chelsea M. Immenschuh
Brazilian cheetos aren't so bad..
they didn't try the Australian one
Eric Cooper
"regret. I regret this." NO SHIT
omg "this made a deal with the devil" i love it lol
Cova Pisonero no tiene cheetos padilla :(
I want to try the pepsi one

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