The Hangover Olympics: 20s Vs. 30s

The Hangover Olympics: 20s Vs. 30s
The Hangover Olympics: 20s Vs. 30s
Published on 11/24/2017
The Hangover Olympics: 20s Vs. 30s


no 24 year old loses, doesn't know top gun.
".. you don't know what talk to me goose means... oh my god" haha
I guess we really do use division in our real life xD.... if you work at buzfeed
"never drink again"
I say this too often then fail.
They should have had real life challenges like finding and putting your clothes on in the dark, getting up at 7 the next morning and going to work all day, or trying to find your way home the next morning from a place you don't remember going to.
Not to be mean or anything but the 20 something guy is a freaking pansy. That was the most miserable shotgun I've ever seen, and he doesn't even know know what "talk to me goose" is. Where did you find this guy?!?
I'm the 36 year-old in this. Thumbs up if you knew "Talk to me, Goose."
He should have had a point taken for not knowing the top gun reference.
I'm 25 and I even knew that was from Top Gun!
Talk to me Goose.. lol Am i the only one that got that as soon as he said it?
50 and I would kick both there sorry asses. 🍻😝💪
the 30 something won that tie competition!
I think real life is totally different, the 36 year old would have still been in bed during the entire thing.
The 24 year old is a little to gay to represent an average 24 year old male...
Shot gunning a beer is worth 10 points. The 36 year old dude won it
The reason the 24 year old didn't know what "Top Gun" was has nothing to do with age, but more to do with poor parenting! 😂😂 Come on! No one should miss out on such a cult classic!
The 36 year old wins in my book. He chugged a beer while hungover and that's talent. Hahaha!
The 30s guy looks like he is in his 50s.
Haha im 23 and i know what "talk to me goose" is.
Do they have to find the most feminine guys for most of these vids?
I'm 23 and I think he should have lost points for not knowing talk to me goose lol
The long division was stupid. The 24 is fresh out of or in college or closer to having graduated high school. The 36 year old hasn't need that shit for a decade.
If they could do this the next day after drinking they probably weren't drunk enough... /:
As soon as he said, "'Talk to me Goose', what's that from?"
No words. No expression. I would've just straight punched him in the face.
Mao Vang I think the 36 yo should get a point for dude not knowing a Top Gun reference today :) and they should have real challenges like getting up and going to work on time...😏
I disagree. The 36 year old handled it much better.
Next time do this experiment with real man..! So you can have real results.
R these guys gay? They sound extremely gay
The 24 year old, his parents, and everybody he's ever met lose points for him not knowing Top Gun...
Is the 24 year old gay, he seems gay?
20s still loses for missing top gun reference
Sorry - but cannot be ruled a winner if you don't know Top Gun. That's grounds for disqualification regardless of the contest. LOL
He should have lost a point just for not knowing about Top Gun.... im 28 and i know Top Gun!
24 year old "you want to fit a piece somewhere but it wont go there" and cant shotgun a beer and doesn't know what topgun is, and crosses his legs like that at the end. ummmmm
Ryan Heiling Jenna Dave Uneeb Anu Lauren Ryan Sundeep
Fowler Mackie Frampton Shaw Cass Let's try all of these as a competition!
At 48 I would have crushed these pansies!
Somebody's faaaaaaaaaabulous's!!!!
The 24 kid should docked points because he didn't know the Top Gun reference
Im 18 and my hangovers are already bad enough, what do they mean "they're going to get worst?!" Guess Ima die or something lol
Guess we should drink as much as we can now guys 😜 Allen Martinez Christina Esmaeil Ashley Melissa Claire Burditt-Plascencia Arlet Betancourt Anusha Hasan
You keep drinking when your hungover. Puzzles? Really? At least the 30 something guy could shotgun his beer.
The contest was unfair from the beginning due to the simple fact of the 24 year old being a complete bitch. I mean no disrespect, but he is not a real alcoholic by any means. A true drunk 24 year old drunk would have destroyed any of those competitions. Embarrassing performance good sir, embarrassing...
Grace Michael Para que entiendan!!!
JoJo Yankee Hugo Boss Jose Rc
Mayra Gonzalez
He should have had a point reduction for not knowing what talk to me goose was from!!!
Should of been gay vs straight
Richard Murfitt Jr. These test were dumb but this made me think of you lol
Cathal O'Connor
Ashley Gregson

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