The Best Animation That Won 102 Awards!!

The Best Animation That Won 102 Awards!!
The Best Animation That Won 102 Awards!!
Published on 11/19/2017
The Best Animation That Won 102 Awards!!


I found this really boring to watch.
The only thing I got from this is that people use other people and we are all equal. No one is better than the other.
Alba Rios 102 premios, no lo entendí
Then everyone gets stepped on no matter how high good of job you got.
This world is a mess I swear Nour A. Razak
Cleo Arcus Carlo Arcus Castellanos
This is just depressing
STUPID ......
This mean to me that when you get a job, you sacrifice your family and other people as well.
It was dumb. But I did get that you use people all the time only to become someone's door mat.
khud ko sub se behter samjhne wale ki asal oqaat
There is no job that we need to do we only need better technology
This is very depressing
its a man thing
So everyone has a job?
Fuck work ... Enjoy life ...
very boring dont watch it
Uta! Esta buenísimo!, y muy facil de entender. Lo mejor, el final, por eso tanto premio.
Deep message Jonathan Chung Rhogan G Balea
Karolina Orłowska.......
Depressing to to fuck
Edward Mejia
Jessica Rivera
What a bullshit
Michael Smith Graeme Butler watch the first 2 clips lol and skip the writing at the beginning lol
Karlos Schirnhofer
Serenity Castillo-Lopez
Puta madre que aburrido además se mira la cara igual a la de Pelon Betancourt X la mañana o no Prusar Transmission
Salvador Vazquez
This is about stupid
Sepid Abdi
Joe Thorn
Excelente !
Michael Cramer
Jacqueline Wijaya
Flo Roweda
always be smarter then the people who hire u!!!silly#hate#work!!!
Léana H. Ganem Do you learn animation in your course?
.... what?
Yousef O. Al-Farra
Jennifer Rivera
Unadulterated shite.
Abasin Azad
Nic Chen kinda reminds me of back when we had to choose a creative text... Good ol days
James Jones

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