The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now

The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now
The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now
Published on 10/22/2017
The Cast Of "Clueless" Then & Now


Should have said something about Ms. Murphy..
Where's Murphy ??? Rest in peace to the beautiful soul
Perhaps this video shouldn't have been done if you couldn't have the decency to include Brittany Murphy. She was integral to the movie and a good actress in general. Her "now" picture could have just been a most recent one before her passing with a RIP or in memory of kind of thing. Seems simple and polite enough that anyone could have done it. Clearly, I'm not the only one who feels this way either.
PS, Stacy Dash looks absolutely amazing.
Rollin' with the homies!
They left out Brittany Murphy because of all the feels.
I kept expecting brittany Murphy and some sort of like remembrance or something. Didn't expect them to just completely cut her out of the whole thing.
Black don't crack
Stacey is almost 50 and still beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Even though she has passed on they should of done Brittany Murphy still
At least a rip for Brittany Murphy! She was such a huge part of the movie!
What about Brittany Murphy..? Damn, ya'll could of least did a memoir on her behalf. She was a big role on clueless
I know Brittney Murphy has passed away but I still think she should have had a then photo and a Rest in Peace photo
Paul Rudd proves some things get better with age 😍
I'm upset that you didn't include Brittany. I mean I know she passed but a RIP would've been nice. 👎
Isn't this the 15th time you've shown us where the cast of Clueless is then and now? Why should I listen to you, anyway? You're a virgin who can't drive.
They should have put an RIP in there for brittney Murphy
Aww but Brittany Murphy was one of my faves :( She may not be here anymore but she played an awesome part.
I thought they were going to add at the end, "RIP Brittany Murphy" gone too soon. :/
Rip Brittany Murphy. They should have included her and wrote "Loved then and now" geez
Awkward moment when they don't include Brittany Murphy.
It's THEN & NOW. Are you people genuinely complaining because you didn't see a pic of Brittany Murphy next to a pic of a fucking gravestone!?!?
Can't believe they left out the beautiful Brittany Murphy may she rest in peace💛
Pretty sure Stacey Dash is a vampire. She's 47 and doesn't look any older than she did when she played a HIGH SCHOOLER at 28. o_0
Maybe an RIP pic after the credits would've sufficed
And RIP Brittany Murphy as Tai!
Could've at least said RIP to Britney Murphy
No Britney Murphy?! So disrespectful!
I can't believe they didn't include the beautiful Brittany Murphy. 💔
I'm waiting for the "RIP Brittany Murphy"
White people age terribly lol
Lame they didn't show a pic of Brittany Murphy. Even tho she died, at least a mention would be nice.
No Brittany Murphy!?!?!?! She was a great character and it seems disrespectful not to even mention her
It be nice if they at least gave Britney Murphy a RIP in the credits....
Could of added a RIP to Brittany Murphy...
uh? hello? Brittney Murphy? I know she is no longer here with us, but at least provide her some credit? SMH
Seriously, no mention of Brittany Murphy? No RIP or remembrance? Nothing?
I'm really mad they didn't say something about Britney Murphy... Rip or something.... I mean damn!
Stacy Dash still looks Amazing . Brittany Murphy should have been included too.
Pretty sad and lame for missing the person who played the actual "clueless" well Brittany Murphy. I watched this to see just how they would honor her...guess once someone dies they are no longer relevant.
Angie Coutavas Kina Coutavas Jose Borges
Kind of rude to not have Britney
But what about Ty! Brittany should still be remembered she had an important role as Ty! 😩😔 Rollin with the homies! 🙌😩
The y could've at least did and rip Brittany Murphy.
AT LEAST mention Brittany Murphy, don't need a before and after pic, but at least pay respect! After all she was a big part in this movie, I'm very disappointed in this one.
Weird that they just blatantly skipped over the fact that Brittany Murphy was the lead supporting actress in this movie and died tragically. Sad
Rip Brittany Murphy!!!
So basically half the cast found the fountain of youth and decided to just not tell the other half about it.
Everyone's worried about Brittany Murphy... What exactly were they supposed to put as the "now"
I expected a rip for Brittany Murphy. Something. Everyone has aged very well though.
R.I.P. brittany murphy!

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