The Female Orgasm Explained By Guys

The Female Orgasm Explained By Guys
The Female Orgasm Explained By Guys
Published on 12/10/2017
The Female Orgasm Explained By Guys


IF and WHEN a woman has a orgasm we do NOT think about shopping. We are thinking its about damn time!
"Women are shooting stars. Men are planets"
Best definition ever!! 😅😂😅😂
everyone is taking this video so... seriously. why? :')
The Female Orgasm Explained by Gays
Monica Geller explained it better to Chandler.
The three stages guy.. Nailed it ( no pun intended )
They have two gay men and a virgin with a beard explain the female orgasm? Ok then...
... I can't help but wonder if these men have ever made a woman orgasm because this just sounds like what you learn in porn
I'm not sure females can even explain the female orgasm.
This was so very informational. Thanks, Buzzfeed!
Sooooo lemme get this right, U asked gay guys about female orgasms?!...
Who the hell thinks about shopping??!!! Lmaoo
Woman explain a male orgasm was way much better..
These guys sucked.. Are the gay???
The female orgasm is a myth...
Well...I just wanted to say that this video was really funny. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the guys did pretty well considering they never have or will experience a female orgasm themselves. Good job, guys!
"Female orgasm is a 2001 space odyssey" 😂
"It's my clitoris, not the Sphinx"- Miranda Hobbs
One of the explanations I liked. The three acts. Awesome! Haha. Also, Never fake orgasms! That's unfair to men, unfair to yourself, unfair to society!!!
Female orgasm is like water coming from a mountain and male orgasm is like water going towards mountain :D
so glad I'm gay. never have to try to solve natures biggest puzzle aka the female orgasm
All buzzfeed talks about now is sex. What a shame.
:P Why a bunch of guys and not women explain it ? Hello?? Are they the best gender to explain it so accurately ? ... Lol
I love how the first guy explained it. LOL
Girls orgasm?! I must be doing it wrong 😔
Hahaha, seriously guys!? Seriously!
Dear Buzzfeed , u r making v stupid videos these days.. pls come up with some better sound ideas..
Yours sincerely :)
I wanna have an orgasm with the guy who said women are planets.
That pasty guy's face makes me not want to watch this video.
Buzzfeed WTF?!? this time you're going too far why in the hell should "gays" explane what a female orgasm look like + with ART ???
Noooo u guys need jesus 😂😂😂
I love how many people are using organism instead of orgasm lmao whats sn orgasm anyway? .... I god i feel dumb
Disturbing. These guys are virgins. Not fooling anyone. 😂
The men's orgasm like sneezing lol
The gay guy is so funny! :)
The I II and III....good job. I enjoyed the sparkly finish.
2/3 of them seemed like they've only made men orgasm... Esp the one who said we think about shopping lol
That guy looks like Zac galifinakas
Lol all those fake orgasms 😂
Oh the little they actually know about female organisms.
I like the philosophical explanation. That guy is cool.
this one is the funniest ever made. Hilarious !
Not bad, pretty spot on haha.
2001 space odyssey guy is my favorite omg 😂😂
The cover guy looks like Zach Galifinakis
Women are lucky af to be able to have more than one, like damn, I cum, and it's like, wow what do I do with my life now
the guy saying women think of Melrose killed me
Sexy as Fuck ..... There you g explained
Oh buzzfeed yall never disappoint😂😂😂😂
Carmen Josiger this should have been titled, "Men ATTEMPT to explain female orgasms."
Explained "by guys" naturally right?

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