The 18 Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of All Time

The 18 Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of All Time with Eugene Lee Yang and Chris Reinacher
The 18 Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of All Time
Published on 11/22/2017
The 18 Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of All Time
with Eugene Lee Yang and Chris Reinacher


For the record, I'm always hunger keith.
"You can dance, you can die" i hear that all the time i listen that song
What about Blinded by the light?? "revved up like a deuce" always sounds like "wrapped up like a douche", to me 🙊
Blue by eiffle 65. " i'm blue... da bo de ba do bye" = " I'm blue... i'm in need of a guy."
Secret Asian Man 😍 lol
Eugene Lee Yang makes really great muffins tbh
"You're not my real dad!!!!"
"I wish that i wasnt!!!"
Oh I am never unhearing cross eyed bear ahhahahaha
Kicking the dancing queeeeen!!!! 😂😂😂
"Here we are now, in container? Avocado? A potato?" LOL!!!
For the "cup" song I thought I was the only one hearing tacos in that ...I thought I was hearing things wrong
For the longest time, I totally thought it was "Cross-eyed bear".
SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS IT SOUNDS LIKE TACO. I sing it taco even though i know it's wrong. I like taco better.
Zalie N Iani Seven / Ridhwan Sudin / John Ny
Bayleigh Hoffman Amanda Meister Natalie Perez Rosa Barragan Leticia Marie Anguiano Laura Magana Hailey Hasenkamp Kyllee Elaine Selena Gonzalez
What about Blinded by the Light? I still argue about the lyrics with my parents every time it comes on.
Rachel Chapman Kelly Keuneke-Marts Wayne Dirrim we all know it's "secret Asian man"
Do we sometimes act like this? Jade De Zylva Becky Anne Pike Rebecca Baryla Michelle Goodwin
Rika Erin Chau Isabelle the Asian dude when he sang Shakira song.
Isabelle Hare Rachel Nisbet Kacee Johnston
Edward Contreras when you quote songs hahaha
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sabesha V Abbygail Shanty Md Mohammed Luay Vicknoben Visuvanathan
Suzanne Howe Tracey Howe Canuel "Like a cheese stick. Like a cheese stick!" Hahaha
HAHAHAHAHA Emily Harris Cassie Holdsyy Brianna Sciberras Maddie MacDonald Emily Jean Tom Weeks
Khai Hoang James Benjamin Tran James Pham Nathan Hua Nathan Le
Dolores Maryy Gayani Ang
Rafael Torres Justine Torres Brittneh Dear lmao
😂😂😂 Scott O'Hare Devon Ingram Olly James
Kevin Buckley Daniel Jayroe Jared Hunsucker
Danielle Millership Paula Yolland Simone Olsen haha
Rachel Mccarney Mary Gyles Lauren Kerr Hamish Rush Feliks Mathur Alex Borlo
Lesley Rodriguez Lindsey Rodriguez-Elmoutaouakil Luis A. Bustamante Lmaoooo 😂😂
Jacqueline Kiana Steph Megan Charlotte Alasdair Sam
Duke Kiana Keala hahaha
Danielle Sharp Bridget Silcox Thomas Eyley Dylan Watt Nick Alcorn Kieran Fairbairn
Lawrence Legaspi Josh Maynard Jino Park Giselle Park
1:10 Paul Keith Dangerous-David Brittany Eli Tyler Khristina Edward
Raechel, Kenna, Silvia, Elenor, Sidney lmfao bruh 😂😭
Meg Goulding Claire James wheres the starbucks lovers?
Atefeh Mohammadi Na'eemah Mehta
Lety Arr Laura Mair Bruno Mair Me arruiné Tiny Dancer PARA SIEMPRE
Jesse Prince Lorenzo Knoester Leratho Biekman Charlotte Simons
Melissa Lin, Karen Zhen
Rosie WattsBrad Gowers
Marina Schein Madelenja Klein unsere Band .. 😆
Issam Dbiri Walid Ourahou
Ashlyn Einfalt Kristan Noel Fancher McKenzie Cassel
Olivia Cullinan Angie Gallagher This is me guys :DD
Kennward ... Rjmae .... 😂😂😂

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