The Art Of Romance As Told By Cats And Dogs

The Art Of Romance As Told By Cats And Dogs via America's Funniest Home Videos
The Art Of Romance As Told By Cats And Dogs
cat dog love cats lol dicks
Published on 05/26/2017
The Art Of Romance As Told By Cats And Dogs
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Cats are jerks.
So it's a love hate relationship?
Cat's can be asshole's sometimes. But I still love them, I'm a Cat person! Lol
I have one dickhead cat and another cat who is the best pet ever! The dickhead cat and one of the dogs have a secret love that only comes out when they think no one is about 😂
No - Cats are Cats. They try to control their environment. They can act aloof but they are really lovers. Cats and Dogs are so like Woman and Man.
Cats Rule
Lol cats are assholes
y r cats such pricks?
Cats are jerky a-holes and dogs are annoying attention whores BUT I love them! My life wouldn't be the same chaotic fun mess without my crazies! <3
I understand the cats. Dogs are annoying.
Cats are soulless. Dogs 5ever.
Cats are dicks
That final one though...
Cats aren't dicks, they just know their tolerance level. They warn you instead of mauling you after they've had enough like a dog who snaps does.
Dogs are better.
Too cute!!!
Hahaha Awww
cats are hilarious
lol the last clip 😸
this is like EXACTLY how it is irl...
Eww the cat was on the counter...
Loy ah
Omgoshhhhhh 😍😻🐶 @jim
I really want to see what would happen if they made a movie. :-(
Franzi Wey
Dogs are jerks.
oh my God :')
Haha aww!
Awtsubeeeels <3
I love it!!!
Love this
C'est pas tous des chats pitres !!
Okay The last one had me scratching my own face it was that cute.
Even dogs can make cats love em
Cats aren't dicks. They just like to control things... Like us women.
Too cute i love its dog and cat i love its
If dogs and cats are raised together, they will get along well. I have had a cat and dog that were buddies, and when puppies and kittens came along, the little ones nursed from whomever was nearby. It was strange to see kittens nursing from the dog, but it happened. What memories!
Rezzie, I laughed the whole time! This was so Cute!
Simplemente gatos. Haha♡
Way to cute
The last one. <3
@11 sec ..why do cats do that ? Lol mine does that but to my son blanket while biting it ! .. ? Tf lol idk
Absolutely love is !!! You have to have a smile on your face after watching this !!!!!
So cute

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