The future of meat

Will Bio-printed or cultured meat be the answer to the devastating effects of animal agriculture? In a special future news addition, the BBC predicts it will. One of the innovative groups that push ha
The future of meat
Published on 10/20/2017
Will Bio-printed or cultured meat be the answer to the devastating effects of animal agriculture?
In a special future news addition, the BBC predicts it will.
One of the innovative groups that push hard towards this moment is The Modern Agriculture Foundation. You are invited to visit their page and show them your support.


Unfortunate the world won't survive until 2050.
Go Vegan now!!!
What a brilliant idea. It's what the western diet needs. More artificial, man made products in our digestive tract. That way we can continue to be amazed, by sciences lack of progress on eliminating cancer. I say more chemicals in our diet please. All the healthy people eating fresh produce are walking a dangerous path. They will more than likely, die of old age, and miss the enjoyment, of years of medical treatment that eating man made produce will bring to millions. I think it's better, that we fill our bodies full of unnatural, artificial products. Then we can suffer in pain and die years before we are meant to. What a crock of shit.
I dont believe this is BBC news. It looks like a hoax to me.
That would be cool in an ideal world. I just wonder about the meat that we have to feed to our beloved pets? Dogs and cats are natural carnivores so yes, I buy them meat even though I don't eat it myself.
this is what WILL happen if people stop eating meat. Yes, the old fashioned farmers will go out of business, but instead new businesses will rise ... this has happened time after time in other sectors why not with the one with most suffering? I hope to see this happen during my lifetime ! xx
Horse meat??? WHAT THE F/HELL is WRONG with people??? EVEN people who desire horsemeat as a flavor/taste - TOO CCUEL AND DSIGUSTING! My stomach hurls hearing this. No n-meat has ALWAYS been my choice, I DON'T eat MEAT!!!! I like to save anbd preserve lives.
I think I will be alive on 2050 and I will be the one to eat animals for breakfast :D
Mother Earth can't hold out that long. We will not be here in 2050. CHANGE. NOW. We have to act now
Though a major breakthrough, 35 years from now is a long wait and too much suffering by the animals. With the advance of technology and inventions, the meat substitutes could/should be more readily made available. Lets hope the aspects of politics and commercial greed will make way.
First gun and then meat my be its the end of the world
If I live to see even one country do this, I will die happy.
Let's countdown
Or we could just eat fruits and veggies and nuts and not waste money on printing "meat"...
we cant wait until 2050..start from now ppl!
If only!
I can only hope!!! Lets make it 2020 though :) or better yet NOW!
This is a dream come true and I hope it happens sooner, then later.
Why not 2020? It's overdue!
קשה להאמין
Lol. Ok keep dreaming
No I'll be old and crying because I can't have a burger :,(
the Startrek food generator. if only.
I hope so!!! If possible, even before!
Wheredid you get that, do you wanna tell me that you have been in that 2050??
Go Vegan NOW :)
2 years ago i ve read an article about queen ordered Britain to go meat free by 2053, the next day the page was taken down
And exactly how healthy would this be? TheyRe probably just use gonna beans and other things with protein and compress it into a meat like substance, it is actually a great idea and I support it.
Yes Marnie Reader. It is nice. It s a news bulletin from 2050. Everything is at last looking much better. 😊
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