The Ultimate SLEEPER
Published on 11/17/2017
The Ultimate SLEEPER


my bus driver is farmtruck's sister.
Farm Truck v. LSX Jeep
Lowell Getz
Sheila Montgomery
not much of a sleeper when everyone has seen ir on TV
it was before the tv show
not a sleeper anymore everyone knows that truck, that beetle tho
T.j. Kloda
James Calvé, zzzz :)
reminds me of the hot shit blazer
Jordan Jenkins what I want done with the truck lol
Hahah to badass!!
Maliah Murtha he has his dog in passenger hah
You have to love this guy!
Yu Bal
Juan Gudino
Angel Luis García imaginate en la fiebre tu en el bm te encuentras algo así y te quiere correr y tu como q bitch please lol
Mikey Castruita
Gram truck from street outlaws
Anders Mondrup Reffs Mads Bjerre definitionen på en sleeper!
Gil Schmit
Now put it up against the super sleeper nova.
Craig Alan this has your written all over it
Cool sleeper lol...
Trevor Johnson
David Vasquez Jose Arias como ven este bb
Hardly a sleeper if you look at the wheels tires and exhaust... you wouldn't put drag tires on a shitty standard truck would you :/
sleepers don't have the sound of V8 engine...
Crystian Elizondo
Joey Vandam
Parker Wilson
Good ol' farm truck.
Azn is gay. Lol
Farm truck !
I wonder if you still qualify as a sleeper if your that famous?
Corey James
Farm truck rules!
Not a sleeper anymore
Chevrolet power!
Adam Palms get like this
Blake Hancock
Blake Hancock
Jan Jansen
Good ol' Farm Truck!
Wenceslao Rodriguez Alex Rivera
Damn James Groff Shane Dyment Dalton Stepetic Chris Mccurry Stephen Scashs McCurry Chad Foxx Keith Lada Larry Painter II
Priscilla Regino
Tim Collins
I have to wear a helmet in Utah when I run under a 13.9 and have everything in the car secure, and then there's this guy with no helmet and a dog haha.

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