The dumb girl in the movies

The dumb girl in the movies Vine By: Ashley and Stefan
The dumb girl in the movies
goo reading lol girl movie
Published on 10/19/2017
The dumb girl in the movies
Vine By: Ashley and Stefan


come onn
i thought she was gonna trip running up the stairs v.v lol
That awkward moment when you're reading this comment, and can't stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important
I like how hes like "you know what? I'm just gonna leave because of how dumb you are. I don't even want to kill you anymore."
Like if you're leaning on you're left arm.
Did Brazil just get internet or something? damn its like these nigga's been in the stone age all of a sudden coming out now and shit.
No matter how fast you run .. Michael Meyers walks faster!
He decided she wasn't worth killing lol
girl ur really gunna make me run up stairs omg
Odeio quando isso acontece, da vontade de nem matar a pessoa mais ¬¬'
She has to wear short shorts and be half naked too :/!
Im really starting to hate these fucking unoriginal comments, go fuck yourselves
im from brazil and i really dont care if u're too
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Juan Moreno Mariaa Hoang Christine Ta Lina Nguyen Tammy Nguyen OMG I SWEAR EVERY SINGLE SCARY MOVIE THERE IS
Raelene Sanchez
Breanna Valadez
Wendy Mejia xDD BITCH !
Pedro Vale Fernando Cid Leticia Estrela Isabella Bacci Bustelli Gustavo Medeiros
Jay'k Pakpoom 555
Torie Krueger Sarah Binger David Glazier
As parte do filme mais indignante kkkk Rachel Thayna Vânia Jacianny Carol Thamires
Sidonie Duchêne Elena Kasianova Diane Wu Hannah Plank-Schwartz
Shanae Stephanie Alyce Brandon
Paola sua cara ahahahahahahahahah Caio, Aline concordam ???
MY LIFE STORY! XD Toa Ngalu Mamata Lupe Mamata Kalo Taukeiaho Emma Manusete Mary Fisi Michelle Mercina Matthew
Mája, Olga, Anna :DDDD
Rocio Curiel
Kada Nova Massi Milanista lool
hahaha this is josh Madison M DeVine Josh Claps Ashley Elkin Alicia Koslowski
Nana Castro Débora Cristine João Vítor em nossas noites de terror
lol Nicole Patten we always make fun of theses dumb btches
Nicolle Putini Nathália Matias Natalia Vidal Guidorzi Leonardo Lima Giovanni Palazzo
Geise Pinheiro, Gabriela Mazetti, Victor Ismael...
Justyna Mijal
Billy Wolfe Ahaa
The Weatherman :D
Anna-Lena Heiland Elin Hartmuth Tom Schiffmann
Milky Piw Piww' Mild Anjell Cnblue Sarang Olive Arjhan Gifty Kmn แคทททททททท เพ้อ.
Carla Cahill Alex Beckmann Amy Borchardt
im looking forward to more of these moments in either insidious or carrie Jing Yi Le Chingstah Farah Izzati
Jasmin Afana Reem Haniya Selena Destruction

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