The 9 Most Unexpected Animal Sounds

The 9 Most Unexpected Animal Sounds via America's Funniest Home Videos
The 9 Most Unexpected Animal Sounds
Published on 10/21/2017
The 9 Most Unexpected Animal Sounds
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Definitely could have done without the background music
Possessed sounding cats are my spirit animal.
All titles were misleading
the baby seal sound was heartbreaking
The goat kinda sounds like spongebob yelling wen he's scared lol in the episode wen Squidward n spongebob do the grave yard shift haha
Watched this at a bar
No fucks given.
Thee animal in the Windy whimper was crying :(
That horse sounded like a broken lawn mower engine 9__0
Not funny at all. Seems like most of the animals r yelping for help and freedom. Stupid post.
That uhh.... that turtle was making love to that garbage yo...
Distressed frog and seal. Not funny
The last one, the frog sounds more like The Dial-Up
A seal walks into a club...
Ugh I hate when animals make weird noises it's like they were human in their past lives
Scary af 😩
Its kinda creepy cute. :3
These aren't funny... Most of these animals are frightened.....
Black cat: o'long Johnson lol
the baby seal was probably crying for his mother who was probably beaten to death -.-"
Stupid music made the animal sounds incomprehensible.
Poor things ):
The music in the background ruined it
RIP headphone users
Be better without that unnecessary flippin music overpowering it!
Omg wth? I have never heard anything so annoying. Lol
I would like to say it's funny but I hear scared animals
Woof!! Woof!!
If the point is to hear the sounds, get rid off the background music. Stopped watching.
Many of these are sounds of distress, fear, fight or flight response- not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The screaming goat sounds like spongebob....
What did I just watch?
donna dean
The road sounded like dial up, oh dial up how I don't miss you.
That sucked
My Siamese cat is always making weird noises. This was nothing new nor interesting
You pretty much can't even call that background music because it was so loud and distracting.
my animals talk to me all the time lol
That frog came on and I was like "NO."
That song ruins it!!
Lol, that music was irritating
The cat @0:49 looks like Snoop dog lol
Bahahaha the Lhasa is too much!
Thank you for hifi the art. I love that musical beat. Was totally mind twisting me to stop watching and find sound cloud.
Most annoying noises
My cats and our goats do those sounds not surprising
Where's that goat from the Sprint commercials?
The goat sounds like my alarm lol
That first cat was not a "Grumpy growl" that was demonic possesion

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