The Awesome TRAILER braking system

The Awesome TRAILER braking system
The Awesome TRAILER braking system
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Published on 12/10/2017
The Awesome TRAILER braking system


But what happens to the fcuking load when the driver doesn't know how or if it has been secured correctly ?
Now when you break like that just wait 5 seconds for your freight to reach your cab and then you're dead!
Todd O'loughlin George Teterekidis u fuckers need this haha
Jeffrey Buis Jan Buis Joshua Turk Danny van Mourik
Whas the second Trailer loadet or empty? I can't believe the Trailer make the same with 40 loadet Tons!
Berry Boelaars Wim van Roosmalen Joey van Houtum
Goos Van de Wiel Dennis Lucius Jeroen Wolf Hans Kropff Hans van der Heijden Andy Wendy Vanrijkeghem Deroo Michel Leenders Michael Anderegg 👍✌️✌️
James Long
Fakhreddine Maitre X Kridane
Rafael Blues se liga
Dillon Beames
Jerry Mendoza
Zul Johari
Steffen Renk
Angel Eduardo Jimenez
Peter Windhouwer
Sanne Gabrielle
Jason Harvey
I thought it was going to fail.
So the load your carrying will end up sitting on your lap but you saved the fluffy dice so all is well :/
Harry Leenders deze remt snel
Great technology but was the trailer loaded?
Could save so many lives
Richard Lozano check it out..
Sipko Hogendorp
Hans Omvlee
Matt Skarke Juan Aguilera
Oscar Gonzalez Ricardo Gonzalez
Jesus Camacho
Kevin Den Boef
Patrick Nijhuis Roy Visser😱 Supertje vet!👍
This means I can fall asleep and not worry lol
Does it work on weather conditions
Ridvan Murati
Simon Farac
Beto Sandoval
Saul El Chiquilin
David Nava
Rafael Nava
Andreas Stenlund imponerande!
Joakim Schöld
Marc Hearley
Nathan Smith
Rene Vrieling
but what happen with cargo after that?
David Matos Freitas
Redouan Fahd Taha Najibo
Hälge Vikner, sånt skulle man haft på bilen ^^
Sandra Löffler Michael Löffler
Diego Hernandez

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